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The practice of insuring goods dates back as early as 18th century BC, where Babylonian merchants paid a premium on loans for goods – and if the goods were stolen, the loan was canceled. Insurance has since expanded into many other sectors, most notably health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and liability insurance. In essence, Insurance has changed very little, and has become a worldwide practice. It’s not surprising then, that there are tens of thousands of bloggers who write daily on playing the odds of insurance. Additionally, with the advent of the Internet, getting home, health, car and life insurance quotes online is prevalent.

Probably the most popular insurance blogging topics among personal blogs are insurance scams, insurance hikes or instruction (and advice) on how insurance works. Even though claims are not necessarily on the rise, insurance hikes always seem to be a hot topic. There are countless blogs citing ridiculous auto insurance increases due to one minor traffic ticket. Whether it’s buying insurance for your new home, or purchasing additional auto insurance for traveling out of country, one has to really weight risk vs. cost. Unfortunately, the choice has been made for you – in many sectors, insurance has become mandatory, making insurance a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

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