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Inauguration Mania Sends the Wrong Message

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You probably think I’m going to start moaning about the $150,000,000 cost of the inauguration. That’s certainly distressing, but I have a more philosophical concern. The excitement about the Obama inauguration was certainly out of control. Days before the inauguration the major networks were already devoting hours of prime airtime to puff pieces on Obama and his family. My satellite system has a 24/7 Obama channel. The size of the crowd and the level of emotion was beyond any reasonable level. The boiled down message which all of this seems to be pushing is the same, perhaps enhanced a bit by the conjunction of the inauguration with Martin Luther King Day. The media seems convinced that as a nation we’ve accomplished something wonderful by electing someone with a dark skin to the presidency and it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back and celebrate just how special we are.

I find myself wondering why this is so exciting. We’re supposed to be a nation where everyone is equal and no one has special rights or privileges. If everyone is supposed to be treated the same, why is it any kind of special achievement to elect someone of a particular skin color or background? Shouldn’t that be irrelevant to his chances of getting elected and equally irrelevant in how significant his election is?

To me all of the hype sends the wrong message. It suggests that something out of the ordinary has happened here. But if America is the nation of equals which it is supposed to be, then there should be no difference between electing a white president, a black president or a latino president. Your skin color doesn’t make you any better or any worse than anyone else. We’re all just Americans, right?

The positive message we could send here is to treat this inauguration as routine. We’ve done it almost 60 times before. It’s no big deal. There’s nothing remarkable about inaugurating a dark-skinned man. We’re inaugurating a person, not a skin color. Our society judges people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin — or so a wise man once told me.

If we want the world to see that we really do practice what we preach, then this ostentatious promotion of the specialness of this inauguration sends exactly the wrong message. It tells people that we’re defensive and insecure and desperate for attention. It tells them that we don’t really believe what we’ve been saying for years and that we lack confidence in the message of equality which we have been preaching all that time.

The fact that Obama is black speaks for itself. It doesn’t need additional recognition. It’s not the important thing about this inauguration. It pales in comparison to the fact that unlike almost every other nation in the world we have once again managed to go through a change in government without any conflict or violence, with one political faction handing power to its opponents with peace and dignity. Having done that every 4 years for over 200 years is much more of an accomplishment than electing someone who is just another citizen like any other to the highest office in the land.

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About Dave Nalle

Dave Nalle is Executive Director of the Texas Liberty Foundation, Chairman of the Center for Foreign and Defense Policy, South Central Regional Director for the Republican Liberty Caucus and an advisory board member at the Coalition to Reduce Spending. He was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign, an adviser to the Ted Cruz senatorial campaign, Communications Director for the Travis County Republican Party and National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He has also consulted on many political campaigns, specializing in messaging. Before focusing on political activism, he owned or was a partner in several businesses in the publishing industry and taught college-level history for 20 years.
  • Clavos


  • zingzing

    i can’t tell who’s joking anymore.

  • Zedd

    Oh your so dangerous.

  • zingzing

    whenever i want to, baby, whenever i want to.

  • Zedd


    When do you get PC time in the clinker?

  • Brunelleschi

    Hey mine weren’t either. I gave up on the Dems in the mid 80s when Reagan kicked their butts and they rolled over and took a nap. I haven’t really liked anything about them since.

    I didn’t even follow this election much until McCain stooped to waving an unknown blue-collar guy in front of everyone. That’s like the governor of Alabama campaigning with a slave… 🙂

  • Cindy D

    Great minds bliffle 🙂

  • In case you forget, he won. Your ideas lost big-time.

    My ideas were not really represented in the election, so they never had a chance to win or lose.


  • bliffle

    Dave said: “If being the winner allows you to ruin the country “just because” then democracy has rendered our republic meaningless.”

    How ironic.

    Oops! I plagiarized Cindy! It was the obvious response.

    How soon they forget. Only 8 years…

  • Cindy D

    The country looks like zingzing’s car. The guy at the wheel doesn’t remember being drunk either.

    It would be hard to imagine how anything Obama would do could ruin the country much more than it already been.

  • Zedd

    Douglas M,

    I’m pretty sure the African thingy has something to to with the “Black” in Black American.

    Just a thought.

  • Zedd


    I was ready to give the author a break because I was sure it was a kid.

    Are you kidding me?

    If it’s the first time EVER, than it’s sorta a big deal. By virtue of it being a rare instance. However, because of our racist past, the biggest blemish and thorn our our side as a nation, a Black man being President is huge, hence the tears by all regardless of race or political origin.

  • Brunelleschi


    Relax party-man.

    I just like his attitude.

    In case you forget, he won. Your ideas lost big-time.

    Don’t be such a sore LOSER.

  • Cindy D

    If being the winner allows you to ruin the country “just because” then democracy has rendered our republic meaningless.

    How ironic.

  • Bruni, if that story is true, then we’re well and truly fucked. If being the winner allows you to ruin the country “just because” then democracy has rendered our republic meaningless.

    Obama’s proposed “stimulus package” is a disastrous waste of money which spends $250K for every job it supposedly “creates” while indulging pet projects for powerful lawmakers and plunging us deeper and deeper into a hole of debt we may never escape from.


  • Brunelleschi

    When Obama met with some GOP today, they were whining about his economics, and his answer was-

    “I won.”

  • Zing #240, right on! Car got mashed up in Fremont? Probably a drunk crossing the bridge and making a too wide sweeping left turn off Fremont Ave. to the High Dive. LOL

    Yeah, I live in the Lake City neighborhood now. The bus system is great. I can hop on a 522 (always on time) and be downtown in 16 minutes without having to look for parking or pay for it.

    Manhattan? I remember paying $35 for about 90 minutes worth of parking time (back in 1985!)in a parking garage off Times Square.

