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International Newsbrief: Sadrists on the March, Iran Producing Nuke Fuel, Black Eagle A “Great Success”

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Sadr Followers March Peacefully in Najaf and Kufa

After Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr declared war on the United States and called for all out resistance to the occupation of Iraq over the weekend, tens of thousands of his supporters marched in peaceful demonstrations in Najaf and Kufa on Monday, calling for an immediate withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. Sadr himself remains in hiding, likely outside the country, and much of his militia is in dissarray as a result of recent successful coalition campaigns against Shiite militias in Baghdad and most recently Diwaniyah, but these marches show that Sadr still retains a great deal of popular support.

Despite inflammatory slogans and the presence of some armed militiamen in the crowd, the marches were nonviolent. Representatives of Shiite groups have stressed that this protest is part of an effort to pressure the United States to withdraw without resorting to violence. A US spokesman commented that the protest march was a positive sign because a peaceful protest of this sort would have been impossible under Saddam Hussein. Col. Steven Boylan commented "this is the right to assemble, the right to free speech… this is progress."

For more see: The Christian Science Monitor, CNN

Iran Begins Industrial Scale Production of Nuclear Fuel

Ignoring international criticism and sanctions, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Monday that Iran had reached a point in its nuclear program where it was capable of producing nuclear fuel on an industrial scale sufficient to supply an operating reactor, a vital step towards producing fuel of a high enough quality to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Iran now has at least 3000 centrifuges in operation producing nuclear fuel, a goal which they set when they began their nuclear development program. President Admedinejad stressed that their intentions for the use of their nuclear fuel are entirely peaceful and that their intention is not to manufacture weapons. Actual production of weapons grade fuel will require considerably more centrifuges or an operational reactor, but Iran's technological infrastructure is such that rapid advancement to that state is quite feasible. This announcement was met with concern and condemnation from representatives of the United Nations and concerned nations around the world.

For more see: The Brisbane Times, Forbes

Operation Black Eagle Showing "Great Success"

Following on the success of heightened operations to bring peace and order to Baghdad, the Iraqi Army and Coalition forces are now in their third day of fighting to subdue militia groups in the city of Diwaniyah. The assault is being spearheaded by the Iraqi 8th Army whose commander commented "So far, we have achieved great success fighting the terrorists." Successes include the discovery of large caches of weapons and several factories which had been manufaturing IEDs.

Diwaniyah has been a center or Shiite militia violence and has been particularly plagued by fighting between rival Shiite militia groups loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr and Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim. Remnants of Sadr's hard-pressed Mahdi Army driven out of other areas have taken refuge in Diwaniyah. The pacification of Diwaniyah is the second phase in ongoing efforts to bring peace to central Iraq and follows the same techniques used successfully in Baghdad, including house-to-house searches, numerous checkpoints to control the flow of traffic, and the use of overwhelming military force on pockets of resistence.

For more see: PressZoom, BlackAnthem, Tuscaloosa News

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • JustOneMan

    Rather than waste time rewriting others articles why not just put a link to the drudgereport.com”


  • moonraven

    Or just put the links that he did put and forget his need, for once, to be constantly in front of our eyes with his opinions.

  • MR, where are the ‘opinions’ in these short news summaries?

    And JOM, there are several reasons I don’t put a link to Drudge – though I would if it was a story he broke that was worth covering.

    First off. Many people view Drudge as biased and/or pure rumor and partisan swill.

    Second. The idea is for the politics section to provide some original news coverage to get people talking about the issues here on BC, not somewhere else.

    Third and more generally. We can’t cover every bit of news with a full original article, so these newsbriefs add some breadth and fill in the gaps.

    I realize that some people would rather we ignored world events and just swallowed their propaganda, but I think that short objective summaries linked to multiple sources are actually useful and informative.

    If you don’t, then don’t read them just like you don’t read the newspapers or even watch news coverage on your giant electric tittybox.


  • JustOneMan


    Your ignorance is showing… “First off. Many people view Drudge as biased and/or pure rumor and partisan swill.”

    99% of the content on the Drudgereport is content aggregation from every major newsource in the world. Just admit you like to type others work under your name… its ok…

    Remember its only Blogcritics.org for christ sake…


  • JustOneMan


    “If you don’t, then don’t read them just like you don’t read the newspapers or even watch news coverage on your giant electric tittybox.”

