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Intellectual Honesty is for Suckers

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The only people who were at all surprised that the Republicans were in fact behind the callous Terri Schiavo memo seem to be Republicans. Are they that naive? It’s blindingly obvious that GOP efforts on behalf of Schaivo were disingenuous and politically motivated. The fact that someone from their side of the aisle was actually foolish enough to put it in writing hardly multiplies their crime.

For the record, the memo, which was written by an aide for Senator Martinez, calls the Schiavo tragedy “a great political issue” and notes that “the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue.” Well, duh! If you needed this memo to confirm what the Republicans were up to, then you’re beyond hope already.

Some on the left are reveling in their chance to rub this in the faces of right-wing pundits and bloggers who were all in a lather (or should I say ‘Rather’?) over what they assumed to be yet another document forged by Democrats. I don’t really see the point of this exercise. The bug-eyed screamers—both on the left and on the right—are singularly incapable of learning anything from their mistakes and misstatements, so all this does is add to the din.

The partisan rancor over this memo, even after its provenance has been proven, is yet another sad reminder that the marketplace of ideas has devolved into a five-and-dime store where honesty is the last vestige of a fool.

As Martinez scrambles to cover his ass by claiming that the distribution of the memo was inadvertent, some conservative bloggers are doing damage control of their own. Witness the bitter, defensive non-apology apologies that have been posted on Powerline and Right Pundit.

Full marks to Joshua Claybourn for posting an actual retraction.


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  • Ah, so it’s not a forgery as first suspected? From what I had last heard it had no letter head on it and didn’t appear to be structured as an actual memo for outside distribution and the only copy they had couldn’t be traced. Kind of dumb for one of Martinez’s staff to own up to it under those circumstances.

    For that matter, what’s a Junior Senator who just got elected doing circulating that kind of memo anyway. Isn’t that the job of the party leadership?


  • gonzo marx

    we only have the junior senator’s aide’s word that he wrote it…

    funny how the Senator himself said he had never seen it, but he took it out of his suit pocket and handed it to the democrat that broke this open…which Sen. Martinez admits…

    either way..tho it is a small incident in and of itself..it DOES add to the overall pattern of behaviour..

    like the revelation from 2 weeks ago about a Republican Party Intranet/VPN where they log in every nmorning and get the day’s talking points etc..

    not suprising..but when confirmed is very troubling..IMO..

    it seems we are destined to live out the ancient chinese curse..

    “may you live in Interesting times”


  • The Schiavo case has had many GOP blunders, and also “right to life” misinformation as well. On April 1st, 2005 Lifenews.com quoted from a “new” Zogby poll that had not been completed yet, complete with wrong figures for the central leading (and incorrect as it talked about disabled people and not Terri Schiavo) where the question was:

    “If a disabled person is not terminally ill, not in a coma, and not being kept alive on life support, and they have no written directive, should or should they not be denied food and water?”

    Lifenews reported the Zogby poll said 79% yes, and 9% no.

    The actual Zogby poll with the same leading question came out a few days later, and Zogby reports the poll ran through April 2nd, the final results were actually 80.3% yes and 7% no.

    Zogby apparently has a leak.

    The full story is here:


  • Dawn

    Only intelligent humans are capable of admitting that they were in fact wrong about something, and only exceptional humans are capable of accepting their apology.

    The blogosphere is sorely lacking both I am afraid, but at least someone else has noticed this pathetic bullshit.

    Nice post.

  • You’re joking right Michael?

    Between reading that and typing here you reversed the results. Accident or idiocy?

    Go back to your link. Also Here’s the story right from Zogby.

    And if the result is 80, percent NO, then there is no great surprise in the result from the Christan Defense Coalition, who partner with Judicial Watch (it says so right on their site).

    Guess I’m one of those suckers, eh?

    PS — BBSNEWS – not a news site, despite your best efforts. You’re the Michael that posted that article there, correct?

  • The real tragedy–the true intellecutal dishonesty–is that Republicrats and Democans are fiddling while Rome is smoldering.

    I can’t get upset about Shiavo–2 million children a year die from malaria; millions of American children live in poverty and as a result will die a lot sooner than necessary. We kill each other with cars, guns, knifes, paper clips, ink bottles.

    And as for real issues. Medicare/ Medicaid is going to make Social Security look like a song and dance routine by Laurel & Hardy. The U.S. has no moral authority around the world. We’re whistling Dixie while a growing deficit & housing bubble & weak dollar turn economists into driveling idiots.

