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Indigo Girls — All That We Let In

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The latest release from the Indigo Girls has been playing in my CD player for about the last two weeks pretty continuously. I’ve been a big fan of the Girls since 1990, when I was dragged to one of their shows by my girlfriend at the time (at that show, they played a four thousand person hall like a forty person club). I really enjoyed their last album — easily their best in years — so I had really high expectations for this outing.

They mostly met them. Having heard them play quite a few of the songs during tours the year before the disc was released, I had heard some of the music already, but in a very stripped down setting (at most, Emily and Amy playing acoustically). The album has significantly more instrumentation than that; sometimes for the better, other times for the worse.

Some highlights from this album:
° All That We Let In — This is easily my favorite song from the album. Emily’s vocals are haunting and carry such a melancholy feel. However, the live version with just Emily singing and playing a guitar joined by Amy on harmonies was so much more powerful in its starkness.
° Free In You — A really pretty song. As usual, I’m drawn to songs that prominently feature Emily’s vocals.

° Perfect World — A song with Amy out in front. One of the better upbeat tunes on the disc.

Some of the stranger things on the album:
° Heartache For Everyone — An almost ska song. Rather out of character.
° Come On Home — Honky-tonk tune.
° Tether — A really blues-ed out song feature Joan Osborne on backing vocals.

All in all, this is a pretty good album. I still think that Come On Now Social is a better disc, but I’ll be playing this one quite a bit as well.

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