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Indian Corruption

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Anna Hazare, very briefly, is the man who stormed into the Indian daily national newspapers and national TV screens this year with his Lokpal Bill proposal aimed at weeding out corrupt government officials and ministers. That seemed like one great good-intention and people came out on the streets to support him in his attempt to pressure the government by ,eans of his fast unto death. Indians still support him and his movement has become pop culture now; if you’re not supporting Anna, you’re not in fashion. There is no reason not to support Anna. Though his draconian methods of the past to ban alcohol and smoking in his village are debatable, everyone unequivocally agrees that our system does require harshness in implementation; else nobody pays heed.

There’s just one problem with some of us supporting him. We don’t realize that in supporting Anna, we need to practice discipline and follow the law of the land ourselves. When rallies were carried out in his support in my city, all the youth on motorcycles and cars, shouting slogans of patriotism, were flouting all possible traffic rules and exhibiting raucous behaviour; quite the opposite of what Anna was suggesting we do. Ah! I’d like to mention how people are crazily writing “I support Anna” on their facebook walls and putting up patriotic slogans; most of the city folk’s hue and cry is no more than fad. The general public itself has very low moral values. It’s time we ;ook inwards, changing the man in the mirror first.

After all, didn’t Gandhi, Anna’s ideal, say that you have to be the change you want to see in the world?

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