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Injury Forces Mickelson To Withdraw From Memorial Tournament

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A cloud descended upon the course at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. The Memorial Tournament turned sour and gasps could be heard across the city. The gasps could have been an over-exaggeration, but at least I can say they were probably my gasps. I was sitting at home watching ESPN when I heard the terrible news, which is when the gasps were uttered from my mouth. I threw my hand over my mouth for even more exaggeration. Really, I was upset.

One of the most talented golfers today, Phil Mickelson withdrew from the tournament due to a left wrist injury. That wrist is an important tool to help capture the top title in the tournament. His left wrist is also important for removing Tiger Woods from his high post. (This particular statement has not been determined and may not be true since the tournament just started.)

Although Mickelson claims it is not a serious injury, he has seriously injured my reason to watch the tournament. I enjoy watching him play, even if he does not play his best.

The tournament is not that far from where I live, but I couldn’t attend due to lack of previous knowledge of it occurring. Though I was not aware, I would have gathered up my popcorn and chili and dabbled in the many strokes I was awaiting to watch.

It’s time, Mickelson. It’s time to take control and not injure yourself, because you had a great chance of winning this round.

Let us hope he will be able to play at the U.S. Open in a couple of weeks. He will find out Friday if his injury is serious and was not able to grip his clubs because of the pain. He said he could have hurt it from hitting the ball out of the rough while he was practicing on the course at Oakmont where the U.S. Open will be held. How could this have happened? Well, Mickelson, I hope you’ll be feeling better in a couple of weeks to play the U.S. Open.

I am saddened to say that I will not be watching the tournament without Mickelson playing his little heart out. I will also say it is probably because I will be watching the French Open instead. (Shrug.)

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