    Anyway, the cost of the inauguration is the least of our problems. The cost was just a fraction of any of the waste the feds are guilty of. It was an amazing party of unity. The country needs it.


  • Clavos

    Pienselo, Licenciado…

  • How many Pearls? Minnie?


  • Cindy D

    (looks around for swine to throw them at)

  • Clavos


  • Dan –

    As little children indeed…full of wonder and hope and love – but not the cruelty and spite that one so often sees in an undisciplined child.

    No reference, just rhetoric.

  • bliffle –

    Can H&C change and mature? We’ve got to encourage him…”Yes He Can!”

  • But Glen (Comment #257), if we are to achieve true enlightenment enabling us to walk in the path of righteousness,* we must become as little children.

    I think I read that somewhere.

    *RIGHTEOUSNESS, n. A sturdy virtue that was once found among the Pantidoodles inhabiting the lower part of the peninsula of Oque. Some feeble attempts were made by returned missionaries to introduce it into several European countries, but it appears to have been imperfectly expounded.


  • bliffle

    It’s not really necessary for BC to censor scriveners such as H&C. It’s quite easy to discard their witless rants as one scrolls through a topic. I do it automatically for several contributors who I have decided are unenlightening.

    H&C has been on my list for awhile, but occasionally I give a listee Another Chance to see if their prose improves with proximity to the better writers of BC. There’s always hope. Well, for some anyway.

  • To all –

    Now is the time to put aside childish things….

  • zingzing

    oh, quiet. i don’t always lower the level of discussion, but sometimes, someone needs a little push. he pretty much shut up, didn’t he?

    and now we can get back to our regular nobel-level discourse.

    i provided a service. nothing more, nothing less.

  • zing2 is the anti-JOM.

  • You can always count on Zing to raise the level of the discussion.


  • H&C,

    Once would be fine. You wouldn’t be attacking anyone in particular. Repeated in every single post, though, would be a great way to get yourself kicked out of here.

    Read the damn comments policy. There’s a bit more to it than just personal attacks.

  • I don’t know, H&C. Just a thought.

  • Hope and Change?

    hmmmmm..Now I get it!!
    So if I posted, hypothetically of course, “anyone who reads this blog knows that you guys are all a bunch of condescending left wing jerk offs”…hypothetically of course.
    I would have the green light to post, hypothetically of course, that “you guys are all a bunch of condescending left wing jerk offs” in every one of my posts, without ever being edited?

    Um…er….you know hypothetically of course…

  • I was just being polemical, zing. But it did occur to me that one might be justified making a credible distinction with respect to how one uses this (or any other) terms: e.g., whether it’s for descriptive purposes, or inflammatory ones, and so on. John Searle from Berkeley wrote a whole book, “The Speech Act” dealing with this subject, so I was just wondering to what extent this thinking might apply to ostensibly pejorative terms.

  • zingzing

    roger, it is and it isn’t an insult. i’m sure he’ll take it that way, but the persona he projects is that of an asshole. a big, stinking, hairy, pussing, unwiped, dripping asshole. (<-- that's an insult.) (comments editor!)

  • Matter settled then. If the hat fits, wear it.

  • H&C, people who do what you described are assholes. And they know it. And are apparently proud of it.

  • Zing,

    Do you mean that when the term is used descriptively then it’s not an insult?

  • zingzing

    oh come on, h&c… even you have to admit that you’re an asshole. at least around here. dunno about your private life. don’t want to know. it’s too scary to contemplate.

  • Hope and Change?

    Gee… Comments Editor…I guess some are allowed to launch personal attacks – see 241

    233 Jordan – Funny how the left wing denegrates a person for taking public transportation…isnt that how housekeeper for Democrats…ume…er you know…get to work?

    BREAKING NEWS – US continues the Bush Doctrine and conducts missle strikes in Pakistan…

    Who said we have to hope and er…um…you know…change?

    236 Roger you get it! “I can’t deny the fact that you like me! You like me!

  • Errata: filling in, completing, demystifying, demythologizing, making plain, stating the obvious, etcetera and etcetera.

  • Thanks for providing the ellipsis, Doc. I should have thought of that.

  • Jet @ #229: “Pumper sticker? Freudian slip? The sticker on the Rolls-Royce – classic!

    H&C @ #232: In other words, an asshole.

    Roger @ #238: Only if the bottle turned out to be full!

  • zingzing

    douglas–you live in seattle, right? that’s where i lived when i got rid of my car. part of the reason i got rid of it was because i found it one morning, parked on a tree in freemont, missing a mirror and hubcap, with a big scrape down the side. dunno if i caused the damage, but i figured i had been quite drunk (since i didn’t remember parking it) and decided enough was enough. the bus system in seattle (especially when the downtown tunnel is open) is wonderfully efficient.

    i left seattle about a year ago. bought a used junker and drove across the country in it, parked it in brooklyn and immediately started racking up parking tickets. after about a month of this, i donated the car to charity. i wasn’t driving it anyway, as driving in nyc is just a nightmare–and parking is worse.

  • zingzing #235. Good for you. Very green. I am the same way. Where I live owning a car is a pain in the ass, for the same reasons you say.

    If I need to scamper downtown, the public thing is actually much faster and cheaper than a car. Car owners (if smart) go public transpo for certain chores. And they do.

    ANYWAY. The cost of the inauguration? About one minute of Iraq war… Pomp and circumstance of inauguration? National pride. And unlike other countries, there was not a single tank or soldiers marching in unison. It is the public participating in national pride.

    So, what is the problem?


  • No, Cindy. Then my mood would change.

  • Cindy D

    (Roger says as he catches a flying beer bottle)

  • H&C,

    I always knew your were a reasonable man; it’s just that your sense of humor isn’t appreciated enough.

