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InHouse: “Now What?”

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The fall TV season is here and to celebrate the start of House Season 7, those lovely folks at House have blessed us with some luscious new content for the InHouse app.

The photo icon has been changed to one of those Hugh/House creepy clown pics, which, although, we like it a whole bunch, we’ve heard that some don’t find it all that appealing. C’est la vie…

It is doubtful that there will be such dissension over the content of the app this week. There is much to ooh and ahh over. Plenty of pretty. Here for your entertainment pleasure is the rundown:

In The Dark Room you’ll find twenty behind the scenes photos from episode 7 X 01 and promotional photoshoots for the clown photo, the group bed shot and the House “operation” photo. Everyone in the cast is represented. Some of these pics have recently been available online but others are exclusive to the app (Greg Yaitanes’ birthday celebration for one). Problem: the app will not load the larger photos but you can scroll through the smaller ones, no problem. Please fix this, House techie people.

Three videos are available in the Media Room. In “On Set With Olivia Wilde”, we get a brief look at the House set courtesy of Olivia. She chats with producer/director Greg Yaitanes about how her character is leaving the show for a few weeks (since Olivia has film commitments). She then interviews herself in the style of Omar Epps until she catches up with the real Omar to exchange some silly banter. Lastly, she chats with Jesse Spencer who claims not to remember anything about 13 except her bisexuality. Hmmm.

Next is a behind the scenes look at the Fox Gallery photoshoot. Hugh throws a book at the camera and pulls some faces in his clown makeup, after which we get a quick look at the rest of the cast striking a pose or two.

Lastly, the new opening credits for the show are introduced. Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” is the theme music, as always (they wouldn’t dare change that). Jennifer Morrison’s name is gone and Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson have been added. Unlike the “walk and talk” footage from the old montage, the current cast is not shown. The opening has (finally) been updated to feature the regulars who’ve been around since Season 4: a welcome change which was long overdue.

The Writers Room is our favorite area of the app. We love getting insights into the writing process and hints as to where the writers might eventually take these characters. This time, executive producer and writer, Russel Friend joins us to dish about the first episode of the season, House and Cuddy’s chemistry, and how their relationship might (or might not) work out. Chase’s newly single status is discussed, as well as 13’s sudden disappearance. In the span of a little over two minutes, Mr. Friend manages to be both eloquent and informative.

In the Houseisms section are three new “Writers Picks” from the season opener. The Joe Purdy song from the episode is linked to iTunes in the Music Room. We were disappointed to find that the “Free Clinic” area opens on the Fox website. Boo, hiss. Where is the contest to win cool House swag? We thought for sure they’d give away House’s sword this week.

We were happy to see that the content from Season 6 is still available. So if you’ve just loaded the app, you’ll be able to access all the videos and photos you might have missed.

Thanks for checking in for this week’s installment. App’s Eye View will be back next week with another update on the InHouse app.

InHouse is available for free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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  • Olga

    Nice article!! Too bad I don’t have Iphone but I’m sure the material will be shared online. Btw, what’s the name of Joe Purdy’s song? I loved it when I heard it in the epi

  • Mindy

    Thanks, Olga. The song is “Good Days” from the album “Take My Blanket And Go”.