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Indie Albums, Songs, And Videos of The Week: Black Wire, Lovedrug, Sean Lennon, Relaypse, and More

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Every week I get to hear song submissions from many artists, many more than I will ever have time to write about. I always feel bad when I can't get any artist a little bit of exposure through my writing because I know very well how important it is for them to get their music in front of the public.

After all, no matter what I think of their songs personally, the ultimate judge and critic is going to be you, the listener. You cast your "vote" for a band every time you buy, download or stream one of their songs. With that in mind I decided to do a little roundup of some of the new albums, songs, and videos from indie bands that I get to see and/or hear every week.

I am not going to pass any judgement on them here, just make you aware of them so you can listen to them or watch them if you wish and make the whole "trash or treasure" judgement for yourself. If this seems to go over well I think I will try to make it a weekly feature here.

The first song this week is from a band called Black Wire. The band has a definite punk sound and is froom Leeds in Yorkshire, UK. They formed in 2006 and have had quite a bit of success in a short amount of time, having played with other acts like The Kaiser Chiefs. They have a new song on their Myspace player called "See the Blood". If you like their sound you can also download another of their songs titled "Brain Dead".

Lovedrug is a band that I have reveiwed previously and I still like their material a lot. They come from Ohio and have their new song "Casino Clouds" on their Myspace page player for you to hear. The song is from their new EP, Everything Starts. The band is going on tour beginning October 24, so watch for them in your area. Another song that I would reccomend that you listen to while you are on their page is "Blackout". That one is from their first album Pretend You're Alive, which was released in 2004.

Sean Lennon isn't quite "indie" since he records on a major label and yet I think that his music deserves a listen and since he does have a free download available on his Myspace page, I decided to mention his new album Friendly Fire here and let you see what you think. You can also download the entire album through VH1.

Hey, are you longing for a metal band from Italy? Relaypse may be just for you then. The band has been compared to Queensryche and I think the singer's style reminds me a bit of Rammstein. They have four songs on their Myspace player for you to listen to and all can be downloaded if you like them. I am including them here because they just put up a new video as well.

Farewell Flight hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is another band that I have reviewed previously on this site. I saw them at Arlene's Grocery the first time that they played New York City and compared their sound to Coldplay. I liked these guys quite a bit both on and off the stage. We hung out for a while after their show at Piano's and chatted. Friday, October 13 is the scheduled release date for their new album Lost at Sea. The album and some songs from it are/will be available on their Myspace page either today or very soon.

Next out of the gate is a band from Bellmore, New York called Permanent ME. Their new album Dear Virginia is due to be released shortly and they have posted a song from that album called "Allison" on their Myspace player. They told me they would like some feedback on the song, so go listen to it and let the band know what you think.

So there you go, something new, something different for you to check out during your busy day doing whatever it is you do.

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