  • zingzing

    jordan, my comment was for h&c…

    but i don’t own a car and i take public transportation, and i’m happy to report that i don’t care to ever own a car again. i haven’t owned a car in over 4 years, and my life is better for it. so that’s not much of an insult.

    people who own cars have to pay for them, fill them up with gas, get car insurance, park the thing… and if you live where i do, you can’t even park it without getting a ticket. cars are just a pain in the ass. so, it’s the smart guy who takes public transportation.

    unless you’re some hick in the sticks. in which case, i guess you’re alright.

  • zingzing

    while we would describe you as the guy sitting at the green light picking his nose and wiping it on the side of the seat.


  • Jordan Richardson

    Really? I would describe you as the guy who doesn’t own a car and takes public transportation instead.

  • Hope and Change?

    Good analogy that posting on BC is like driving a car….

    I would describe myself as the guy who comes up behind you, rides your bumper, flashes his high beams….and when he passes he rolls down the window and throws a beer bottle at your car!

  • So many of you here are so full of shit it’s not funny…one person points out that a few liberals have been exploiting illegal aliens and the typical response, as I’ve seen here for years is…oh yeah, well so and so the conservative did it!

    So, that makes it right?

    And yeah, it works both ways.

    Personally, as my mother asked me years ago, no I wouldn’t jump off the bridge if Johnny did it…he did follow me though!

    I pointed out that I wasn’t to fond of the idea of the next head of the IRS getting caught cheating on his taxes and the only response I got to it was, like he’s the first. Who gives a fuck if he’s the first, last, or everything?!??! The fact is, he fucking did it and he’s gonna get away with it and better yet, he’s gonna get rewarded for it! Where would you or I be if we did it?

    Kennedy, and more than likely, not just Caroline, the fucking Kennedy compoundS are probably full of illegal aliens, but because some one in the republican party did it to, that makes it okay?

    Christians killed people thousands of years ago, so it’s okay for muslims to do it now? That’s about the jest of the argument when you bring up the crusades. Next we’ll be putting all the white folk in the US in chains because, hey, they did it!

    If it’s fucking wrong, it’s fucking wrong, no matter which side of the aisle is doing it and using the excuse that the other side did it or is doing it is just as wrong if not more so.

    I can find at least three examples of what I’m talking about in this thread alone. It’s a bullshit excuse, leave it alone.

  • Brunelleschi

    Why all the fuss over the size of a party?

    Ticker tape parades leave a lot of paper to sweep up too.

    Big parties are for big events.

    Obama is a big event, the best political news I have seen, ever.

    Most of the country is feeling it, and it’s stronger abroad.

  • Jet

    Doc, yes I just woke up, I figured it’d be better than trying to get up at 4AM, besides I have lots of time to sleep afterward.

    The funniest pumper sticker I’ve ever seen was custom made and was on (I know you won’t believe this) the back bumper of a dark brown and cream trimmed classic Rolls Royce!

    Now What kind of bumper sticker was that you might ask?


    I swear I’m not making that up. it was glorius!

  • Well, why don’t you check the other thread and offer a comment. I can’t be carrying five conversations at once. I think I already outlasted Glenn. I was really on the roll but I about to get wiped out; seven straight hours online. So why don’t you post your commment(s) there and I’ll check tomorrow. OK.

  • Cindy D

    They pretty much act like rats.

  • You mean he didn’t flunk you for being humanitarian?

  • Well, I didn’t know. But I was referring to your theoretical knowledge. We were talking about what happens to humans when you put them in a rat-like environment.

  • Cindy D

    I consider my degree well worth it.

  • Cindy D

    Your psychology training might be of help…

    So far, my psychology training was a help to exactly one rat. I refused to deprive him of water or food and switched to a survey study, so he spent the semester happy. After that I tried to see if the professor would help me set the rats free. He wasn’t game and they were turned into food for ailing birds of prey.

    Oh, well, at least I helped one poor soul.

  • I didn’t say that, Cindy. Read again. I said make him get out from his automobile and say it to my face. Don’t jump to conclusions, now, come on!

  • Cindy D

    But, really mean people need to be confronted. Not ignored. Maybe banished to the netherworld.

  • Cindy D


    You would force someone off the road who merely gave you the finger?

    Isn’t that a bit drastic? 🙂

    I always wished I had these tacks, where I could push a button and they would spray out at my enemy.

    Lord, forcing people off the road. 🙂

  • Cindy D

    “Tourette syndrome,”


  • Cindy,

    Why don’t you get on another thread, short article by Glenn; we were talking about what happens to the troops when they’re fighting immoral wars. Your psychology training might be of help; you might also recollect the incident I am referring to.

  • “Tourette syndrome,” that’s what!

    About your second question: to block him and force him out of his automobile.

  • Jet, if you’re still awake (I know I would be!), good luck for the morrow. Tell the surgeon while he/she’s in there you’d like your heart painted Ferrari red with spoilers and checkered flag decals. And a 1500cc left ventricle! And a hemi mitral valve! And a little sticker that says ‘My other heart is a Porsche!’ And a –

    …Make me stop.


  • Cindy D

    Heaven help us! I’m the pacifist here.

  • Cindy D

    RE #211

    I agree. About the driving in an automobile part.

    What is the alternative to ignoring mean, rotten people?

    What do you think?

  • Cindy D

    So, what did you have to look up?

  • I don’t have to look up “milf.” I know what that is.

  • So what’s the alternative, Cindy? Being online and posting into BC is not unlike driving in your automobile and giving people the finger. They think they’re immune and can therefore get away with impunity. A false sense of power, but that’s what it is here. That’s why I think some are less responsible with what they say or write here precisely because they know they can get away with it. It’s not like being face-to-face with someone. That’s my opinion, anyway, for what it is worth.

