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Indecent Exposure?

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This whole Janet Jackson Superbowl Exposure thing is just entirely too laughable.

I don’t think anyone’s really offended that Ms Jackson’s boob was shown, no, not at all. I think all the uproar about is is a direct result of the fact that there was not prior deals done for someone to make money on the stunt, save for maybe Justin and Janet themselves.

“I bet I could have ya nekkid by the end of this song!”

“How much?”

“A mill!”

“You’re on!”

And Janet was grinning because she only ended up flashing one boob instead of two or indeed, all of her well-built yet slightly saggy self.

Which brings me onto my next point…

You American folks invented Baywatch! For years you watched virile blonde and occasionally brunette bombshells with impossibly bouncy breasts running around in skimpy bathing suits, smothering drowning victims with those huge mounds!

You wanna know why Janet’s breast was so offensive to America?

BECAUSE IT’S REAL! Oh my god! A women who is pushing 45 actually showed her breast on television! Oh my god! It’s saggy! OH THE HORROR! Give that woman a boobjob for heaven’s sake! And make sure we get paid for the advertising for that Beverley Hills cosmetic surgery!

For a country that broadcasts live coverage of Iraq and various other areas being bombed and keeps repeating the footage of the planes hitting the towers every chance you get, movies that have nothing but people getting blown to bits and newpaper features with pictures depicting a guy and his kids riddled with hundreds of bullets, you’re a bunch of bloody prudes!

The whole thing just makes me laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

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