    I guess the editors dont edit themselves…


  • RJ

    Sadr Followers March Peacefully in Najaf and Kufa

    When an Iranian-backed fundamentalist Shia Muslim anti-American terrorist scumbag murderer like Moqtada al-Sadr has the same opinion of American foreign policy as the Democrat Speaker of the House of Representatives, it’s a good time to be a Republican…

    Iran Begins Industrial Scale Production of Nuclear Fuel

    I say we give the Iranian nuclear scientists some technological assistance in the form of air-dropped Daisy Cutters and MOABs…

    Operation Black Eagle Showing “Great Success”

    I still highly doubt that the “surge” will work…but if it does, the Democrats are absolutely finished in 2008…we are talking a 1972-style landslide here…even with a Newt or a Mitt or a Rudy as the GOP nominee…

  • Mullah Cimoc

    Mullah Cimoc say usa media so control, not free press.

    for proof ask why no story about neocon who got ameriki into iraq war four year ago.

    this him banned topic for not permit discuss.

    all waziristan knowing this word neocon in pashtu and dari language meaning “israeli spy in white house and pentagon.

  • When did mullahs start talking like extras playing indians in a 1950s b-grade western movie?


  • 99% of the content on the Drudgereport is content aggregation from every major newsource in the world. Just admit you like to type others work under your name…its ok…

    I’ve read Drudgereport like once, JoM. From your description and my recollection, I’m doing much the same thing, aggregating and condensing news for easy access. If you don’t like the way I do it, then go read Drudgereport.

    I guess the editors dont edit themselves…

    I’m pretty sure that my personal attack on your television is within the BC guidelines, it not being a person and all.

    Plus I’m not the comments editor. If he doesn’t like the comment he’ll do something about it.


  • MCH

    “I still highly doubt that the “surge” will work…but if it does, the Democrats are absolutely finished in 2008…”

    So do you “support” the surge?

  • Paula

    Why are the islamic nations have troubles with the US? Whose faults? Or something deeper hidden there? News pieces like this one are short on exploring the deeper things, unfortunately. Well, some people wanting to dig deeper may be interested in reading a new book: China and the new world order, which offers huge ideas on current global political and economic affairs, especially the changing relations between the emerging nations and the West.

  • This is one of those rare times when I am in complete agreement with Dave. The phrase quoted by JOM can not in any way be construed as a personal attack of any kind. It was actually a little bit amusing, which is rare for Dave!

    As far as I know, none of the other editors, nor even the site owners, are going to edit any comments except in the most extreme of situations. They like to leave the dirty work to me. I’m kind of the untouchable of Blogcritics, cleaning up the messes nobody else wants to touch.

    Unclean! Unclean!

    Anybody want a snog?

  • Christopher, my comments are full of subtle humor. I don’t expect most readers to understand anything more subtle than a thrown brick, so I’m usually content to just amuse myself.

    At least you get the cruder and more obvious comments, which puts you marginally ahead of JoM and his ilk.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “They like to leave the dirty work to me. I’m kind of the untouchable of Blogcritics, cleaning up the messes nobody else wants to touch.”

    I’m trying to figure out a way to get the theme song from The Carol Burnett Show to play over your comment above. It seems most apt and appropriate both to the comment and the spirit it was written in.

  • Dave, what you fail to appreciate is that humour, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. You may be trying to be funny but that’s a whole other story.

    “Amusing yourself”? That makes me shudder!

    Ruvy, I’ve never seen the Carole Burnett Show so your remark goes right over my head. Guess it’s one of those American shows that didn’t travel.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I figured that you would respond that way, so check out this image of Carol Burnett. It was her favorite stock character, the cleaning lady in the studio…

    Hope I used the right code…

  • I know who she is Ruvy, just not the show. But yeah, we both play similar characters!

  • Oh yeah, you used the right code but not the right anchor text. I moved it for you. Man, I should work in SEO.

  • moonraven

    This string of comments shows better than anything else that Dave’s news piece was completely worthless.

    And CNN is a legitimate source for news?

    Get real.

  • *Recovers the broken mirror previously given to Dave and hands the shards to moonraven*

    Deafening screams follow as the anti-Nalle glimpses her reflection…

  • moonraven

    I am sure alot better looking than you are, Chris the Prig.

  • In this case, beauty is in the eye of the self-beholder, my little Narcissus.

  • moonraven

    No, beauty is beauty.

    I have yet to meet a Brit that could be called beautiful, not matter how much relativity you apply to the category.

  • Chris is British and I believe they consider being called a ‘prig’ a statement of respect.

