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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #13”

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So…this is it. The “Bitch Tapes” grand finale. The last gasp at the underpass. Now the question is, after thirteen weeks of speculations and accusations, do we get anything resembling a satisfactory resolution? It all depends on how you look at things.

Last week, Jeffrey made a deal with Drew the Maintenance Man to let him tag along while Drew cleaned House’s office. The catch was, Jeffrey would only get a minute to search the hallowed ground for something to incriminate the great man. One minute can be a long time if you use it productively. But when you’re sifting through House’s trash, finding a strange little drawing with Chase and Foreman’s names written in a heart, and another with a space babe riding a rocket ship, you’re not using your time effectively.

Realizing this, Jeffrey asks Drew to jimmy open House’s desk but he refuses, announcing there are only forty seconds remaining of that quickly dissipating minute.

Patrick Price as Nurse Jeffrey

An extra hundred bucks is offered by Jeffrey to sweeten the deal. Unfortunately, this is when things begin to unravel. Just as Jeffrey finds a morphine vial hidden under House’s blotter, Cuddy walks in. To say that Jeffrey is totally busted is an understatement. Cuddy is livid, demanding to know why Jeffrey is in House’s office. When she finds his answer unsatisfactory, she tells him to meet her in HR.

Uh, oh.

After presenting his case to HR, Jeffrey’s dream is shattered. He is the one who is punished, given a six week suspension without pay.

It was a hard fight, Nurse Jeffrey, and no one can accuse you of not trying. You stuck to your principles. True, you fought a little dirty at times, but that was understandable. Heck, look who you were up against.

“The good and decent get punished and the wicked get massages and sex from hookers,” Jeffrey says before hitching his Louie Vuitton bag over his shoulder and walking out the door. “Welcome to Princeton-Plainsboro”.

We feel your pain, Jeffrey, we really do. Perhaps if the app gods smile on you, you’ll get another chance to make things right during the show’s next summer hiatus.

The “Bitch Tapes” was a fun experiment, one we think many House fans really enjoyed. Sure there were some crass moments but, on the whole, it amused and entertained and kept Princeton-Plainsboro in our hearts and minds during these long summer months.

Our thanks go out to Patrick Price for his willingness to answer any questions we had regarding the appisodes, and for being an all around nice guy.

App’s Eye View will return when the InHouse app starts up again around September 20th (House Season 7’s premiere date).

See you then!

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Nurse Jeffrey appisodes can also be viewed on YouTube and Fox.com/House.

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