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Intergenerational Decadence

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Sometime way back just before the millennium, I had a reflection or an epiphany regarding intergenerational decadence in values, especially in our family line. You see, the current behavioral pattern in each one of us is strongly influenced by our parents, previously by their parents, ultimately our ancestors.

When our ancestors neglected to uphold certain cultural, moral or spiritual values to their children, their children learned to grow up with lesser values and they tend to pass these on to their own children, particularly the bad habits. And with each generation, the bad behavior tends to get worse than before. If you examine a juvenile delinquent’s family history, a same pattern of behavior is seen way into their ancestors’ profiles. Jack the Ripper’s ancestors must have had problems interacting with women; something like that.

Now, Divine Providence has shown me this insight to understand why I behave in a certain way. For example, whenever I come into conflict with my siblings, I react violently and sometimes making amends becomes hard. Other examples are: the tendency to pry into other people’s business, simple habits like tidying up one’s place or how you spend your money.

God laid this path for me to follow so that I can change the way I am today into a better person tomorrow. It would be hard fighting a tradition of bad habits, but I must turn back the tide, so to speak; to go against the heavy flow of convention. I need to break the chain. (Andrei)

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