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Inside Thin Lizzy

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Inside Thin Lizzy
Classic Rock Productions

This DVD is subtitled an independent critical review and for once this isn’t a load of hoey. This is excellent critical analysis of the band that was Thin Lizzy. It contains several well known rock critics, including Malcolm Dome, casting a critical eye of Thin Lizzy’s body of work. As its so analytical this might not be a DVD for everyone, but those are interested in the band will find it most satisfying. The quality is good enough that this DVD (and the series from whence it came) can be use by students studyng music and culture. Musicians will eat this up as well, as there is some rather interesting examination of evolution of the Thin Lizzy sound and the arrangement of their music. The DVD’s is just long enough not to get dull. This was a good band to start with and it has made me interested in some of the other bands examined including Led Zepellin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Rainbow. This runs the thin line between the acedemic and documentary, and successfully. A highly recomended look at a rather good, if not always great, hard rock band.

Rating: 5/5

NB: This DVD is available in both NTS and PAL format.

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About Marty Dodge

  • release date, january, 2010?

    wow, this better be good!

  • Well if you follow this link you will find it was released on the 12th of July.

  • man, i love stuff like this.

    it’s what they should have done on vh1 after the behind the music (soap opera) series petered out.

  • JR

    The DVD’s is just long enough not to get dull.

    And how long is that?

    That’s a hell of a selection of bands they’ve got there. This must be a British series, ’cause the “well known rock critics” in America don’t know that much about music. I’m gonna look these up.