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Instagram for Android… Finally?

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I’d covered the reach and creative business application of Instagram in this Technorati article, the whole time a bit envious. I’m a card-toting Android user, and Instagram has been out of my reach. But that’s all changing.


As reported in Gizmodo, the beta registration page for Instagram-Android is now open. Though there’s no clear date for release, we were told by Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, “In some ways, it’s better than our iOS app. It’s crazy.”

The original app first launched in 2010 and reports a user base of 27 million. The success of Instagram truly came with the iPhone 4 launch. With photos as the base medium, the phone’s 2x screen and 5 megapixel input device enabled the masses to truly use the app the way it was designed.

Makers of the popular photo-sharing app are now taking email addresses for those who want to be first in line and I’ve registered. Unfortunately, the whole sign-up process doesn’t offer much information. I was given only the message, “Thanks for signing up! We’ll be in touch soon!” But for those of us Android users who have spent the past two years marveling at our friends’ Facebook and Twitter Instagram posts, our time is coming.

Android users can sign-up here.

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  • erikav

    So excited!!

  • DonnaGator

    I have an iPod Touch with Instagram on it, but the Touch has a lousy camera, so I take photos with my Android phone and transfer them to the Touch in order to play with Instagram. This is clunky, so I am eagerly awaiting the Android version of Instagram. The other iOS photo app I hope to see on Android soon is called 100 Cameras In One. It is a paid app, but I will definitely buy it again because it offers so much variety. The developer has been promising an Android app for quite a while, so I am getting impatient 🙂

  • pdmc

    It seems that something went wrong!
    Did you enter a correct e-mail address?

    I hope the app when it arrives is more impressive than their ‘Notify Me’ Android page. I’ve been getting this message for DAYS! And yes I have entered a correct email address… *sigh*