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The term “inspirational” can refer to something or someone that creates wonder and admiration by being creative or artistic or inventive. In this sense, one might describe Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting as inspirational. One might also describe the Apollo landing on the moon as inspirational.

“Inspirational” can also refer to the spiritual nature of something or someone. Although text, music, art, or a highly-regarded person from any spiritual tradition could be inspirational, the term is most commonly used with regard to the Christian tradition.

By far the most common use of the word “inspirational” in internet searches is in the phrase “inspirational quotes.” Many blogs and websites are devoted to collections of inspirational quotes – which may include quotes that fall into either the spiritual or the creative definition of inspirational – or both.

Other common uses of “inspirational” on the internet are inspirational sayings, inspirational stories, inspirational poems, inspirational songs, and inspirational words.

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