    Our politicians are more terrified of honesty than ever before.

    And, worst of all, the 3rd Star Wars movie will probably suck as much as the last 2.

    Happy St. Griffin’s Day.

  • gonzo marx

    is that Saint Andy or Saint Merv?

    enquiring minds wanna know


  • >>like the revelation from 2 weeks ago about a Republican Party Intranet/VPN where they log in every nmorning and get the day’s talking points etc..

    not suprising..but when confirmed is very troubling..IMO..<< Why is this troubling? It's not troubling, it's not even news. You think the democrats don't circulate talking points? That's the job of party leadership. They were doing it when I worked on the hill 25 years ago and they're doing it now. The only difference is that now they use websites and email instead of paper memos - well, usually. Dave

  • gonzo marx

    Dave sez..
    *Why is this troubling?*

    why?..the Hive Mind bothers me..

    let us compare…when was the last time you woke up and found EVERY Democrat AND a network news channel, AND multiple radio programs ALL hitting the same few topics of conversation, down to using the SAME sentences and phraseology..

    now..point to me a single day since the Rove era began when you have NOT heard it from the Republocrat side

    it may not bother you..after all, you have drunk of the “kool-aid” and those are the talking points you WANT to hear/repeat..

    now..in your defense..you do stray from the Agenda at times…the Force is strong with you, and there are times when you break free of the “Emperor’s” control…

    but the jedi mind tricks of the Dark side are only a disturbance in the Force to a lil old yoda like me…

    still bothers me..and adds to the Pattern…shows somebody studied Goebbel’s playbook…and in this one party totalitarian regime under which we live…i pay attention to which way the wind blows…

    depressing, really…but TCM is running a Marx brothers marathon today…so there may yet be Hope

    but i ain’t betting that way…


  • Careful with the Goebbels references, Gonzo. 😉

  • >>let us compare…when was the last time you woke up and found EVERY Democrat AND a network news channel, AND multiple radio programs ALL hitting the same few topics of conversation, down to using the SAME sentences and phraseology..<< When? The last time I watched the evening news on the major networks or read an article in a newspaper. All the newspapers cover the same stories, all the national networks cover those same stories, and all of the cable news channels cover those stories too. They hire the same small group of talking heads. All the leftist ones say the same thing as each other. All the rightist ones say the same thing as each other. A few wacky ones get thrown in now and then who deviate from the script - especially on Fox News and MSNBC, interestingly. This isn't new. This is how it has been since the end of the Hearst era in the media. The Democrats have their talking points, the Republicans have theirs - both get a full airing in the media, and while it's a boring way to get issues addressed, it's better than not addressing the issues, I guess. Dave

  • gonzo marx

    “none are so blind as they will not see”

    Dave you know as well as i do that it is one thing to use the exact same wording in a Quote…and quite another to use the same wording when even posing the Question…much less taking those questions from a single source Intranet, and raising the points fro the day there

    if Carville wrote a memo, and you heard it word for word on some radio talk shows and saw it on CNN posed as a question to a senator, word for word you would see major disco outfreakage…and rightly so…

    why so defensive when i just raise it as a matter of personal concern?

    i guess we just can’t see this the same way…but remember my linkage of th erepublican leadership and fox “news”..aka FNC’s head political editor being Newt Gingrich, the man that wrote the plan for the “republican revolution” in his book in ’91…go have a read…the ENTIRE thing is laid out there as a battle plan for the GOP..just as i have described it

    and THAT is my concern…


  • I’m not defensive Gonzo, I just don’t see a grand conspiracy here. What I see is a bunch of airheaded communications school graduates and school of journalism bubbleheads who can’t do research for themselves or write their way out of a paper bag. They’re too busy combing their hair implants to do any work, so they grab whatever they see that sounds good that other people are saying and put that in their article or their broadcast. The talking heads may be programmed by the talking points agendafloggers, but the ‘journalists’ are just lazy incompetents asking the questions which everyone else is asking – just like a bunch of media lemmings.


  • gonzo marx

    i understand Dave…now go look at the quoted cliche in the first line of my post, #12

    sez it all…

    i am only hoping someday the kool-aid will wear off on you and you will leave the Dark side…and at least stop shilling for the GOP’s bullshit…

    but i’m funny like that..i tend ta see the good stuff in most folks…


  • Dave is right about journalists being lazy, or, to put it more charitably, set in their ways. People really underestimate the degree to which press releases and the contents of a journalist’s rolodex influence coverage. This is my beef with Noam Chomsky’s criticism of the media, but it applies to critics from the right as well. Having worked for a major NYC newspaper, I know enought to say with confidence that the MSM is far too disorganized to engage in conspiracy. The shoddy coverage you see is intellectual laziness, not a vast [enter ideology here]-wing plot. This doesn’t mean there is not media bias; it’s just not the only thing at work.