  • Cindy D

    Having to look up milf or vpilf aren’t attributes I would attribute anyone’s “saving grace”.

  • Dave –

    I just noticed your clever turn of phrase in your article – “The fact that Obama is black…pales in comparison….”

    Pretty smooth – and it almost got by me….

  • My Favorite Martian – also the elder judge on Boston Legal…one of the very few shows I’ve ever seen that I consider brilliant.

  • Cindy D

    He’s no saving grace. I know a couple of people who are that. And you should never ignore people who attack.

    Chalk it up to my being bossy.

  • Well, you had me look that one up in the Wikipedia; there are some saving graces to your being here, after all.

  • Hope and Change?

    Genie and Samantha had Tourette syndrome….how sad…two hot milfs…

  • Since you posted here, he turned up on two other threads, like an invisible man.

  • Cindy D

    She had a blink thing I think. No problem. I could adjust.

  • Well, he’d be a great candidate. But perhaps the best remedy is just to ignore him. Even his jokes are getting stale. “Bewitched” would do, even “I love Genie.”

  • Cindy D

    Do you remember My Favorite Martian, Roger? Bewitched would work too. That nose thing.

    But I have always wished I could point at certain people and make them disappear.

    I swear, I’d be fair!

  • You know, it was hanging for a while on the margin, but was deleted from the body.
    Totally inappropriate in light of Jet’s previous comment and what awaits him tomorrow. Chris is on his toes, good to know.

  • Cindy D

    Thanks R. I’m glad that message got deleted.

  • Cindy,

    He was here a while back, but got deleted. For the usual reasons.

  • Cindy D

    You message isn’t here yet [personal attack deleted] H&C.

  • Jet

    Your messages make me feel good, it’s been too long for that, my heartfelt thanks, hopefully I’ll be back late next week, if there’s complications the week after that.

    Thank you all

  • HeddaCabbage

    Jet: I second Glenn’s emotion.
    Hey Jet, I’m sendin’ up a prayer, too.
    Cain’t hurt.
    (Irene Wagner)

  • Jet –

    Come back well – I can’t be the only one here who has the bad manners to enjoy really, truly bad puns.

  • Jet,

    Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow(?). I’ll be thinking of you.


  • Jet

    Eagles that are sick, from the planet Mars. Get it
    Ill-eagle aliens? (insert prerecorded laughter here)

  • Clavos


    But, but….but….isn’t that what illegal aliens are for????

    I used to have a sister-in-law (who was a Brit) who was an illegal alien. My brother exploited the hell out of her; that’s why she’s not my sister in law anymore.

    Easy come, easy go…

  • Jet

    H&C-He’s Hopeless and needs a Change of diaper. Why you want to be known for the things you display are beyond me.

  • Hope and Change?

    hmmmm..does that mean Jerkoff..I mean Chertoff’s illegal alien was “illegaler” than the Princess’ illegal alien?

    Plus I heard Chertoff only hired hot Brazilian housekeepers while the Princess used the cheaper Mexican variety to do her dirty work!

    Hope..and whatever

  • H&C –

    Come now, friend – surely even YOU see the difference between a lifelong civilian having a illegal alien working for her, and the Director of Homeland Security having an illegal alien working for him….

  • Hope and Change?

    Princess Caroline was …er…um…you know…exploiting illegal aliens.

    The next senator from the great state of new youk!! um…er…NOT…you know.

  • H&C –

    Ah – liberals exploit illegal aliens? Sorta like former Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff had a contractor who had an illegal alien cleaning his house for something like four years?

  • zingzing

    h&c: “Isn’t it you liberals who are fond of telling us that the government needs to control and regulate every aspect of our lives?”

    as far as guns go, yeah. to a certain degree.

    but then the conservatives have abortion.

    and liberals have government oversight of the market/business.

    and the conservatives have gay marriage.

    so obviously, it goes round and round. it’s not like liberals are the only ones who like regulation and control. it’s just what you consider right and wrong to control.

  • Hope and Change?

    Hypochondriac by Chris Tusa

    Maybe it’s Emphysema, a shiny black jewel of phlegm humming like a clump of bees in my chest.
    Perhaps a tumor crawling in the crook of my armpit, a blood clot opening like a tiny red flower in my brain.

    Maybe it’s too early to show up on an X-ray,
    a kind of cancerous seed planted deep
    in my intestine, something like Leukemia’s ghost
    haunting my hollow bones.

    The doctor says I’m fine.

    But even now, deep in the dark holes of my eyes
    I can feel the cataracts spinning their silver webs. Even now, in the bony cage of my lungs
    I can feel the heart attack’s prologue,
    the opening words of some prolific pain
    like a bird stabbing its incessant beak
    into the ripe red meat of my heart.

  • Jet

    “The trouble with most folks ain’t so much their ignorance as knowing so many things that ain’t so.”

    Josh Billings

  • Hope and Change?

    New York Times – Housekeeper and Taxes Are Said to Derail Kennedy’s Bid

    Seems to be a pattern with the leadership of the left wing loons…THEY DONT PAY THEIR TAXES AND EXPLOIT ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

    One Kennedy down and one more to go! Now thats hope and change!!!

  • Hope and Change?

    Isn’t it you liberals who are fond of telling us that the government needs to control and regulate every aspect of our lives? Why the newly crowd King has even taken control of our personal HOPEs and desire to CHANGE?

    Looks like we will only have hope and change that must be approved by the apostles in DC…

    Hail King Barry! He comandeth all thyne liberals to fall on thyne knees and…er…um…you know!

  • Jet

    Doc, that’s why Beverly Hills is known as 90210!

