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InHouse: “Selfish”

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In this week’s House episode,”Selfish,” the opening teaser takes place in a skate park. It is here that a teenage girl, who eventually becomes patient of the week, is shown doing some pretty impressive moves on her skateboard. The InHouse app treats us to a behind the scenes look at how the scene was done.

Jim Vickers, the stunt coordinator for the show, tells us the actress is not a skater. So the producers, after going through a process of elimination, were able to find the number one bowl skater in the world to double for the actress in crucial stunt scenes. But how do you get the camera to follow someone that good without a camera person who is also proficient on skates?

The dilemma was solved by bringing in Vinnie Minton, a professional rollerblader for 10 years, who was discovered after the House producers saw a video he did entitled “Bitter Cold.” If you check out Mr. Minton’s work on YouTube, you will understand why the House folks were impressed enough to fly him in to work for them.

The footage of Vinnie as he follows the skater through the park with his hand-held camera is stellar. Truly a show in itself. If this footage is not enough for you, 21 behind the scenes photos, mostly from the teaser shoot, are featured in the Dark Room.

In the Writers’ Room this week, Eli Attie, the writer of the episode, reveals how he originally wanted to open the episode with a debate tournament. But after being shown a viral video of Vinnie Minton’s work, changed his mind.

His goal was to write a story with a lot of inherent emotion and he used William Styron’s book Sophie’s Choice as his inspiration (the parents in the episode have to make a choice between two unbearable options, which in some ways parallels Styron’s tale).

The format of this episode, Mr. Attie explains, is an unusual one for the show: House actually solves the case at the end of the fourth act and in the final two acts must deal with a treatment dilemma.

All the stories in the episode are based around the theme of selfishness, hence the title. House is delving into new territory here. Attempting to sustain a relationship and take another person into account rather than simply achieving his medical agenda is not the House we’re used to seeing.

Developing the different team members’ attitudes toward the House/Cuddy relationship was another facet Mr. Attie needed to consider when writing the story. Their differing attitudes say much more about them than they do about House and Cuddy.

Finally, five worthy House-isms made the cut as the writers’ picks. And in the Music Room, the song from the episode linked to iTunes this week is “AM/FM” by !!!

So sit back, update your app, and enjoy!

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Footage is also available on YouTube and Fox.com.

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