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Interesting Celebrity Gossip Site

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Take a look.

For all anybody knows, this is all bogus stuff. But it’s still pretty funny!

Here are some choice examples:

* Cruise, Tom. Oh, definitely not a Friend Of Dorothy [this means a gay man]. Why would you ever think such a thing? No, certainly not. And he definitely doesn’t force his gay lovers to sign lengthy non-disclosure contracts before he gets involved with them; that’s just a vile, untrue rumor started to bring shame on this quite emphatically heterosexual movie star. Certainly not someone who has and enjoys sex with lots of men. One would never hear Mr. Cruise described as “awkward and inarticulate” when speaking without a script, and certainly never hear him described as “vain, shallow, and pretentious.” No, certainly not–the reverse is true of Mr. Cruise! $cientologist. Vain & arrogant. Never graduated from high school. Acted badly towards Nicole Kidman during their break-up, which was caused partially by his insistence on raising the kids $cientologist (she wanted them raised Catholic) and partially because of her pregnancy, which may have been his and may have been Ewan McGregor’s. Broke up with Nicole via his representatives. (Cruise, you swine.) Linked with Patricia Arquette, Cher, Penelope Cruz, Rebecca De Mornay, Nelly Furtado, Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Heather Locklear, Paul Newman, Lisa Marie Presley, and Mimi Rogers.

* Drudge, Matt. FOD [again, this means a gay man] and egg fetishist who’s done great damage to his gay brothers and sisters by aiding the cause of fascists, intolerant orthodox Christians, and conservative scum. Ethically challenged hypocritical lackey and moral catamite to right-wingers. We remember you from the old days, Matt-o, and when you fall back to obscurity we’ll be waiting with sharpened knives.

* Fallon, Jimmy. There are competing stories about him being “funny and friendly” with fans (when sober) and a real cad (when drunk). Grabby with women, too.

* Fleischer, Ari. Known around Washington for making inappropriate advances toward at least one reporter. Has apparently also been cruising gay websites for sex partners.

* Gibson, Mel. Strident and clueless Catholic. Anti-Semitic (and anyone who claims he isn’t, after having seen his odious piece of offal The Passion, is either lying, anti-Semitic themselves, or pig-ignorant as to what anti-Semitism actually is). Compulsively cheats on his wife; refuses to let her use birth control. Homophobe and sexist. Alcoholic. Has a taste for Thai hookers; has them flown in while he’s on set. Is also a shoe fetishist. Racist, given to telling jokes about blacks and using the n-word. Locals on one film agreed that he had “the world’s worst case of b.o.”

* Midler, Bette. “Self centered bitch with an incredibly foul mouth; called her backup singers “stupid cunts” over an open mike during pre show rehersal.” Loves to hang out with gay men and is reported to have said that she considers herself a gay man.

* Newton, Wayne. “Hung like a gnat.”

* Willis, Bruce. His separation from Demi Moore was extremely bitter. Former bartender and reportedly a former male escort. Rumored to like boys, strippers, and group scenes. Generally vain & unpleasant person. Difficult to work with. Cheapskate (although, as is always the case with allegations like this, I’ve received a few reports to the contrary). Linked with Lara Flynn Boyle, Kim Cattrall, Milla Jovovich, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, and Liv Tyler.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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  • is it true that ewan mcgregor has cheated on his wife?
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