    And yes, Dems have talking points, too. I heard a bit on Limbaugh where he plays clips of a bunch of diverse pundits all saying almost the exact same thing about Bush and “gravitas.”

    It’s a poison landscape.

  • gonzo marx

    Pete sez..
    *Dave is right about journalists being lazy, or, to put it more charitably, set in their ways.*

    and i agree with both of you here…but a large part of it is also influenced by the switch over the last 20 from editorial integrity to “infotainment”..meaning being more concerned with the profit of the bottom line than with getting the “scoop” , being accurate and staying informative

    instead most MSM outlets just read the “who, what, where, when” off AP newswire or Reuters…the rest being punditry or opinion…more investigation and analysis is being down out in the blogoshere than in the bullpen…

    those are my observations, born out by statements made via various old school media insiders about current structures…your mileage may vary..

    also..i NEVER talked about any kind of plot or conspiracy on the part of the “media” per se…they , for the most part, get used as dupes..

    and then there are some outlets that do the duping..

    my contention is that folks like Limbaugh are entertaining propagandists..no harm no foul there..
    they are allowed since they function as Editorialists not news outlets

    Fox News on the other hand goes beyond that..they have their share of punditry, and their agenda slants thier coverage..in the exact same way that they have always claimed “liberal media” did

    neither side is right on this one…

    “poison landscape”…i agree here

    but to compare Limbaugh’s editing clips og a single word, “gravitas” from the 2000 campaign..where it is a common phrase among pundits (he could have had clips from Novak and Hannity in there, they used it as well)…to compare that to an Intranet/VPN that the GOP used on a daily basis to get it’s “message” out to their troops as well as their favored media sources

    well….the dems are no where near as organized and effecient at it..give credit where it is due here

    my concern stems from that very fine line that exists to keep the government/administration from spending taxpayer dollars on getting thier message/agend out

    as i have said in other threads on this

    try http://www.gao.gov and type “propaganda” into the search field

    i know it freaked me out…


  • The administration is NOT a political campaign or a political party. They have an obligation to get their message out. They’ve got active programs that are supposed to be helping the nation, and they are specifically charged with implementing these programs. If that implementation requires popular participation, then informing the public and promoting awareness of the program IS part of their job and it’s NOT propaganda.

    The GAO definition specifically says that propaganda benefits an individual or a political party. These publicity pieces released to the media don’t serve that function.


  • gonzo marx

    Dave sez..
    *They have an obligation to get their message out.*

    on this i can easily agree and have no problem..

    Dave sez…
    *If that implementation requires popular participation, then informing the public and promoting awareness of the program IS part of their job and it’s NOT propaganda.*

    also agreed…but if such is the case than should it not be CLEARLY MARKED and delineated as coming from a GOVERNMENT SOURCE???

    part of my difficulty, and the GAO’s , with these VNR’s is the DECEPTIVE elements, where a paid PR person ends it with “so and so reporting”..giving the illusion that it is a news report and NOT A GOVERNMENTAL info piece..

    THAT is the difference between spreading needed information and Propaganda campaigns …DECEPTION

    can we agree that said practices are deceptive and thus wrong?

    Dave sez..
    *The GAO definition specifically says that propaganda benefits an individual or a political party. These publicity pieces released to the media don’t serve that function.*

    nice try..but you fail to account for the fact that the pieces DO serve such a purpose when utilized in a deceptive manner…even setting the question of serving the GOP agenda without any form of checks and balances because ALL federal agencies , as well as HOuse and Senate are controlled by one party so NO inquiry into these matters can take place as it is supposed to

    it has been hown by the GAO time and again that there is a clear violation of implementation by NOT making it clear as to wherwe the “message” is coming from

    add to it that in this time of budgetary crisis, do we REALLY want to be spending millions on outside the government PR firms to put out the governments message?


  • Yes, I agree that the misrepresentation of the promotional information as a new story is quesitonable. But I also find it completely understandable. Doing this has been proven in private industry to increase the chance of the information actually getting disseminated. The lazy TV station producers are more likely to use the story if they don’t have to do any actual work. They are presumably doing this because just putting out a press release got them no play in the media.


