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InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds: Communist

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During the U.S. war on Iraq, it was common for right-wingers to slander all war protesters in any way possible. One of the popular methods of the intellectually weakest among the pro-war crowd was to claim that the war protests were riddled with communists. Right-wing blogger Glenn Reynolds engaged in this clowning, as did some of our own clowns here on Blogcritics.

Since I, unlike most of the McCarthyite pro-warriors, was actually present at war protests, back then I did my own expose:

It is true that commies were present at war protests. It’s also true that plumbers were present. I also saw many dogs. It’s also probably true that some neo-Nazis were present at pro-war protests, but obviously that doesn’t make every pro-warrior a neo-Nazi.

The bottom-of-the-barrel tactics by Glenn Reynolds and his ilk were, of course, laughable.

But, still, it’s always fun to hold right-wing hypocrites to their own standards.

And now it is revealed by Shock & Awe: Glenn Reynolds is a communist. You have to read it to believe it.

(Via Eschaton.)

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  • Damn it, Brian- I’m getting tired of you whoring around on me.

    You don’t actually have any legitimate point to make against Mr. Reynolds for saying a few words in notice of Iraqi protesters who happened to be carrying a red flag, whatever that means to them exactly. It’s nothing like actually marching with Americans (who have the freedom and the education to know better) representing the communist party. That’s the communist party, versus options for Americans who could be supporting Republicans or even Democrats- as opposed to some Iraqis supporting “communists” rather than the Ba’athists.

    No, you have no real beef with the Instapundit- you’re just SUCKING UP to Reynolds to get back at me.

    Quit being such a prick tease, pretty boy.

  • Brian, Eschaton called–it seems you left your lips puckered up to Atrios’ ass, and they wanted to remind you that they are not responsible for items left more than 30 days.

  • “It is true that commies were present at war protests”

    Brian sinks into dishonest self-parody.

    For example, International ANSWER, the Stalinist outfit sympathetic to North Korea, had a hand in organizing the rally at which Brian took the above photo for his sniveling expose (look on the poster just above the clean cut haircut guy–www.answerLA.org, their L.A. chapter).

    Stalinist ANSWER was one of the primary ORGANIZERS of many antiwar protests.

  • Joe

    I think it’s inspiring that the protestors sacrificed so much in giving up their precious time to register their displeasure, but I think they might be better served by taking the example of Howard Dean during Viet Nam: Don’t take it to the streets, take it to the slopes.

  • So much hate, so much hate.

    (Shakes head sadly.)