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INS – Insanity

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Purging illegal aliens from voter rolls not easy / The Washington Times INSIDER

This doesn’t make sense to me. Maryland is trying to purge their voting rolls of illegal aliens. That’s a good thing to me. Illegals shouldn’t be voting, shouldn’t be leeches absorbing social services (I am in favor of social services, folks, just not greatly expanded waste pots). Illegals shouldn’t be this, shouldn’t be that.

There’s no great need in this country for illegals, no jobs that Americans won’t do, no benefit at all. I am in favor of opening our borders to those who wish to come, but also in favor of ejecting those who are here illegally, fraudulently, or overstay their visas. I am in favor of tight, yet open, borders. We’re all immigrants here, and America’s open arms are the strength of the country.

The Constitution only allows citizens to vote:

“If you allow noncitizens the right to vote, then we must ask, what does it mean to be an American citizen?” said [Senator] Tancredo [R-Colo.], an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration.

The left has long been trying to get illegals into the polling booth. Professor Ron Hayduk of Manhattan Community College offers a typical riposte: “Why would immigrants vote illegally when it puts them at risk?” Mr. Hayduk asked. “There is little evidence that immigrants actually do vote. It seems to me that the burden of proof is actually on those who claim illegal immigrants are voting.”

Instead of voicing concern that illegals are suborning our most prized privilege as citizens, he shrugs it off. He has it absolutely backwards: the burden of proof must be on those who wish to vote.

MD Attorney General James Curran, highly connected in the MD Democratic political machine, and father-in-law of Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Mally, recently ordered the MD MVA to issue licenses to illegal aliens, and, by extension, enfranchising them via “Motor Voter” registration. MD politics is a back-biting back alley of vice and corruption, and big machines. MD has a Republican governor for the first time in decades. I wonder if Gov. Ehrlich approved Mr. Curran’s diktat?

The chairman of Maryland’s Board of Elections says he was “shocked” to learn that as many as 56,000 illegals were on the state voting lists, and intended to scrub the lists with the feds to get them off the list.

From the Wasthington Times:

But Maryland’s plan to identify the illegals on its voter rolls doesn’t make much sense to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) — formerly the INS. Officials there point out that they only keep track of legal immigrants.

Furthermore, the agency said it has to protect the privacy of those aliens. “From our standpoint, it is important to safeguard the confidentiality of each legal immigrant, especially in light of the federal Privacy Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act,” said USCIS spokesman Dan Kane.

So there you have it: the agency charged with keeping illegals out of the country, to protect us from illegals so they don’t fly airplanes into financial centers, is more concerned with protecting their privacy than the sanctity of our elective process.

As we say in Paulie World: Sheesh!

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  • Hmm. Having lived for years in Texas, I can tell you for certain that there are jobs that are done by illegals because there is economic incentive to get them done more cheaply and without the safety requirements that US labor would be able to require.

    The INS (or whatever it’s called today) is poorly organized. The same agency that is responsible for borders and enforcement shouldn’t also be responsible for benefits: it creates an organizational schizophrenia that prevents either task from being clearly and efficiently executed.

    While I am entirely in favor of having a system of immigration that benefits the US first, I’m not sure that a lot of what we see from the INS meets that goal.

    And some benefits should not be denied on the basis of legal status. Some kinds of public health benefits, for instance, help us all. Allowing a raging Cholera epidemic to sweep through the Rio Grande Valley and spread to Houston because we wouldn’t treat victims doesn’t just hurt the victims, it hurts all of Texas.

    Illegals shouldn’t vote, absolutely. Neither should felons who have not had their rights restored, nor the recently deceased, nor minors. Housepets and three year old children shouldn’t be making $1000 donations to campaigns to get around the individual maximums.

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with saying “if it’s not a crime that’s happening, let’s not ask an underfunded agency with no jurisdiction over elections to spend time and money fixing it”.

    Hey, I know! Let’s make it unconstitutional to sodomize your same-sex spouse while wearing a burning flag…