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Indecisive? Here’s Help: Decide! by Karen Okulicz

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Decide! How to Make Any Decision is a short, quick read that is full of simple ideas about how to make hard decisions. Like other self-published books I’ve read, its tone is chatty and warm. It also wanders into related but off-topic self-improvement areas like becoming better organized; using visualization to help achieve goals; asking for what you want; asking questions of doctors; and exercising. All of these worthwhile steps can add up to an easier time making decisions, so I can’t complain about their being included; but it all adds up to a stream-of-consciousness text flow.

A few of the ideas I thought were useful ones for decision-making included:

1. Keep a journal—even if it only amounts to a series of lists. List-making could be a great tool if you don’t like to write, providing some of the benefits of “writing to think” without the tedium of grinding out paragraph after paragraph if that’s not your bag.

2. Ask yourself a series of questions related to your decision, and phrase each one so that the answer is yes or no. Listen to the internal answers that arise, instead of agonizing over repetitive indecisive thoughts. These answers can add up to the decision you’ll be happiest with.

3. See “days of doubt” as “nothing more than a roadside stop” instead of as signs that you made the wrong choice.

There are many more and I shouldn’t give them all away. If you’re stuck in a decision, the friendly and practical suggestions of Karen Okulicz could help you adjust your thought processes to fresher ones and help you through the maze.

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