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InHouse: “Unplanned Parenthood”

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In this week’s InHouse app we are treated to some of the trickery behind the making of the “Unplanned Parenthood” episode.

In The Dark Room, the unsung heroes of the set – the stand-ins – are given their due. Around the diagnostic table sit Fake Chase, Fake Foreman, and Fake Taub (who really looks like Taub, although geekier and somewhat older). Then there is a shot of the real Taub in the diagnostic room photographing Omar, who is studying his phone and possibly “tweeting” about it. Fake babies are here too, looking decidedly less real than in the aired show. Fake Taub in the neo-natal care area, standing by fake baby in its crib is a prime example of things you never see when the show is aired. One thing is apparent from the behind the scenes shots, the magic of television is made by frumpy guys wearing faded jeans and worn t-shirts.

In The Media Room, we are treated to a look at Kayla and Rylie Colbert’s audition tape for the role of Rachel Cuddy. The twins are asked to act angry, sit still, raise their hands over their heads, be very sleepy, and seem to be having fun doing all of it. These two take direction like pros.

This week in the Writer’s Room we hear from David Foster, the writer of “Unplanned Parenthood,” and the only ‘real’ doctor on the writing/production staff. The episode, he tells us, is a combination of two stories he actually read about: a mother who transmitted cancer to her unborn baby, and a person who had two cancers, the first of which was treating the second. Those stories together equaled one very interesting patient of the week.

He says Jennifer Grey was great as the patient and they were glad to have her on the show. As it turns out, Mr. Foster also wrote the episode “Informed Consent”, which featured Ms. Grey’s father, Joel Grey, as the patient. Both these characters ended up dying in their respective episodes. Mr. Foster assures us with a grin that he has nothing against the Grey family and that they are wonderful people. Unfortunately it’s just the way things worked out.

This week’s search for 13’s replacement took place among the staff of the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit. The advantage of choosing Dr. Chang as the candidate was that she knows who all the doctors are. She knows House and the team members and she can give a fresh perspective on all of them.

This episode also shows House’s first real interaction with Cuddy’s daughter Rachel. His goal in these interactions is not to interact with the child at all; he tries to pawn her off on anyone he can, which means Wilson. Mr. Foster says it’s always great fun writing for House and Wilson. They are able to comment on each other in ways other characters can’t. In the situation with the baby, House is able to play off of Wilson’s sense of responsibility to get Wilson to do what he wants. Mr. Foster compares their actions to the “Tom Sawyer painting the fence” story.

Four stellar Houseisms were chosen by the writers this week. Our favorite? “You had the misfortune to be the lesson that Foreman is learning. That wooshing sound is the air being let out of his ego.”

Finally, the Music Room provides us with an iTunes link us to “Night” by Bill Callahan, the song used in this week’s episode.

Is your app updating the way it should? Some folks on Twitter are having problems along those lines. If you are too, let FOX know about it and hopefully the problem will be rectified soon.

House will return with “Office Politics” on November 8th. App’s Eye View will see you then.

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also access these features on Fox.com/House.

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  • I TRULY adored the video of Rachel’s auditions. Those little girls are fantastic, really professional and obedient considering their young age. Want more epis with Rachel!!

  • Mindy

    Olga: Yes, those kids were great. I wonder how much acting experience they had before this audition. They seemed like “naturals” and took directions well.