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InHouse: Nurse Jeffrey Appisodes – “The Bitch Tapes #3”

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Nurse Jeffrey cannot get a break. If it isn’t uncooperative cafeteria workers thwarting his efforts, it’s lab technicians who won’t join in his cause to besmirch the name of Dr. Gregory House. Now even his office isn’t sacred. He has been relegated to sharing his space with a Mrs. Bridges, whose mother’s picture graces the desk. Jeffrey isn’t pleased, warning he may “stroke” if he has to stare at Mrs. Bridges' mother another second. All the while, he is sporting what is most likely the much maligned Mrs. Bridges' scarf. “Seems wrong, doesn’t it?” Jeffrey asks us before getting to the matter at hand.

And the matter at hand is, as usual, getting the goods on Dr. House, who keeps winning these rounds even though he is busy with more important stuff like saving lives. That’s how good he is.

Patrick Price as Nurse JeffreyIn "Bitch Tape #3," Jeffrey introduces us to Oscar Silver, a pharmaceutical technician at the hospital. Cheerfully (possibly expecting the damning response he seeks) he asks the bespectacled young man when was the last time House stole drugs. Silver is adamant that House never did such a thing. “If a doctor were to steal drugs from the pharmacy, there would be a ton of paperwork. The fact that there has not been paperwork filed confirms that no one has stolen anything or that the person who was supposed to do the paperwork didn’t…” Oscar looks somewhat sheepish before continuing, “…meaning he or she would get fired.”

There is a clatter and the camera shifts to a young, scantily clad woman kneeling to retrieve the papers she’s dropped. For Oscar, the interruption couldn’t have come at a better time. Jeffrey’s attention has been diverted and all is right in Oscar’s world, at least for now.

Lucy Nicademus, a switchboard operator at Princeton-Plainsboro, is much more interesting to Jeffrey. At least her breasts are, since that’s where the camera is aimed for the majority of his conversation with her. Could this be a new, exciting way to get House in a heap of trouble? He asks Lucy if Dr. House ever stared at her breasts in an inappropriate manner. She giggles and asks how Jeffrey knew this. Ah! Success. Finally. He assures her that human resources will have to consider her charges of blatant disrespect against Dr. House very seriously.

And that’s when it all comes crashing down.

Lucy goes on to say that House was not disrespectful, that he was “looking” at her breasts because he thought she might be pregnant. She was touched that he was worried about her.

Skunked again, Nurse Jeffrey.

We’re back in Jeffrey’s/Mrs. Bridges’ office now, where Jeffrey sadly informs us that a year ago Dr. House did diagnose another worker’s pregnancy by the increased size of her breasts. He became a hero. Now he has the perfect excuse to stare at women’s breasts all…day…long.

Isn’t that always the way? We’re told by the friendly announcer that it’s not nearly over and to tune in again next Monday. These appisodes are kind of like a modern day version of an old time radio serial. I would imagine a great deal of thought and time went into making them. To tell a cohesive tale in three minutes is not an easy task and here it is done well.

Still, more information is needed. Who are the writers, actors, and directors? Let’s learn some more about Patrick Price who does a great job playing the beleaguered Nurse Jeffrey. These are his appisodes, after all.

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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  • Orange450

    You make a good point. It *is* hard to tell a cohesive tale in 3 minutes. All 3 appisodes thus far have done a really good job in a tight time constraint. I wonder how much time goes into the production, from writing/editing thru filming.

  • Jaim

    I thought Jeffrey was gay. Is he just flamboyant but straight? I kind of liked him as a gay character who didn’t put up with House’s cracks about being a male nurse.