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Industries Lose Millions Because of Google

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On the 21st of May 2010, Google put its own version of Pac-Man on its homepage, to celebrate the 30-year birthday of the famous game.

Users were able to play a version of the famous game, which was styled in the shape of the Google logo. Because of the huge popularity it received from… well, everyone, Google has now made the game available here.

This was great fun for many people (including me). However, studies here in the UK suggest that it has cost industries potentially millions of pounds! This is because many employees (and probably employers, too) spent collectively over four and a half million hours of 'work time' playing the game.

If you were to assume that each employee which played Pac-Man was paid £15 an hour, then the Google game would have cost industry approximately seventy million pounds! Think what you could do with seventy million pounds…

It is believed that many more millions of hours of 'work time' would have been wasted, if everyone who visited Google's homepage on that day had realised the logo (or game) was playable. This was because there was a short time delay between the page loading and the game starting.

What are your views on Goolges Pac-Man, did it effect you?

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  • Claire Parks

    I was also addicted for awhile probably because it was new & exciting. It was some kind of stress release from work. If I was not doing it, i would probably doing something else fun.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Google is the perfect company to celebrate such a classic game and it’s the perfect moniker to use as a game board for Pac Man.
    I am happy that this game is still available to play online,but, if you want it for keeps try THIS

  • I thought it was great fun. Click Insert Coin twice to play two-player, or control both Ms. and regular Pac-Man at once. 🙂