  • gonzo marx

    Dave sez..
    *Yes, I agree that the misrepresentation of the promotional information as a new story is quesitonable.*

    ok..we can agree then that it IS being done in such a manner..you may call it “questionable” i call it WRONG and against the anti-propaganda statutes…show where it is coming from and i will remove my Objections..

    Dave sez..
    * Doing this has been proven in private industry to increase the chance of the information actually getting disseminated.*

    sorry..but i don’t believe you can equate private industry’s practices with the federal governments…the Governemnt is NOT supposed to decieve the People..period…never can you convince me that such is Ethical or in the Public’s best interest

    gotta love the Hypocrisy here..a Prsident decieves about a personal sexual matter and he gets IMpeached..and there is a good argument for rightly so..another Administration commits a continuous practice of Deception from everything between the Reasons for invading a Sovereign nation to “no child left behind” but that’s ok…cuz “business” does it..


    Dave sez..
    *The lazy TV station producers are more likely to use the story if they don’t have to do any actual work. *

    i totally agree here, the media is partly to blame..but one does NOT preclude the other..they are NOT mutually exclusive…BOTH share blame here

    however one (th eMSM) are private enterprises that must follow one set of Laws…our GOVERNMENT is rightly held to a higher standard..

    or is DECEPTION towards the Public one of the new GOP and Administration “values” ??


  • But what is the deception? Is what these VNRs say not true? Are they full of lies about the programs described?

    The perceived ‘deception’ is merely the format in which the information is presented. If they sent out a press release instead and it was just reported verbatim by a local news anchor wouldn’t that be even more deceptive? I doubt anyone would say so, even though it just got repeated unaltered.

    The problem here is whether there is intent to deceive. The government can argue that it’s intent is solely to inform. The intent to deceive is just in your suspicious mind which assumes that anything coming from the administration comes with evil intent.


  • gonzo marx

    Dave..let’s go over this again..

    doe the VNR’s CLEARLY state where they are coming from, who made them?



    as to the veracity of each individual piece..that can be argued and must be fact checked on a case by case investigation..

    i am NOT talking about the actual CONTENT here..but the DECEPTIVE manner of presentation…

    again and again you refuse to see the Point here..

    by NOT plainly stating WHERE the piece is coming from the Agencies are engaging in a DECEPTIVE practice, attempting to pass the VNR off as a NEWS piece rather than an Infomercial paid for and sponsered by a governmental Agency

    THAT is the Issue….

    simple enough?


  • Anytime a viewer doesn’t know the source of information when it could clearly be added in quick blurb at the bottom of the screen, the public has been decieved.

    And, of course, the content is spin. Has anyone watched one of these puppies? Say it with me “Paid Political Advertising.”

    These pieces are neither intellectual nor honest. But isn’t this the discussion for Jan’s VNR thread?

  • Yes, this proliferation ought to be combined into one thread.


  • The limitation of the democratic system is that it breaks politics down into a false perception of the world, based around an over-simplistic view of the world.

    It doesn’t take much thought to realise that the actual world is more complex, a web if you like, that the us versus them approach to politics is ultimately destructive.

  • gonzo marx

    a point i hav ebeen trying to get out there for the last month , alienboy..

    this false dichotomy of mutually exclusive posturing does not denote conditions in the real world..

    NOTHING is as black and white as they woudl have us take it

    yet that is how ALL arguments are couched..

    so much the worse when ONE PARTY completely controls all branches of government in a totalitarian fashion and stifles the Minority from performing the functions of checks and balances…

    this has been the keystone of most of my rants…as many of you gentle Readers can attest..

    nuff said?


  • Gonzo, the checks and balances in our system are not between the two parties, they’re between the different branches of government and then between the federal and state governments. We could (and did for about 20 years) have a one party system and still have an equitable and perfectly functional government.


  • gonzo marx


    Dave how will either Congress or the Senate check and Balance each other, much less the White House when they are all THE SAME PARTY, following Reagan’s 11th Commandment..and under the same marching orders?

    please show me one example, since 200…when ANY investigation has been done on the Congrssional level or higher in a bi-partisan fashion…the 9/11 Commision is the ONLY one that comes close..and they were NOT investigation Congree, the Senate NOR the White House…their mission was ONLY the Incident itself…

    anything else since has been quite limited and definately NOT any kind of Independant nor bi-partisan

    can you imagine a Ken Starr type of unlimited Investigation of ANYTHING that has occured in the last 5 years being allowed by the GOP?

    do you deny that there are quite a few matters, including the one we are talking about, that SHOULD be Investigated in such an Independant fashion?

    spare me the naive bullshit Dave…

    don’t insult my Intelligence, as i have never Insulted yours…k?


