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InHouse: “Massage Therapy”

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This week in App’s Eye View we will begin by entering The Dark Room where some lovely photos of a lively set have been posted. Omar Epps’ birthday celebration in the diagnostic room looks like it was squeezed in between takes. Cameras are everywhere and the crew members are milling about. We hope they found time for a proper party later on.

Scroll along and you’ll find behind the scenes photos of Chase, Taub and the patient of the week (who is positively glowing as Chase drills into her head). Also pictured are Patrick Price in Cuddy’s office (possibly standing in for Hugh Laurie), and Cuddy at her desk, preparing for a scene. We bravely venture outside where the crew have created a rainstorm for a scene with Chase and his new recruit, Kelly. Photos of the motorcycle shop, the patient’s home, and the interior and exterior of Cuddy’s house are also featured. Sure to be of interest to the more detail oriented is the architectural plan of Cuddy’s house offered here.

Then it’s on to the Media Room, where we meet a woman who has been part of the show since its inception. Bobbin Bergstrom is a registered nurse who works as the on-set medical and technical advisor. Her job is make the show’s medical scenes look as accurate as possible. In a surgery scene, for instance, she will give the actors three or four things to do and orchestrate the background to make it look like everyone knows what they’re doing. She takes us step by step through this episode’s brain biopsy scene, noting each person’s role and her part in helping to make it look right. She also tells about the how the occasional joke is played on the actors to help lighten the long days of filming.

Venture into the Writers Room to find Peter Blake, the writer of “Massage Therapy”. He reveals how the idea for the episode came from an article about a schizophrenic woman who had a job as a professor and was heavily medicated in order to cope with her ailment. Unfortunately, the medicine she was on had some horrible side effects. Mr. Blake took her story one step further and wondered what would happen if she hid her schizophrenia from her husband, how her life as she knew it would end if he found out. This was the basis for the episode.

Mr. Blake also discusses Dr. Kelly Benedict, the new character introduced this week. Kelly joins the team when Cuddy demands House hire a female doctor to replace 13. It doesn’t work out, Mr. Blake tells us, since Kelly isn’t suited for the team and also because of what’s going on with Chase. Chase has the choice whether to keep Kelly or not and, in the end does the wrong thing (for selfish reasons) and lets her go.

This season, Mr. Blake tells us, House finally has a chance to be happy and find contentment in his relationship with Cuddy. But there are obstacles; he still has some strange habits from years of living alone and the story of the masseuse/hooker comes out of that. His relationship with Cuddy’s daughter, Rachel, is also touched upon. He is not fond of the child, something he admits to Wilson early on in the episode, but realizes he can’t be with Cuddy and not try to form some kind of bond with Rachel, as well.

The writers have chosen four Houseisms from the episode as their ‘picks’. Our favorite is “Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a straight male hooker?”

Finally, the Music Room provides us with an iTunes link to this episode’s song: “Ride Free” by Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars.

App’s Eye View will be back next week for a look at the “Unplanned Parenthood” episode.

The InHouse app is available free from iTunes for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and on Fox.com/House.

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