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India Still Confused Over Banning Smoking and Oral Tobacco

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India has always been confused on whether or not to ban smoking on screen in Indian movies. For years, it was allowed, then a rule came to ban it totally. Movie actors as per the rule cannot appear in tobacco and other harmful products advertisements. But lately smoking has been allowed in movies with special permission from the Cine Board, if character in the movie demands so.

newlatesttips.infoMyanmar is clearer on its stand on producing opium. It doesn’t seem to have double standards of having their saying different to doing. It is the largest opium producing country and their government doesn’t release statements on banning opium production in the country. On the other hand, neighbouring country India seems to have double standards in governing the country and about its policies.

Confusion and ambiguity is still there in the country regarding rules for restricting smoking in public places. As long as we have policemen in the metros smoking openly on duty at traffic crossings or elsewhere how discipline can be inculcated in common man of the country.

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