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Void, Baschi & Murdoc
The M4 Tour
Infinity Club
31 July 2004

Last night saw a collection of young hopefuls arrive in London to do the last and arguably the most important gig on their tour. A bus had come up from Gloucester with fans of the headliners Murdoc. These fans mingled with record industry types and the curious in an intimate but pleasant venue. Three members of G.o.D. were in attendance to do a bit of schmoozing for ourselves. First up was Void, a Welsh trio who play catchy pop rock with some degree of skill. Their frontman has the prescence to take them far. Normally slated to go first, the local band Baschi didn’t impress me with its glam punk warblings. They were just trying way too hard and it’s all been done much better by others. It’s cool to come on stage with a feather boa (if your a bloke) only if you got the goods to back it up (admittedly they had one decent song). Lastly we come to Murdoc, a cracking four-piece group with a female guitarist and charismatic frontman. They have a strong AC/DC vibe going on and have some decent songs to boot. Jeni admitted to me over a drink that they were finding a bit of 80s rock drifting into their writing as well. And there is nowt wrong with that, now is there? Overall Murdoc deserved to headline the gig and if they can nail down their sound and get their bassist to not try so hard they have a definite chance at the brass ring. All in all and enjoyable night, despite the drink prices. Thanks to Dean for the invite and drinks. Oh yes, and congrats to Skinz on the birth of his child on Wednesday.

VOiD at play.

Murdoc doing their thing.

And finally I stumbled across to Anne Wittecombe wannabes on my walk home last night.

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