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Inflation Hits India Hard

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Inflation is at its height in India.

A kilo of onions costs 50 rupees (that’s about $1.10 in a country where the average per capita annual income is under $450).

Raw onion is the poor man’s side dish in India, but the escalation in prices has left him with no alternative: his diet is now only rice. The government, soaked in scams and scandals, is not capable of curbing the soaring prices. The political opposition is stiff and vehement. The administration is paralysed.

Parliament was not able to hold its winter sessions. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is in a tight corner. His ally, the southern-based DMK, has taken him to the verge of resignation. The Supreme Court, the highest judicial authority of India, is looking into cases of misappropriation of funds. The Central Bureau of Investigations is engaged in probing ministers, officials, and their aides who participated in the scams. In recent months there has been essentially no governance.

The disruptions have led to discontent among the people. They yearn for a change. But the choices are limited. The BJP, which was in power a few years back, is also not free from aberrations. Its drawbacks force the people to think twice.

There is crisis in every state. Andhra Pradesh is facing the Telengana revolt. Tamilnadu is in the grip of maladministration. Karnataka is in trouble, with an unstable coalition government. West Bengal had a spate of shootings and bloodshed a month ago.

The inflationary trend, which ranges from 12-13%, has led the Reserve Bank of India to hike interest rates.

The average Indian is feeling desperate. To survive, he needs an iron will. But, as always, he must struggle to sustain himself. He knows no happiness.

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  • Ruvy

    Well written article – though for those of us who do not live near the Sub-continent, some background on the various states would be helpful. In addition, explaining who the party of Manhomin Singh represents, what his southern ally represents and what the BJP is would be very helpful.

    I suspect that inflation of this type will hit many countries soon. Staple foods are going up in price and no matter what governments say to cover up or spin this inflation, rising prices are still rising prices. Gas prices have risen here to NIS 7.16/liter, one of the highest prices in the world, $9.67/gallon…. This forced a rise in bus fares of 3%. Food generally is going up in price, especially staples.

  • meenas17

    Manmohan SIngh represents the Congress. BJP is the acronym of Bharatiya Janata Party,which was in power a couple of years back. Vajpayee was the Prime Minister then.

    The southern ally is Dravida munnetra Kazhagam,the ruling party of Tamilnadu, with Chennai or Madras as its capital.Its representative in the centre ,Raja authored the 2G spectum scam, making himself and his leader richer by billions.