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Internet Death Penalty

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I remember there used to be a time (you go grampa!) when the phrase “internet death penalty” was a threat. Now, newspapers have turned it into a marketing concept. They block linking, and require readers to register, which of course, readers are going to register with bullshit. So they gather a lot of bullshit, alienate readers, and get this, volunteer to put themselves into a Google black-hole. So when you search in Google, nope, can’t see that. Real smart.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

When I ask myself how fucking stupid you have to be to run a newspaper in the face of the internet, I only have to look at what newspapers are doing, and go, “yep, that fucking stupid”.

But my, doesn’t Lord Tweedle and Dum look good in ermine.

Can I get a suffering succotash! Hell, yeah!

(and no I’m not linking to the dumbass papers which cover the globe, the mail, the nation or the post, because they brought it on themselves, assholes).

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    I’d say the newspaper industry is at least as stupid as the music industry in embracing, exploiting and capitalizing on use of the Internet.

    They’ll adapt or die off in a few years, in either case.