  • So, you’re lamenting that we’re going to have fewer of the ridiculous partisan witch hunts like the Ken Starr investigations?

    None of these ‘scandals’ warrant an investigation of any scale, and I have yet to see evidence that the justice department or the relevant committees are trying to cover anything up. Let’s get a REAL scandal going and then see if there’s an investigation of appropriate scale.

    As for diversity, even if the dems disappeared there’s a hell of a lot of diversity within the republican party. This is one party with Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Delay, Ron Paul and Karl Rove in it – it really ought to be 2 or 3 different parties.


  • gonzo marx

    Dave sez..
    *it really ought to be 2 or 3 different parties.*

    on that i can agree…

    now..if the rank and file in the GOP would just speak their own minds and stand up to Rove and DeLay as well as the rest of the republican elite…maybe something would get done..and some of these things looked into as they should be

    but it won’t be until one of the Houses is held by a different Party’s majority

    those fireworks will be Fun to watch..


  • The court system provided a quite effective check to the legislative and executive branches in the Terri Schaivo matter.

    And … VNRs are obviously propaganda when they’re designed to masquerade as “real” news stories. They represent a highly selective (if not outright false) take on a particular issue and when they are run as straight news stories, the deception is obvious. People watching the news expect at least some semblance of balance in what is presented to them and the expect a certain level of disinterestedness , both of which are totally lacking in uncredited VNRs.

  • gonzo marx

    Pete sez..
    *The court system provided a quite effective check to the legislative and executive branches in the Terri Schaivo matter.*

    in that sense..concerning frivolous legislation , or a violation of state or federal constitutional Law…yes..i am very glad the Courts worked the way they were supposed to

    but the Courts can not, and should not BEGIN and Investigation into something..that is for the House and Senate…or the Justice Department..

    all 3 of those are controlled by the GOP…hence my concern


  • Actually, Gonzo, a Grand Jury can investigate just about anything if the DA is cooperative so long as they can figure out some way to justify it as being in their jurisdiction.


  • gonzo marx

    i understadn that Dave..but a DA s NOT the judiciary…meaning one of the three branches of government

    a DA works for either his city,state, or federal Attorney General

    see my point above about Gonzalez..

    so what you are saying is that out only hope for checks and balances on the federal level is for some state or town DA to PROSECUTE someone and begin a Grand Jury investigation ni a Federal matter?

    how long before such a so-gooder gets locked up undwer some provision of the Patriot act…


    not even gonna go there..i’ll let al i’ve wrote on this one stand or fall on it’s own merits


