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Inside Comic Con 2014 with ‘Teen Wolf ‘Creator Jeff Davis

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It’s high school, and the world is ending every day on MTV’s Teen Wolf, but showrunner Jeff Davis paused the adolescent apocalypse to answer to these questions and more in an exclusive, candid, roundtable interview at Comic-Con International 2014 (also known as San Diego Comic-Con).Teen Wolf at Comic-Con 2014

Teen Wolf is notorious for Davis’ public statements that he doesn’t plan ahead. However, Jill Wagner, who plays Kate Argent commented that she’s known Kate would return since season one. That seems a little contradictory. When asked about this Jeff Davis, always willing to answer questions, prefaced with, “I can clarify that with: I don’t plan ahead anymore.” Which, given the tumultuous ebb and flow of cast members, makes sense. However, he expanded that he did plan many items ahead of time. He had in mind from the beginning, that during season two Jackson would be the kanima (perhaps this explains all the snake-in-mouth/eye socket imagery in season 1?), but now that’s changing since hitting seasons three and four.

When you throw away the map, what’s left? According to Davis, the key is an old film school trick of writing to the five scenes that they want to see. In season two, one such scene was parsed as “I wanna see a werewolf fight on an ice rink; I wanna see their claws scratching across the ice.” We can only guess at what those scenes will be this year, but with a season five pick up announced at the Thursday Teen Wolf Comic-Con Panel, you can bet there’s another five scenes in the making for next season.

On the topic of last season and Allison Argent, the largest casualty the show has ever had, Davis was open and honest. The network was asking him for a “big death,” and since Crystal Reed wanted to leave the show, none was bigger than that of our hero Scott McCall’s first love Allison Argent. “Allison was such a central character I never expected her to leave the show and I always kinda expected Scott and Allison to be together,” he admitted.

It shook up the writing process, but he never had another character in mind for desired big death. “I always believed in the happy ending,” Davis said, referencing season two and Jackson’s “death” that just didn’t stick. This unfortunately was a different cause because “Why would Allison leave? Where would she go? We’d have to put her in jail or something, send her away to France.” It’s a good point if a tragic one.

That idealism touched with realism might just be why Teen Wolf is one of the biggest hits at Comic Con. The desire for a happily ever after is there but lives are on the line. This year its a deadpool and assassins hunting the McCall Pack, an idea Davis dreamed up reminiscing with his brothers over the break. With scenarios like that you get the feeling nothing’s going to end well even knowing now that the man behind the curtain really, really wants it to.

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