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Interesting sculptures on Amazon.com

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Amazon.com is best known as being the place to go to find books, dvds and music. It is less well know as a great place to shop for just about anything, including museum-quality reproduction statuary.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or buying a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, Bar Mitzvah, Mothers Day or Fathers Day gift, if you dig around you will find some neat items. Here are a few that I like:

The New York Public Library Lions, Patience and Fortitude, make fantastic bookends

This one is known as Cathedral by Auguste Rodin, and it is an amazing and inspiring work

This statue of the Prophet Isaiah is from an original work by Moissaye Marans, often known as “The Sculptor of Peace”

This is one of several versions of Degas’ famous dancer statues

Creating Memories by Alice Heath captures something of the Mother/Daughter bond.

The Age of Bronze is a classic figure study by Rodin

Brancusi’s ‘Kiss’ is very popular as a wedding gift

Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ is much different but is also a popular gift for weddings and other romantic occasions

Nike Winged Victory is an altogether different work

Last but not least, Rodin’s classic “The Thinker,” which is made in two sizes.

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  • Good finds – the Degas is actually on display at the Milwaukee Art Mueseum, and in my Amazon shopping cart

    Cryptically, these items are in the Kitchen and Housewares section of Amazon – poor placement, methinks

  • Neil Ralley

    Well-spotted Aaman but in fact these items actually reside in the artwork section of home decor in home and garden. Alas, due to some deep and mysterious problems within the Amazon database (read = jungle) they actually show up on Kitchen and Housewares pages and are linked to other kitchen and houseware pages. Most confusing and not conducive to finding stuff…