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Incredibles incredible

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The Incredibles

Just about everyone I know has seen this film and raved about it. More interestingly, those of a libertarian bent have praised its values as well. But first there is the short before the main feature. One has to wonder what sort of drugs the animators were doing before coming up with the theme of a bouncing lamb. I predict it will be a hit with the stoner crowd at universities worldwide. The main feature is a jolly good animated superhero romp that takes the piss out of trail lawyers, normality and pitfalls of parenting. I suspect everyone knows the storyline, which while predictable and taken right out of every Bond film/superspy movie ever made, but that sitll does not make it a bad film. The villian is one of best to be seen in any film for a very long time. It is an enjoyable romp, that I am told, bears multiple views. At this rate, it will only be news if Pixar makes a rubbish film. I am happy to add my voice to cacaphony in praise of this movie. The best Pixar release to date…by far.


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