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InHouse: “Small Sacrifices”

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We here at App’s Eye View are loving Season 7 of House. The medical stories have been compelling (if not always factually on target, as some medically knowledgeable folks have informed us). The House/Cuddy affair is being handled remarkably well, taking their snark and banter to a whole new level. And as for the InHouse app, it is following suit.

Here is the latest dish on the app’s “Small Sacrifices” update.

The Dark Room: Here we find some wonderful, yet somewhat disturbing photos of the opening teaser, which is a crucifixion scene. The crew and a cute brown and white dog mill around the crucifix on the ground. Then Kuno Becker, who plays Patient of the Week, Ramon, is photographed lying on the cross, after which he chats away with Greg Yaitanes, the episode’s director. Take it as a solid reminder that this is indeed Hollywood, folks, where nothing is ever as it seems. More down-to-earth are the photos of the wedding scene preparation. That lovely bubbly liquid sparkling in the tower of champagne glasses is really ginger ale, poured into the glasses through a hose. How glamorous is that? There is an actual DJ in the scene, playing records (remember those?). Robert Sean Leonard and Cynthia Watros are filmed, watched over by the crew as their characters hurtle toward the inevitable breakup scene. And, look! There’s House in the background watching it all come down. The Dark Room leaves us with a glimpse of Hugh Laurie, waiting patiently for Greg Yaitanes to give him his cue.

Those InHouse folks are full of surprises, aren’t they? The Media Room’s content has absolutely nothing to do with the “Small Sacrifices” episode. Were we disappointed? No, because instead we get a look at Candice Bergen as Cuddy’s mom. The scene is from the next episode, which is due to air on January 17th. The two greatest things about this clip are the look on House’s face when he learns who he’s been examining in the clinic and the second, even more fantastic thing, is that we actually get to hear Candice Bergen say “schtupping”. Go. Watch. NOW!

In The Writers Room we hear from “Small Sacrifices” scribe and longtime House writer and producer, David Hoselton. Hoselton tells us that the teaser (Ramon on the crucifix) is based on a true story of a guy in the Phillippines who would ‘crucify’ himself year after year as a “passion play”. Hoselton thought this was the sort of a character who would be great to come up against House, since, of course, House would think the guy was insane.

The wedding was something the writing staff came up with. “We thought it would be a fun setting to put all the characters in,” Hoselton says. “What would House be like at a wedding? People behave differently in that situation and to put all these different couples in there was something the writers thought would be interesting. We said, ‘Let’s bring our characters to various points in their relationships in this episode.’” House and Cuddy, are shown heading to a terminal point, the Taub and Rachel relationship is coming to a head because of the emotional affair Rachel is involved in. Wilson and Sam are going through another relationship crisis. His failing is being too honest with her, which ultimately contributes to the couple’s undoing. Chase and Foreman go stag. But Chase, of course, connects with a number of willing women and takes off, leaving his pal on his own. “It was a lot of fun filming those scenes,” Hoselton says, winding up his time in The Writers Room.

In Houseisms, the writers have chosen five of their favorite Houseisms from the episode to feature here. Our favorite is: “You don’t need to buy her a new ring. Isn’t the first one good for all-you-can-marry?”

Finally, in The Music Room, the titles of the episode’s songs are revealed. They are: “Heirloom” by Sufjan Stevens and “I Know” by Jude.

App’s Eye View will be back in January after the break. Until then, happy holidays and don’t do anything House wouldn’t (that certainly leaves the door wide open).

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also access content from Fox.com/House.

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