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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #11”

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This week, Nurse Jeffrey didn’t have to work too hard to seek out another colleague wronged by House. The surgeon in question found him.

It seems the surgeon’s patient had been prepped and sedated and was about to be wheeled in for her appendectomy when House got involved. According to the disgruntled Surgeon In Question, House dosed the patient with Narcan, which counteracted the anesthesia and woke the poor woman out of her drugged sleep. House then stole the operating room from under Surgeon In Question’s nose.


The patient, who is lying on a gurney, awake and alert, listens to the fracas and says nothing until Jeffrey begins to question her. When she responds in German, he is ecstatic. For the moment, he forgets all about House, Human Resources, and the grumpy Surgeon In Question. All he wants is to chatter with the patient in her native language about Berlin, Lautemstrasse, and which subway to take during rush hour.

Patrick Price as Nurse JeffreySurgeon In Question grows even more disgruntled as the conversation continues. The fact that he doesn’t understand a word has not improved his mood. But Jeffrey assures him he is merely interrogating the subject about Dr. House’s involvement with the operating room heist. Switching back to German, Jeffrey asks the patient if she’s seen Dr. House (“he walks with a cane…looks like Frankenstein”). She has no idea who Jeffrey is talking about.

At this point, Jeffrey begins to have doubts about Surgeon In Question’s claim. And when Jeffrey presses him for proof…the surgeon fails to come up with the goods.

Another one bites the dust.

Jeffrey has had it with these doctors, nurses, and cafeteria workers who have lots to bitch about when it comes to House but can’t back up their claims. Next week Jeffrey promises to put Plan B into action as he slips on a pair of shades and informs us he’s “going rogue.”

This should be good. The grand finale is fast approaching and we still haven’t a clue whether Jeffrey will triumph or fail. So inquiring minds at App’s Eye View want to know: How do you think the Bitch Tapes will end? Will Jeffrey finally convince Human Resources to put House in his place, or will Jeffrey slink away, a sadder, yet wiser man? Please post your best guesses in the comments section of this article.

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen.

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The Nurse Jeffrey Bitch Tapes can also be viewed on YouTube.

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