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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #8”

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In last week’s installment of “The Bitch Tapes”, Nurse Jeffrey finally won a round in his quest to get Dr. House in hot water with the hospital’s Human Resource department. We wondered then if Jeffrey would continue his success this week. But as the old saying goes: lightning never strikes twice in the same place, and “Bitch Tapes 8” is proof of that.

In this week’s appisode, we are introduced to Ingrid, who is one of House’s “special friends”: his masseuse. Jeffrey assures us she’s the sweetest thing, while holding two apples in his hands and bouncing them provocatively against his chest. Already we know there’s trouble a-brewing.

Into the massage therapy room we go after being given a glimpse of a dark suited figure with a cane walking out. Hmmm. We then meet Ingrid, the beautiful massage therapist, who fields Jeffrey’s questions with a cool, matter-of-fact air. She tells him she gives House massages if his leg bothers him. This is done wherever he wants: in his office, his apartment, her car..

Jeffrey is aghast. Her car?

“Yes,” she says. “I can do him in my car.”

“Yes,” Jeffrey coos in French. “I have no doubt you can, sweetheart.”

Ingrid doesn’t like what Jeffrey is insinuating and shoots back in French that it sounded “wrong”.

Jeffrey presses on, urging her to give him one “silly” story where House was abusive.

Her annoyance is evident as she tells him that House is never abusive.

“Does he look at your breasts?” Jeffrey asks.

“Everybody looks at my breasts,” she says and goes on to tell him that House is a very generous, nice client. “He leaves me happy, always. And he leaves happy.”

Is this going where Jeffrey thinks it is? When he asks if their time together leads to a “happy ending”, she responds with a flick of her vibrator that they always have a very happy time together.

He then goes for the kill, asking if House ever scoots his bottom over so she might touch him in his nether region. Angered by this remark, Ingrid tells him that House comes to her for relief. She is a professional, after all. And when Jeffrey asks about the kind of relief she offers, she “gets” what he really wants to know, and tells him, “For that, I give him the number of my friend”.

Jeffrey suddenly discovers his moral code. He is livid that House’s massage therapist is also his pimp. “It is an offense to what is basic and decent in all of us,” he laments as the appisode comes to a close.

We always like seeing recurring characters from the show turn up in the appisodes. Ingrid was a good foil for Jeffrey. She is a strong woman who knows her own mind. We also liked the two second glimpse of House we were given, the first time we’ve seen him in the appisodes. I have it on good authority we will see more of him.

Last week we applauded the appisode gods for getting us the Bitch Tape on time. This week we are not as pleased. “Bitch Tape #8” didn’t show up on the app or YouTube until Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully, the stars will be back in alignment next time and we’ll be able to view another installment of Nurse Jeffrey’s plight in its regular Monday evening time slot.

The InHouse app is available for free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Nurse Jeffrey appisodes can also be viewed on YouTube.

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  • Sudsy

    It wasnt even Hugh that we saw and if you replay the clip a few times you will see that hes not even limping lol