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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #7”

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Last week, in our review of “Bitch Tape 6,” we wondered who Nurse Jeffrey was speaking of when he told us, “If I can make lovers whimper, I can make Ronnie talk.” Well, thanks to a message from Patrick Price himself, we now know that “Ronnie” is actually Dr. Hourani (played by Maurice Godin). Hourani is the doctor who, in “Bitch Tape 6,” refused to talk on camera as part of Jeffrey’s scheme to ruin House. Hourani has never been on good terms with House; the animosity between the two is evident in a number of House episodes including “5 To 9,” “Alone,” and “Detox,” which goes back to season one.

Our apologies for the gaffe.

As this week’s appisode opens, Nurse Jeffrey is ‘on location’ at the nurses station, optimistic that Hourani has changed his mind about joining the cause. Sure enough, Hourani approaches the desk and immediately asks Jeffrey to turn on the camera. After giving us two thumbs up, Jeffrey sets the video in motion.

Patrick Price as Nurse JeffreyHourani, looking like he would like nothing better than to fall into a deep black hole, produces a large paper bag. The huge grease stain on the bag’s bottom is a sure sign that this is not something Hourani is pleased to have in his possession. With a minimum of prodding from Jeffrey, we learn that the bag contains an elephant turd. “Apparently,” Hourani explains, “you can buy them over the Internet.”

“House sent you an elephant turd?” Jeffrey is joyfully incredulous. When Hourani goes on to reveal how House went so far as to warm the turd in his microwave, Jeffrey responds with an ecstatic, “Eww…”

“How do you know it was House?” Jeffrey continues.

“Who else does something this infantile?” Hourani says.

Cut to Jeffrey in his office confiding to us in a whisper how guilty he feels.

Hourani is on a roll now, dishing the dirt about how House has used this trick three times to get the OR from him. He says House calls his wife, disguising his voice, saying that Hourani is cheating on her, which Hourani says causes big arguments at home.

“This is blackmail!” Jeffrey proclaims.

“Call it whatever you want,” Hourani says and, with a disgusted scowl, plants the offending bag on the desk.

Jeffrey is ecstatic. We are back in his office where he is in celebratory mode. Balloons are everywhere. A chocolate cake with candles appears in his hands. He has his first win! HR might consider this one isolated incident but he will assure them it’s one of three not so isolated incidents. Now he just has to come up with numbers two and three. A lovely final image reveals the top of the cake, where the image of a hand giving the finger has been lovingly rendered.

This installment of the appisodes is another good one, although shorter than usual. Still, we are impressed with how much story is put forth in under two minutes. Dr. Hourani’s second appearance was most welcome, since he has as much reason to get House in hot water as Nurse Jeffrey does.

Another plus is that the appisode appeared on our app at 8:10 PM. Only ten minutes late to the party. We’ll take it.

Has Jeffrey’s luck turned for the better? Will he find others to join in his battle cry? Next Monday’s appisode can’t come too soon.

The InHouse app is available free on iTunes for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. You can also find the Nurse Jeffrey appisodes on YouTube.

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  • Celia

    The appys are juvenile, puerile and a waste of time. No bark; no bite. Stopped watching after # 4.