    As for CNN being a legitimate source for news, most people think that it is. But that’s why I try to provide more than one source for every story. If you don’t like CNN then you can read the CSM which has a very different perspective.

    I realize you’d prefer that I use only Al Jazera and Xinhua, and I have linked to them in the past, but I suspect more people look at them suspiciously than do CNN.


  • moonraven

    Wrong again, Nalle.

    CNN is the mouthpiece of the Bush administration. Punto.

    As for citing non-US sites–which would actually be USEFUL so that folks could choose which geopolitical slant sounds the most credible to them, that would mean you would have to learn another language.

    You live in Texas, and do not even know Spanish–yet you tell us frequently that you are an expert on Latin America. (Don’t let your insistence that Venezuela is in Central America make you feel any shame, Nalle. If you had any shame, you’d keep your insane worldview to yourself.)

  • Comment #23, in which moonraven shows she knows little about beauty either but loves to generalize.

    As for prig, I had to look it up, and found it too was about moonraven – “snob: a person regarded as arrogant and annoying”. Or maybe someone else around these parts, who was that now..?

    Dave, we get Al Jazeera on the satellite TV now and I’ve been surprised and impressed at how non-partisan they have been.

  • I thought it was Fox News that was the mouthpiece of the right. Who needs drugs when you’ve got moonraven? It’s like being in a parallel universe!

  • moonraven


    Learn to read. I said The Bush Administration.

    The right includes a lot of folks who have nothing to do with the government but are just nasty bigoted fuckers like Nalle.

    I assume you are talking about AlJazeera in ENGLISH?

    I am not surprised that you had to look up the word prig–shows you to be less than half my age, as it was standard Brit usage not that long ago.

    But you are good at the kindergarden insult “I know YOU are, but what am I?”

    Do you ever have any OPNIONS or IDEAS about the world, or do you just volunteer on this site to molest older women?

  • moonraven, so you’re saying that the Bush administration is not on the right?

    I’ll do you the favour of ignoring the rest of your oh so sophisticated remarks as it’s pretty obvious you missed your last round of medication and are rambling deliriously. Nurse!

  • moonraven

    No, I am not saying any such thing. A part of a set is not the whole set, Chris.

    Dave Nalle is not part of the Bush Administration, for example–yet he is on the right.

    Ever take gradeschool artithmetic? They are teaching set theory these days.

    I think there is something really WRONG with you.

  • Moonraven would be correct in saying that the Bush administration is certainly not part of the hard right.

    Chris is clearly the better informed of the two on the media, however. I agree that Al Jazeera is better than one would expect. And CNN is definitely not the spokesnetwork of the Bush crowd.

    And MR, nice to see that you are now admitting that I’m not working for the Bush administration when yesterday you were claiming I was their propagandist.


  • Clavos


    Abuelita is in fine form this evening.

    Funnier than a thirty car pileup on the I.

  • Lumpy

    You folks should just change the name of the politics section to the moonraven section, because she chimes in on every thread and immediately derails it with personal attacks so it just turna into a discussion of her. It’s egotistical and annoying and makes visiting here a waste of time far too often.

  • RJ

    “I have yet to meet a Brit that could be called beautiful, not matter how much relativity you apply to the category.”

    What about these two ladies? 😉

  • RJ

    “CNN is the mouthpiece of the Bush administration.”


  • JustOneMan

    “CNN is the mouthpiece of the Bush administration.”

    tee heee heeee haaa haaa haaa haaa HAAAA HAAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAA

    I Shit My Fuckin Pants!


  • JustOneMan

    Christopher Rose,

    Can you edit some of Nalles delusional lies! For example he stated in one of his rare posts when he was not plagarising some two bit midwestern newspaper – “my comments are full of subtle humor.”

    Please is their one shred of evidence that this is true?

    Can I have a straw poll please? How many Ayes and how many nays??


  • jaz

    the more i see of it, the more i think JoM and moonraven are the same person, just fucking with everybody and having a Laugh

    just a Thought

  • #37 did sound exactly like Moonraven, didn’t it. Intriguing.


  • STM

    Not to mention the seemingly defunct Emry, who no doubt will be pulled out of its box again and again to deliver an anonymous secondary but still very nasty stream of personal vitriol (when you least expect it, and from behind, of course) while MR throws up the equally nasty ad-hominem frontal diversionary attack.

    One of the interesting things is that the more you try to be conciliatory, the more she tries to get under your skin. Has anyone noticed?

