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Independence Day musings (God bless America!)

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It’s the 4th of July, America’s 229th birthday. Time to go on an anti-war march, right?

Regarding the true essence of being an American citizen, all the Founding Fathers could have asked for was that all subsequent generations, whether they be 20 years, 200 years or 2,000 years from their time, never forget – indeed, honor – their sacrifices and never lose faith in the nation they helped set up. The upstart, fledgling nation’s Revolutionary War victory was never assured until practically the last battle. But from that moment on, while the Constitution was being drafted, anything was possible. Let us not dishonor these incredible, selfless men.

Let’s not dishonor the immigrants whose most precious realized dream was that their children grow up as American citizens. Let’s not dishonor every soldier who has ever fought and died to protect our freedoms. What do you think the soldier over in Afghanistan or Iraq would feel if he could hear all the anti-American hubris? (i.e., “I’m going to Canada!”) How do you think the immigrant who came over here with practically nothing just for the honor of raising a family in this land would think of their “American” child spitting on all the things they held so precious and enviable?

We willfully forget that one of our mottoes is “IN GOD WE BELIEVE.” The Founding Fathers knew that without a strong moral grounding and a faith in a Supreme Being, the young nation they fought so hard for would come to nothing. That moral decay that they so feared is already happening. We think we’re in a position to silence another citizen’s right to free speech by busting up their front-yard election signs. We cannot argue intelligently against one of our own presidents, so we just resort to calling him “evil.” We turn on the TV and laugh at vacuous sitcoms with about a thousand references to sex in every episode. We idolize our cars. We believe in nothing but our own selfish selves. (This is also one big reason why the European Constitution will fail if it ever succeeds in passing. It doesn’t aim to set up a democratic republic under God. It simply honors itself. It wants to tell hundreds of millions of people how to live through its own diktats, drafted by unelected bureaucrats. This is the huge difference between Europe’s constitution and our own.)

Technology has dulled our senses and has caused us to take many things for granted. This is the day to reflect on all the blood shed in the past and present, and how your life could only be what it is thanks to their sacrifices. The world owes you nothing; and you have a lot of people to thank on this day.

Today, let’s take back a little of what we have lost: A true love for this country and a deep respect for all our fellow citizens (those who aren’t flocking to Canada, anyway), and all those who fought for our privileged way of life.

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