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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #6”

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This week’s "Bitch Tape" appisode features subterfuge, an explanation of how cops and doctors are similar, and a very special cameo appearance by someone we know and love.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

In “Bitch Tape #6,” Nurse Jeffrey is forced to go a different route to get the information he needs to bring down Dr. House; like cops who have a “thin blue line” which cannot be crossed, doctors will not rat on other doctors — on the record, at least. “It’s an unspoken commandment,” Jeffrey explains. “Thou shalt not rat.”

Cut to a shaky Blair Witch-like image of the hospital reception area, courtesy of the hidden camera Jeffrey is carrying on his person. At the desk, a doctor is in the middle of a rant. This is going to be good! As Jeffrey sets his gear down in an out-of-the-way spot, we are privy to the tail end of the physician’s diatribe: “…smart ass egotistical cretin…”, which leaves no doubt who he is complaining about to the person behind a floral display on the desk. “He yelled at Bonnie for three minutes,” the female behind the flora responds. At this point, Jeffrey joins the party, file folder in hand, doing his best to act casual.

“Can’t imagine who you’re talking about,”Jeffrey says. To which the woman replies, “He burped in my face.”

Jeffrey might have succeeded with his sneaky plan to "steal" information had he not put psychology into play. Mimicking the doctor’s stretching motions in order to form a bond between them might have worked had Jeffrey not been so… obvious about it. “You’re creeping me out,” Doctor proclaims just before noticing he’s being taped. “I told you,” he tells Jeffrey. “I’m not going to talk on camera.” When Dr. Cuddy enters the scene (voice only) to read Jeffrey the riot act for using a video camera on the premises, the jig is up and the camera goes off.

Patrick Price as Nurse JeffreyBut Jeffrey is nonplussed. He’s got more tricks up his scrub sleeves. “If I can make lovers whimper,” he tells us, “I can make Ronnie talk.”

Who’s Ronnie? We can’t imagine but we are looking forward to finding out in the next installment of the “Bitch Tapes.”

This week’s entry amused us many times more than last week’s crass offering. We liked the doctor at reception and Jeffrey’s failed attempts to get him to talk on the record. As predictable as his failure was, it was still amusing. And we were surprised and pleased with Dr. Cuddy’s contribution, brief as it was. We’d hope to see more House “regulars” making appearances on the appisodes.

“Bitch Tape 6” was only one minute and 53 seconds long, over a minute shorter than the other entries. Still, it was a good one and proof that the "Bitch Tapes" are definitely back on track.

The InHouse app is available for free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can also watch the appisodes on YouTube.

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