    We shouldn’t think ourselves unique, however.

    It’s worth noting that MR likely hasn’t just done this to us. A cyber identity named moonraven was punted from an English as a Second Language employment/teaching forum last year for doing the same stuff … the common complaint from members being that whatever they said they had done, MR bragged she had done it three times over with bells on and was constantly shooting them down in flames for not knowing anything. I am reliably informed that it resulted in a ban.

    So if it is the same identity (and all indications from a friend are that that is the case), there’s never been any honest desire to engage in any kind of dialogue. Obviously, what we’re dealing with is a pathological desire to put shit on others for no other reason than that’s how the person in question gets their jollys. Oh, did I forget to mention an ego that appears to need its own postcode?

    It’s sick stuff, really. Perhaps she’s not really bad at all and just needs help. Perhaps we should send her to one of our resident cyber counsellors.

    Any takers? Dave Nalle? Clavos … Rosey?

    Failing that, and American nonsense about first amendment rights notwithstanding, considering that personal attacks are not allowed here but seem to be a stock in trade of the said identity, perhaps a ban is called for.

    Or would this site be a lesser place without MR? Would it be as boring as batshit without her?

  • One of the things Mexico is famous for producing is bat shit. It’s quite a profitable export.


  • Clavos

    Would it be as boring as batshit without her?

    It wasn’t boring before her arrival; no reason to think it would be after her departure.

    As far as volunteering: no, thanks. I’m not that masochistic.

  • JustOneMan

    #39 did sound exactly like something rewritten right off the AP wire or front page of the New York Times, Dave…didn’t it. Intriguing.


  • jaz

    bad form to ban someone from a free speech forum, i know it’s happened before…but this case pales in comparison to that particular individual

    shutting someone up because you don’t like what they say is the first step towards totalitarian behavior, and even in this microcosm…one would Hope this community to be better than that

    your mileage may vary

  • troll

    I agree

  • JustOneMan

    Fools, morons and idiots!

    How dare you! There is only ONE -JOM

    And dont you forget it!

    I was thinking that Adam Ashe and Dave Nalle are the same person…their pictures do look similar!!


  • JustOneMan

    sorry JOM!

  • JoM – Adam Ash has hair. I don’t. That’s how you tell us apart.

    As for banning MR, contrary to what Jaz suggests, it wouldn’t be because of any of her beliefs. It is the behavior which is offensive, not the basic beliefs behind her posts. We have plenty of users who share an extreme left and even anti-american viewpoint who no one has even begun to suggest banning.


  • troll

    but in her case in a very real sense ‘the medium is the message’

    kinda like gonzo marks who was driven away…along with the original troll persona

    …somethings will be lost and gained – we’ll work through it

  • troll

    or was that marx – the memory fades

  • troll

    (just kidding jaz)

  • I have another idea to improve the standard of political debate and am negotiating with my lords and masters. It doesn’t involve banning anybody at all but will resolve the issue rather beautifully if it is approved.

  • moonraven

    No, you fucking fascists–ban me. Then you can continue jacking each other off with impunity–and no one will say boo when you call for the murder of the non-white population of the world.

    Go for it. You are already so low that you have nothing to lose by instituionaizing fascism.

    Franco did it for years. There are lots of folks in Spain who even miss his runty little ass.

  • troll

    actually – the issue has little to do with you moonraven

    the powers that be don’t trust anarchy

    POM Forever

  • Lumpy

    What’s not to like about anarchy. We could all just give the crazy old baglady a public spirited beatdown and move on.

  • moonraven

    Lots of dogpacking going on here.

    I suggest you nominate your best barker, your alpha male, to take me on.

    Bunch of sissies.

  • troll

    a comment worthy of a sexist sow…were there any around

  • moonraven

    Yeah, IF I were male.

    Guess you missed the point….

  • moonraven

    The point is this:

    Moonraven writes something and instead of someone among you big smart well-educated alpha males refuting her claim with evidence, links, legitimate sources that are not links to yourselves on other blogs or opinion pieces from The Miami Herald, all of you–IN SEQUENCE–dogpack by making remarks that are racist, ageist and misogynist–and THEN demand that she be banned from the site.

    No discussion of issues.

    No presentation of political positions with sources to make them credible.

    Lots of stroking of each others’ virtual cocks.

    This is the dynamic that deliberately avoids any meaningful discussion on this site.

    The reason: You can tell me, but my analysis is that you are all too COWARDLY and too LAZY and too UNIFORMED to present real positions and arguments about geopolitics.

