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India’s Top Priorities on Back Burner in Obama’s Agenda

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Obama’s interview with Lalit Jha of PTI during his visit to India has poured cold water on India’s top priorities. India has been looking for a favorable resolution of  three major issues. One is India’s aspiration for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Another is lifting curbs on exports of dual use technology. The third is in regard to Obama’s hostility towards outsourcing. Mr. Obama expressed his unwillingness to fulfill India’s wishes on these three issues during his interview with Jha.

Empty Talk

“I have responsibility to support jobs and opportunity for the American people,” Obama told  the PTI news agency. He added, “The administration is focused on the US economic recovery, investing in America’s future, creating and keeping jobs in the US, increasing our exports and providing incentives and creating conditions under which business can grow and prosper.”

Obama visits India

Obama told PTI that lifting of curbs on dual use technology and India’s quest for UNSC permanent seat were “very difficult and complicated.” On the other hand the US President and his officials keep on wooing India by empty talk and void actions.

Obama is quoted by Indian Express as saying in his interview with PTI that he saw India as a cornerstone of America’s engagement in Asia. He continued, “The Indo-US partnership is based on both our shared values and our shared interests, and for these reasons, I welcome and support India’s rise as a global power. India’s rise is in the best interests of both the countries (India and the US), of the region and the world.”

One may observe not a single concrete word of assurance of helping India take one of the global leadership positions from Obama, except an empty talk. Indian officials seem to tend to believe this empty talk and they try to convince the people of India that they are global power. They fool themselves and convince their people to be fools. India can be a global power in America’s view only if India accepts the US’ dominance in the region and fulfill its political, economic, military and strategic interests in Asia.

Misdirected Outrage

It is understood that some political parties in India like so-called left parties and even some sections of ruling Congress party are outraged on Obama’s views on outsourcing, permanent seat in UNSC and export of dual use technology. They must be acting smart or must be foolish. Didn’t the left parties actually know the US’ intentions? Did they come to know about the Obama’s aka the US’ views only after Obama’s interview? Left parties are supposed to have a comprehensive outlook on national and international issues in advance. Did they lack it? One cannot escape from having the knowledge of the US’ interests in Obama visit, if he has a habit of reading newspapers, at least.

A Drama

Actually Obama’s views on outsourcing are just a drama. Outsourcing is a business interest of the US multinational companies from banks to software companies. They just want their profits to be multiplied by escaping higher salaries to be paid to the American people if they were to employ Americans. They want to exploit cheap labor available in India and China thereby shifting money from wage accounts of their employees to their profit accounts. As such interests are getting realized in India and China, they obviously prefer outsourcing. One has to remember the MNCs go to other countries only for higher profits but not to develop them.

Obama cannot dare to ban outsourcing in its entirety. However, he has to impress upon their people who are increasingly becoming averse against outsourcing as they realize it is depriving them of their jobs. It is their genuine concern. The fact is Obama is not genuine when he says he is against outsourcing. He simply cannot do that abolishing the interests of his imperialist companies.

Established Facts

Mr. Obama and his government have been clear on these issues from the beginning. They never hid that they are interested only in those businesses which are in their favor but not India’s. They only paid lip service to India’s aspiration for permanent seat in UNSC. But, the people of the Indian government and Indian media never stopped speculating on Obama’s visit in favor of India.

It is an established fact that the US wishes India to stand as a counterweight to the growing economic and military might of China. If India needs to become a real global power, it has to contend with the US itself. And if India intends to rise as a global power it has to sail with the developing countries but not with the hegemonic US. Ironically, India has stopped seeing its interests in being with G-77 group. It began to see its place in G20 as more favorable to India’s quest to become global power, which is not true. Its place in G20 is actually a myth. G20 is supposed to gather the voices of those countries, rising against western imperial interests in WTO’s series of trade deliberations, Doha Round.

In fact, it is a tactic of separating leading voices of discontent among the developing countries from the other weaker developing countries, thereby curbing the discontent against western dominance in global trade from the developing countries or G-77. And, India and other countries that are named as emerging market economies, should realize the fact that their mouths are successfully shut down on G-77 platform. Their dream of gaining strength utilizing G20 platform will only remain a dream, unless they retain their positions in G77.

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