  • (I know, Clav, I know, I’m still going to have to pry gun #82,415 out of your cold dead hands…)

  • H&C @ #166:

    Isn’t it you conservatives who are fond of telling us that it isn’t the police’s job to protect us (the slogans on the sides of their cars notwithstanding)?

    It’s one of the principal arguments employed in favor of allowing everyone to own 82,414 guns each.

  • Jet

    From the Webster on line dictionary…

    The word you’ve entered isn’t in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

    Suggestions for psycophrenic:
    1. psychographic 2. psychogenic
    3. sycophancies 4. psychrophilic
    5. sycophancy 6. psychographics
    7. sycophantish 8. sycophantly
    9. psychotropic 10. psychographs
    11. psychodynamic 12. sycophantism
    13. psychotherapy 14. scuppering
    15. sycophant 16. schiff reagent
    17. skippering 18. ski touring
    19. sycophants 20. suckering

  • “psycophrenic”

    Fun new word of the day! Use it, love it.

  • Hope and Change?

    Glen..odd someone posts a psycophrenic post on how all the police are out to get everyone…and they are lauded…

    I ask a rationale question on what would they do if the worst happens to them…and I am the one who is personally attacked!!

    Strange..maybe you guys are smoking too much hope and change!

  • Jet

    …I think you hurt his feelings Glenn.

  • Cindy –

    As much as I want to shove reality in H&C’s face, I know it’d be a waste of my time. He’s not posting to discuss, to teach, to learn, to sincerely discuss matters with those we oppose for the benefit of all. He’s posting to hurt, and to shame. You cannot ‘win’ a discussion with such a person.

    He is a waste of your time…and by engaging him, you only encourage him. I recommend you ignore him.

    (But then I fall of the wagon and throw bits and bytes at him across the vasty sea of cyberspace sometimes too)

  • Jet

    Cindy, thanks for the e-card
    Baronius I envy you your faith, and wish I still had mine, thanks so much for your thoughts…


  • Hope and Change?

    “You know, my neighbors”…oh do you mean the the ones who all voted to limit gun ownership or the omes who detest anyforms of preemptive violence??? Meaning your on your own!

    Free at last, Free at last! Praise to Allah free at last!

  • Cindy D


    In a sane world I would rely on my community. You know, my neighbors.

    In this world, I don’t even know what half my neighbors even look like. It would probably take me a week to figure out if they were all kidnapped by aliens. When I do in fact talk to them, I usually suspect they have.

  • Hope and Change?

    Correction…Praise KING OBAMA

  • Hope and Change?

    Praise King Onbama finally more proof of hope and change in DC!!!

    Crews working into the wee hours hauled away at least 130 tons of garbage after America’s largest, and messiest, yard bash Tuesday, the Washington Post reports. With trashcans removed for security precautions, inauguration attendees littered the National Mall, leaving it looking like a rendition of Disney’s Wall-E. Obama gear, American flags, handwarmers, newspapers, and even vendor tables were left behind.

    “When all those people were there, you didn’t realize how bad it was,” says a city spokeswoman. “But once they left, we saw the work ahead.” While the Obamas hit the dance floors, cleanup crews used street sweepers, leaf vacuums, and compactors to contain the trash. Then workers hit the grassy expanse on foot, using spiked poles to snag remainders.

    Well…there goes the neighborhood!!!!

  • Baronius

    Jet – Hurry back. I don’t know if I should tell you that I’m praying for you, because that might just cause blood pressure problems. Just hurry back.

  • Hope and Change?

    Cindy D…lets pretend that someone breaks into your house, rapes and tortures you and holds you hostage..who if not the police are you counting on to kick in the door, take gun fire and ricks their own lives to save you?

    Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? or my favorite hero of the left…um…er…duh…you know… Mumia Afrika????

    Good luck!

  • Cindy D


    “The police are what will prevent people from changing society. They are used to make sure it keeps going the same way it does.”

    Further, I should have said, the police are used to intimidate and scare people who even make peaceful efforts to change society.

  • Cindy D

    Re# 121


    Cindy, what do you have against the police? You say that they are similar to criminals, but have the law on their side. Well, having the law on your side is important.

    I have the name of a police officer attached to my refrigerator. It’s there because I want to write a letter commending his appropriate and helpful behavior (counter to the behavior of the rest of the police involved) where I was involved in advocating on behalf of a bipolar person.

    So, I guess I don’t have anything in particular against any individual police officer. But, the “police culture” can be a problem. In social situations it’s often difficult for people (including police) to act on principles the “club” considers irrelevant.

    The job itself attracts people who already have problems with personal power.

    I’m worried about a lot of things the police do. I’m particularly worried about their handling of those with mental afflictions and people in crisis. Using tasers on people handcuffed to a hospital bed. Tasering a 17-year-old girl after 3 cops tackle her on her own bed. Bullying people. Killing people. Upholding laws (sorry I didn’t vote for any of these laws) that make it illegal to be homeless.

    The police are what will prevent people from changing society. They are used to make sure it keeps going the same way it does.

    BTW, I didn’t say that comment above, a fellow with much more experience talking to cops in private counseling did.

  • I might have missed the opportunity to talk to you before the old op – may G-d watch over you and keep you safe. (Almost)looking forward to being attacked by you for one dumb thing or another….

    Remember – you gotta keep getting up after falling down.

  • Jet

    Thanks Glenn and Brunelleschi. Maybe when I get back I’ll do an article on my own experience with triple bypass surgeries.

  • Brunelleschi


    Wow, what a story. Good luck! You will be fine.

    I’ve had my share of miserable hospital visits, and I brought my laptop and surfed and argued on line to pass the time. Maybe you can too and update us..

  • Jet!

