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International Nekid Blogging Day

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A whole collection of blogs are participating in Nekid Blogging today and letting it all hang out. If you are a blogger and want to participate head on over and add your name to the list. Even a few bloggers from the Southern Hemisphere are in on it; hope their heating system is up to the task.

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About Marty Dodge


    Oh, the horror.

  • Temple Stark

    I know your default may be music Marty, :-) but I’m moving this over to culture.

    And …. no..

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Doh my bad.

  • M. Sahm

    Thankfully, most of them will not be photoblogs… or the day might get recoined International Nauseous Day.

  • Victor Plenty

    “Nekid” is incorrect nonstandard spelling. “Nekkid” is how you must spell it to get the fully authentic rural phonetic effect.

    Aside from that I am unqualified to comment on this “event.”