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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #12”

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This week, we at App’s Eye View have been vacationing in the sunny land of The Mouse (that is Disney World for those not in the know). After four days of non-stop fun in the sun, we have decided to take a break and check in with our boy Jeffrey to see how he’s doing. Not so great from the looks of it.

As “Bitch Tape #12” opens, we are given a view of Dr. House’s office. Our vantage point is floor level and what we see of Dr. House is a partial view of “the uniform”: the cane, the sneakers, the jeans, and the lower half of his shirt and suit jacket. Jeffrey has obviously hidden the camera in a pretty decent spot… or so we think until it crashes onto its side. This alerts Dr. House, who promptly gives the camera a good kick, causing it to become fodder for the junk heap.

That was Plan B-1. Jeffrey, ever the trooper, continues on to plan B-2. He talks to Amir, an orderly who is in quite a state. Tearfully, Amir begins to recount how House abused him. But the orderly’s tears don’t impress Jeffrey. He puts Amir’s mood down to hormones (“overly sensitive orderly. It happens”).

Patrick Price as Nurse JeffreyNow it’s over to Plan B-3, where Jeffrey is both desperate to make the third time a charm and put a move on a member of the maintenance staff. Jeffrey really wants a look inside House’s office and will have an excuse for being there if accompanied by this gentleman of the janitorial persuasion, who Jeffrey thinks is “kind of cute.” Maintenance Man is not easily swayed by Jeffrey’s offer of money (“Now I’m your bitch? I don’t think so, cowboy”), which goes as high as 300 dollars. The 300 is considered but will only buy Jeffrey a minute.

From there, Jeffrey puts a subtle move on, asking the guy to meet him for a drink that night so the money can change hands. Maintenance Man is hesitant, proclaiming he’s found God. This is his excuse? Taking a bribe is okay but beer swilling is not?


“Jesus won’t let you have one beer to conclude a business deal?” Jeffrey asks.

“It’s never just a beer with you people,” Maintenance Man replies.

The response is like a slap in the face, which compels Jeffrey to tell us there’s no way he would hand a guy like that 300 dollars…unless he really needed a guy like that. And he does.

Nurse Jeffrey, it seems, has run out of options in his quest to bring Dr. House down. Maintenance Man is out for the bread and couldn’t care less whether Jeffrey succeeds or spirals down the drain. But this is the last gasp, the dregs at the bottom of the bowl. Maintenance Man is all Jeffrey has left.

With only one appisode to go, we wonder whether the story will be left open-ended or tied up neat and tidy. To their credit, the writers and producers of these appisodes have been good at leaving us dangling and wondering. But now the end is nigh. Let’s see what it brings.

The InHouse app is available from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The “Bitch Tape” appisodes can also be viewed on YouTube.

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