    We’re all pulling for you! Look forward to grinning at your posts next week – like this one:

    All these chemicals in my brain sometimes leads me to believe that no one cares, a condition I’ve suffered with for some time now from 90mg a day of Cymbalta.

    I gotta ask – can Cymbalta be used to treat Republicans?

  • Jet

    Oh thanks, I was about to go to bed, but now I have THAT stuck in my head… night all…

  • Yes, but I only treat chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps.

  • Jet

    Dear God, I’ve been fixxed???? Are you at least a vet?

  • for the lord is my shepherd confectioner, I shall not want…

    Fixed it for ya, Jet!

  • Jet

    “Death is one of the few things that can be done as easily lying down. The difference between sex and death is that with death you can do it alone and no one is going to make fun of you.”

    Woody Allen

  • Jet

    Yea tho I walk through the valley of calories and carbohydrates, I fear no evil, for the lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…

    or something like that…

  • Well, Jet, that all depends… Having depleted the world’s sugar reserves, how are you going to explain to the surgeon why you won’t lie down on the table but instead are doing a wall of death around the OR?

  • Jet

    I’m thinking of going to a local resturant tomorrow noon (I’m not allowed to eat anything after that) and ordering a “Death by Chocolate”.

    a slice of chocolate cake topped with a slice of vanilla icecream topped with another slice of chocolate cake, topped with hot chocolate fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.

    What have I got to lose?

  • Jet,

    Everybody’s comments above pretty much have it right. I don’t have any personal war stories – just a couple of knee scopes – but my being past 60 brings with it constant mortal reminders.

    Life has obviously thrown you a lot of lemons. The need for by-pass hardly counts as lemonade. But, I too, truly hope it all goes well for you, and that you come out of it better than you went in.

    Fare thee well!


  • Jet

    Fortunatly Dave, I’ll be out while they crack my ribcage open then wire it back shut (shudder) however the two earlier probes they did through my groin with the camera, I had to be awake for.

    Laying naked on a metal table in an ice cold operating room with nurses buzzing around me. If I can handle that, I can handle anything.

    sorry to sidetrack your article Dave.

  • Everyone’s having bypasses these days. It’s becoming routine. Some of the older guys I know laugh at anyone who has less than a quadruple.

    BTW, Jet – will you be liveblogging the operation for BC?

    (humor is the best medicine, right?)


  • Clavos


    For what it’s worth, my Dad had TWO open heart surgeries (in his case, valve transplants) when he was much older than you are now, and came through just fine.

    He died many years later, of orneriness (I come by mine honestly!).

    Wishing you all the best, and we’ll be looking for you back here on BC shortly.


  • Jet

    …again, thanks to all. All these chemicals in my brain sometimes leads me to believe that no one cares, a condition I’ve suffered with for some time now from 90mg a day of Cymbalta.

    I’m glad despite the resulting paranoia that I haven’t cost me my friends here.

    I don’t know how long I’ll be confined to the hospital, but all of you will be the first to know.

  • Jet, as you’ve probably gathered by now, we’re all pulling for you. Best wishes, and more importantly for now, here’s hoping you gather the strength and composure to approach Friday in the right frame of mind.


  • Jet

    “Let us ask what we can do, of ourselves, and having so asked, do.”

    From the rock opera “Tommy”

    “See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me.”

  • H&C, enough with the tired propaganda. No-one cares.

  • There are many 400-pound gorillas in this inaugural room. Hope is here too and is gossamer. Deep breaths, friends.

    Let us ask what we can do, of ourselves, and having so asked, do.


  • Jet,

    Rock on. Be healthy. We’ll hear from ya. You just have some readjusting to do. Yeah, I can ramble on about health things. You should see my volumes of medical charts!

    No worries! Strength, dude!

    Oh yeah, Obama is in the Oval Office. Good thing. Give him 3 month or so to get the ball rolling…we’ll see what is up…


  • Hope and Change?

    Less than 2 Days and hope and change has finally started….

    Obama signs executive order to set Gitmo Terrorists free and show the world we are prepared to turn into a bunch of limp wristed wimps!!

    The terrorist in Gitmo were heard shouting…

    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank Allah Almighty, we are free at last!”

    Hope and Change…you asked for it!

  • Jet

    Thanks to everyone, it is a comfort what you have written…

  • bliffle

    Hang in there, Jet. We need you.

  • If you voted for Obama, then you there, you helped put what we hope is the final nail in the coffin of Reaganomics.

    “We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty” – Mussolini


  • Cindy D


    This is for you. It might work for a sec. I’ll be up by 7:30 Friday.


  • Good luck, Jet. We’re all eager to see you back and better than ever.


  • Got you, Jet. Was going to ask you about your remark earlier on, but will wait until you’re done with it.


  • (Mark) Eden

    You be well also, Jet. I’ll be thinking of you Friday — good luck.


  • Jet

    Roger, to e-mail me, click my URL above, then click my picture at the bottom of the left hand column to get to my profile, Skim down and then click e-mail.

  • Jet,

    Good luck, buddy. You’ll come out from this, you still a young guy. I’ll be in touch with you afterwards. You’ve got lots of fans here, remember that.


  • Jet

    Roger, this friday I’m scheduled to have a triple bypass open-heart proceedure. This came from two things; in the early 80s I tried to become musclebound and did it the wrong way. After 3 years it started coming back to bite me.


    Nov of 2004 I was robbed and nearly beaten to death. The damage was so bad, they’re still operating on me and my left leg below the knee and right arm below the shoulder are being held together with titanium, plates, and screws.

    My post traumatic stress and severe depression required multiple antidepressants and when combined with my pain and blood pressure meds damaged not only my heart, but my brain chemistry causing bouts of anger, frustration and paranoia.

    In the midst of this I developed diabetes which tried to take my eyesight resulting in 12 surgeries to save it.