  • David Harrison

    To Whom it may concern,
    I feel that because of the pope’s death which is a true tradgety the Terri Schiavo death has been overshadowed and forgotten far too quickly. There are more facts coming to light now that Terri is dead. Our system failed us and it is too late for Terri, but not too late to make changes and save others like her. Some of the health care that could have saved her was witheld by her husband. She was denied physical therapy, MRI, PET and swallowing tests because he did not want her to have them. Doctors stated that they could have helped Terri and given her a better quality of life. Tests showed that Terri had been strangled and had broken ribs but there were no signs of heart failure. Immediate family members were given unequal rights, rights that should have been given to them were instead given to the husband. Terri had more life and spirit in her than unborn babies which are protected while still inside the mother. How is it that Terri could have survived with basic needs: food and water, yet she was denied them. Starving to death was something that should have never been forced upon her. That is something that is so evil not even so called hate groups use it as torture. A federal law should be put into place that keeps people like Terri alive until at least a panel of doctors can review the case and all of them unanimously decide that the patient is in severe constant pain and cannot be rehabilitated to a livable state. Judges should not have the power to sentence a person to death when that person is guilty of no crime. In our country life should be valued above all else. The subject of what is “life” and what is not will be strongly debated forever and then some. While we as humans are always learning and finding new ways to save and prolong life while at the same time inproving the quality of life I think we should all error on the side of causion. While today saving someone in Terri’s place is not an everyday occurrance, soon it may be. Look at the technilogical advances we have made in just the past few years. Would it be so wrong to sustain life without any harm to the person being kept alive? As long as that person is willing to fight to stay alive we should do all in our power to help them. Who can say that a cure will not be found tomorrow? This case has been widely publicized and there are undoubtedly many more cases like it, yet we must act when we are made aware of unjustice. The constitution was made to be changed and improved upon. Let us use the powers we have to better our world.
    Here are a few thoughts to ponder while you sit and wonder if what I have written should be used to bring to bear a change for what I believe to be the better. Terri’s husband used his personal anger to subject pain and suffering upon her and her family. He left her for another woman who he had children and fell in love with. Why didn’t he just get a divorce and let Terri’s parents care for her? He would have had no guilt, he didn’t have any when he went to another woman. He has started another family and left Terri behind except to have her killed. If he really loved Terri he would have exhausted every test possible to help her and would have done all in his power to save her and prolong her life. No matter what his argument with her parents. There was no love there between them. He just set out to finish what he started in the beginning. It was our justice system who helped him carry it out without any punishment. It is very obvious that he did not use the money awarded to him to help Terri get better care or help her. He instead used it to help to kill her. He refused to allow her help, care, and in the end life. This comes down to basic human morals. I feel if a man has moved on and started another family then the judge should have ruled that they were divorced.
    Terri’s husband was afraid that she would be helped and that his crime would come to light. He wanted to make sure that would never happen. Just by reading all the facts about this case and hearing how she could communicate and seeing the videos of how she could communicate, one could see that she had a soul and brought love to many. I am sure when the results of the autopsy if not altered come into public record years from now when statutes expire and the guilty party is long gone that we will see how much alive Terri really was. We will also see how high her chances were of full recovery. But now we can only sit and wait and wonder. Why is it that the one person who has the most to loose by what has happened is the one who has all the power in this case. Think if this was your daughter, what would you do? Your sister? Your wife? I know if it was mine I would go the extra step. I would give my life in order to ensure that she had every possible chance to survive. Also if she wanted to die, why did she fight so hard to stay alive? 13 Days without food or water. Try it and see how much of an effort it takes to survive like that. That in itself shows a willingness to live. God gave her the strenght to fight and in the end he had to save her from her pain because we failed her. The human race yet again failed to save itself. I do not understand how it is that immediate family members, blood relatives are denied equal rights as the husband. This is someone who was living with another woman and had started a family, engaged to be married. Would this happen again he will be given the same rights to kill his next wife? The family has equal rights to know about medical prognosis but yet cannot have the power to help that person. This does not make any sense, especially when he has moved on. He had his money and then decided to move on. Even before that he hurt her, he realized that his murder attempt did not work the first time. His original plan failed but in the end it was the money that helped him finish the job. He got his wish, not her wish. He even stated that he hated Terri’s family and that was the reason he did not divorce her and let her live. That in itself shows what kind of person he is.
    This will always be a tradgedy that a young girl, so young, who never did any crime and lost her life so young, died so painfully and a wrongful death. I am writing because I have freedom of speech. This country is supposed to be free and all of us should be given Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The way this country is going we are all without them. We are god’s children and what made her any different? If her parents wanted to help her, then what gave the court the right to take that away? A death sentence was imposed upon Terri Schiavo, not just that, torture. because she wasn’t like everyone else. I thought that was part of what our world is all about each of us being unique. It should not be a bad thing to be different. I feel that she was also discriminated against because she was disabled. No-one even know if she was as bad off as we were told. If she was why does that make the judge or the husband a god? So if a girl is dealt the wrong hand then she should die. No-one said life was fair but this is a moral error, like that of a public execution but worse. To all those people who thought this was the right thing to do, if it was your family member, you would change your mind. To her family which I saw I feel sorry for you, I could see the love in your family photos. It was a shame what happened to you. You should have been able to go to the courts and have Terri’s husband removed since he obviously started another life with another woman and was causing Terri’s downfall. So many tests that were refused and so much help that should have been allowed to her. At this point it does no good, but I have never seen anything so tradgic in my whole life. If this had been another country then you can bet our president would have made sure that things did not happen this way. Instead our president merely said a few passing words and ignored the issue. Dealing instead with his so called ‘war’. I hope you continue to go forward and I wish you the best of luck. Remember we will be here to support you in your efforts to keep her memory alive. She will never be forgotten. Hopefully true justice will be served in the end. God Bless You All.

  • Good lord, we’ve been over this before. None of this stuff is true, David. You need to look to somewhere other than Terri’s family’s website for your info.