    And you immediately want to rape and kill the FEMALE messenger that brings information.

    Prove me wrong–I dare you.

    Or in the sandbox language of you cowardly lions: I double DOG dare you.

    Put up or shut up.

  • troll

    no – the point is this:

    you comment a lot about process but rarely put issues on the table to discuss.

    where is all of this information that you claim to bring – ?

  • moonraven

    I believe it was Paul2–who by the way is not a clone of Moonraven–who mentioned the information I have provided.

    If you choose not to read my posts, feel free. Nobody is forcing you to do so.

  • moonraven


    Where precisely are ANY REAL issues on the table right now that have NOT been put there by me?

  • troll

    pointless to follow up on as you require that the issues must be ‘real’ in some sense – an ultimately subjective criteria

    just more solipsistic sophistry – the equivalent of redneck noise

  • troll

    and btw – Paul2 only claimed that you provide information..he did not point any of it out

    just more commenting about commenting

    (you do seem to be responding to recent goings on with more reasoned comments on some threads – keep it up)

  • JustOneMan

    Hey MR…keep on talkin dirty I like it!

    By the way..what are you wearing?


  • moonraven


    Do not condescend to me. You are in no way my superior.

  • jaz

    you mean, besides intellectually and in the matters of being well informed, yes?


  • troll

    moonraven – I’ll condescend to you and address you as an equal whenever I care to do so

  • moonraven

    [Entire comment deleted]

  • Where precisely are ANY REAL issues on the table right now that have NOT been put there by me?

    Well, there are the three topics brought up in the original article which have been completely ignored because of your attention-seeking behavior.


  • Mike White

    With the crazy decision announced today by MSNBC that they will no longer simulcast the Don Imus show effective immediately……the following should be done by those that believe there is a double standard regarding racism in this country. As black leaders have called for a boycott of companies advertising on the Don Imus show…..we need to call for a boycott of every company that pulls their advertising from the Don Imus show.

    As was clearly pointed out, but avoided by the black leaders appearing on this mornings “Today” show the double standard with regard to racism is clearly evident in today’s society. A black comedian can stand before a large crowd and talk about “nappy-headed ho’s” all night and society thinks nothing of it. So what is the difference between the black comedian and Don Imus……NOTHING!! But now this man faces the possibility of losing his job and ending his charitable contribution to many causes. THIS IS WRONG AND NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED!! Al Sharpton and all of the others that flourish when people like Don Imus make a mistake need to be brought to their knees. The only way this can happen is for us “Crackers” and the sensible members of the black community who are tired of Al and his friends to unite and say “NO” to what is being done to Don Imus.

  • STM

    Dave wrote: “Adam Ash has hair”.

    And plenty of hair product too, by the looks of it.

  • Mike, I believe you posted that to the wrong thread. The Imus discussion is located here.

    And Stan, I assumed Adam’s einsteinian hairstyle was the result of static electric discharge from his inflatable girlfriend.


  • Clavos

    Dave sez:

    And Stan, I assumed Adam’s einsteinian hairstyle was the result of static electric discharge from his inflatable girlfriend.

    It’s static electricity, alright, but it’s from the stroking; read his bio.

  • “One of the interesting things is that the more you try to be conciliatory, the more she tries to get under your skin. Has anyone noticed?”

    Yes, I have. Well said.

    However, I agree with Jaz. But what’s the line?

  • The line’s been crossed. If you take her and JOM’s comments (which are equally useless), it makes up well over half of the comments here, which means we’ll never be able to have a reasonable fight with those two hogging the camera.

    Fuck free speech. This is a privately owned and operated emporium which I hope makes some money for the troika & they can make any rules they want–as long as they’re equitably and fairly applied. Only people trying to cast smoke into the wind (whatever that means) are going to hide behind the “how much more can we worship” free speech argument. It’s like the gun nuts only reading half of the 2nd Amendment. (I don’t know about that last one, but I couldn’t resist.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Of course I have to agree that free speech in a private forum is at the discretion of the owner, but at the same time I think that even in that context free speech is intrinsically valuable. People will be more honest, more direct and more willing to engage in dialog if they know that they will not be punished or retaliated against – anonymity also helps.

    The problem is that some people just don’t have anything worth saying or are incapable of saying anything in a way which is worth listening to, and for them the indulgence of free speech granted by the owners of the site is a license for excess and abuse.

    So what we hopefully end up with is free speech so long as you don’t abuse it.