    It also severely damaged my heart and I have an expanded chamber that doesn’t work due to it’s muscles being starved by a blood clot related to congestive heart failure and a later heart attack.

    This is all covered in detail in my on line diary, just click my URL, scan down the chapter descriptions and click on the date, which will explode out at you.

    As Friday grows ever nearer it’s hard to cope with things.

    Be well
    Jet Gardner

  • Jet,

    I can’t connect with you via your own weblog. But if hit mine, you can, and there’ll be an e-mail address. Please respond if you’re still check on the comments sections on BC. I would like to hear from you. In any case, good luck with your procedure.


  • Jet, #65:

    What the hell happened? Sorry to have just learned this.

  • Cindy D


    Cindy, what do you have against the police? You say that they are similar to criminals, but have the law on their side. Well, having the law on your side is important.

    I could say something like. Yeah, especially if you act like a criminal. But, I won’t.

    Let me think about an answer that actually answers that.

  • Bru –

    If you voted for Obama, then you there, you helped put what we hope is the final nail in the coffin of Reaganomics.

  • Brunelleschi

    Obama’s time signals the complete and final nail in the Reaganism coffin. If I had the cash, I would pay for the whole party, just to say I was part of the end of Reaganism.

  • Hm. If Obama’s inauguration cost $200M, that’s a lot of money – almost five percent of what we’re spending each and every MONTH in Iraq.

  • Big parties thrown by the Obama administration aren’t going pay for heating oil for American families this winter…..

    Obama has a party — BIG deal. Bush had 8 years to get his “uncle” King Sheik Saudi el-Whizzbangi very rich off the poor suckers buying the heating oil. Arch, face it, the extreme conservative movement is dead. Let it pass, let it go, come to the real world.

  • hhhmmm…It isn’t asbout race. Sure, the media and public think so. That is their problem.

    Who says it is not about race? Obama. He has had to live with that crap all his life being a white American with an authentic free African father. He isn’t an urban black American, or whatever.

    Anyway, let Obama put that whole issue to rest…he seems to be beyond all that stuff.


  • “Although, I’m not sure I like the idea of a guy who makes to much money and cheats on his taxes running the IRS.”

    Yeah because he’s the first to ever do that.

  • Baronius

    Cindy, what do you have against the police? You say that they are similar to criminals, but have the law on their side. Well, having the law on your side is important.

  • Hope and Change?

    Ohhh…so if a black gangbanger shoots an innocent black kid riding his bike…the police should be limited to saying…Calling all cars, calling are cars somebody shot an innocent kid…we cant say what he looks like..but…um..er…you know…be on the look out?

  • Cindy D

    No entiendo. Espera, déjame tener mi identificación. Es aquí en mi cartera.

    Oh well, another one bites the dust.

  • Brunelleschi


    Great post above. Good for you that you got to see the energy.


    “Bowling for Columbine” has a great section on racism and profiling. It’s always “Police are on the lookout for a BLACK MALE…”

  • Cindy D

    Michael Moore has a great video about how black people shouldn’t carry normal wallets. (which in the hands of minorities, often resemble guns) He collected thousands of regular wallets as part of the “African American Wallet Exchange” in NYC and gave out orange day-glo wallets.

    This could be the video, but at work I don’t have high speed internet. So sorry if it’s not.

    Black people should always walk around with their hands up in the air anyway if they see a cop. And they shouldn’t carry anything at all, imo.

  • 4 officers…41 rounds.

  • Hope and Change?

    The Cops did nothing wrong…according to a jury of their peers

    On February 25, 2000, after two days of deliberations, a jury unanimously voted to acquit the officers of all charges.

    Let me translate, the officers um…er….were NOT GUILTY OF ANY WRONG DOING….he didnt heed numerous order to raise his arms…istead he reached for his wallet and a tragic accident happened…

    Ask the people in the South Bronx where this happened if they are better off with these cops patrolling one of the most crime ridden places in the US….

  • Sure there are asshole cops, but there’s probably more asshole criminals!

    like Amadou Diallo? yeah, sure.

  • H&C,

    You may find that there is something in the Founding Fathers’ whimsical decision to give the president four years to accomplish the goals of his platform, rather than one day.

    It’s a pity BC wasn’t around eight years ago, or I would have had much enjoyment pointing out your lack of comments kvetching about how Bush had not yet fulfilled all his campaign promises…

  • Are there black cops in cruisers driving around looking for a white guy to stop and harass for looking suspicious?

    Yes, actually. I regularly see black cops harassing suspicious looking homeless people (mostly white) in downtown Austin.

    Where are the white only gated communities? There aren’t any here in Virginia Beach!

    Or anywhere else since they’ve been illegal for 40 years.


  • Hope and Change?

    CindyD…I did price putting a huse digital clock in Times Square…just imagin — 525,948.766 minutes and still no change or hope…I found tha running it for 4 full years would be to expensive and not good for the environment!

  • bliffle

    Archie is back, I see. I should have known from the flurries of straw storms that have swept over BC.


    “Lefties always blame society and never the individual. No one is ever a victim of their own stupidity or poor judgement ….”

  • Whooo –

    No honeymoon here – just as Obama cannot expect to get the traditional 100-day honeymoon from the Republicans.

    “Institutionalized racism” – We’ve got whites here claiming that affirmative action is exactly that, against whites…and we’ve got whites here (like me) who say that AA’s a good thing, and absolutely necessary.

    So we’ve got whites on both sides of the issue…but has anyone noticed how few blacks (and other minorities) are on the conservatives’ side of the issue? Is it because they don’t want to screw up a good thing? Or is it because they’ve experienced racism most (or all) of their lives and they know that a hand up (as opposed to hand-me-downs) is all they need?

  • Brunelleschi

    If McCain would have won, he wouldn’t have drawn anything like the crowd yesterday and America would be celebrating nothing new. Boring.

    Obama is a superstar.

    This excitement about America is awesome. Too bad a few nasty American-haters can’t appreciate history being made.

  • Cindy D


    I see your mission will be to give regular updates. 1:52 and still no hope and change…1:53 and…(maybe you can write an automated script?)

    Just trying to lighten your workload.

    We don’t know what would be printed if McCain won. I don’t know what it means that the homeless article was there. I doubt you do either. It’s just irregular.

  • Hope and Change?

    If McCain won…the Star Ledger would have been publishing pictures and stories of total despair and war casualties…instead for the past week it has been non-stop Obamamania…

    Ironic how the Star Ledger published upbeat story after story of poor urban Obama supporters looking forward to going to Washington…If a Republican or some other old white man or women had won…the paper would have been filled with negative stories of these sames folks and their umemployment, drug use, hoplessness..etc…etc…

    Hey the days is almost over has anyone seen any hope and change yet!

  • Cindy – you say that you don’t think that article would be there if McCain was the one being sworn in, I say, you’re probably right, that story would have come out during the planning stages of the event if it were McCain. The media trying to get it toned down, the inauguration I mean…at least that’s how I see it.

  • Cindy D


    Sorry Andy! I think the letter “A” is probably the most confusing letter in the alphabet! 🙂

  • Cindy D


    Great post.

    Here’s something I noticed. Yesterday’s Star Ledger front page had this article:

    Amid splendor, the cold reality of the homeless
    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    I’m pretty sure I don’t remember seeing any front page articles in the Ledger about the problems of homeless people. Certainly not on a day when a president is being inaugurated is the news.

    I don’t think that article would be there if McCain were president.

    I don’t know what it means. But, I could even conceive of a situation where the media starts to discuss the plights of the marginalized even if only to try to criticize Obama for not addressing them.

    What a strange twist that would be.

  • You did it again Cindy. You’re starting to hurt my feelings!

  • Hope and Change?

    Maybe King Barry’s rating will start to plummet now that reality has set in….

    Fox’s “American Idol” scored primetime’s biggest numbers Tuesday, as auds seemed to tire of inaugural coverage. Sure, ABC did solid numbers for its coverage of the inaugural balls, but news specials on CBS and NBC were not competitive with entertainment programs in their time periods.

    Almost a full day and no hope or change in sight!

  • Cindy D


    Sure there are asshole cops, but there’s probably more asshole criminals!

    I know a fellow who is in the prison guard system. He was also a counselor for NJ state troopers, etc that were having “difficulties”.

    I have no such experience. (although I’ve met many cops–a couple who were even “normal”) His opinion: Cops are criminals with the law on their side. I think he’s saying they come from a similar mold with respect to certain issues.

  • Baronius

    Good article, Dave.

  • zingzing

    i was there yesterday and one comment i can make is that if the inauguration was the last act of bush’s presidency, he did a good job. getting in there was easy (too easy–i should have brought my flask, but security was pretty lax), but getting out… that was a different story.

    2 million people trying to squeeze out of the national mall at the same time through only 2 exits was a glorious cluster-fuck. i swear.

    if that was obama’s first act, it’s not a good sign. but, considering the circumstances, it was bound to happen.

    but, it must be said that the people were jubilant, and it wasn’t just because we got a black man into office. it’s because of who obama is, not just the color of his skin. it’s dave and the like putting ALL the emphasis on race, not the rest of us.

    he represents such new hope for the future, mostly for our public image. the site of so many people, black and white (mostly) celebrating together in such numbers was an amazing thing to witness. i didn’t hear one harsh word between strangers all day, which is pretty amazing if you consider the fact that we were standing together in the freezing cold without a real way to pee or smoke or eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours.

    obama’s race was certainly out there. we were conscious of it, for sure. but it didn’t really dawn on me that we had actually elected someone black until his family came down. seeing mrs. obama and the kids really drove the point home. how strange it must be for them.

    being in a crowd that large, anticipating not just the next few hours, but the next 4 years, was a wonderful feeling. i felt chills all day (and not just because it was 25 degrees). those who want to bash this extraordinary event for not being ordinary obviously weren’t there, or are just bitter. when people can come together in these numbers for world peace, ultimate equality and hope for the future, it’s never ordinary.

  • Where are the white only gated communities? There aren’t any here in Virginia Beach!

    I’ve been stopped by a cop because I was in the wrong neighborhood. I got lost and ended up in Watts when I was stationed in Long Beach. Cop stopped me and asked me if I was lost, then he gave me directions to the freeway!

    Maybe if cops stopped more people and asked those questions, guys like Jason Campbell, a pro football player for the Washington Redskins, who lived in a gated community in FL, might still be alive!

    Sure there are asshole cops, but there’s probably more asshole criminals!

  • Brunelleschi

    Whenever whitey goes on and on about white racism is not a problem anymore and that minorities are milking it, I ask them where are the minority-only gated communities that have locks on them to keep whitey out?

    Are there black cops in cruisers driving around looking for a white guy to stop and harass for looking suspicious?

  • Cindy D

    One more thing. The careful point to pay attention to is: people did not see the preference to whites as discriminatory.

    That’s one way you get institutionalized racism. It’s often based on failure to see measures in place that benefit the privileged. A blindspot.

  • Gotcha Cindy, thanks.

  • Cindy D

    Sorry Andy, yeah that was for you.

    But, just remember one thing. That is one example. There are examples all over.

    Whatever someone finds as a solution is a separate issue. To be criticized on its own merits.

    My point was merely to show what it is. What its solution is, and what solutions would work, are another matter.

  • That was me asking about institutionalized racism, not arch…but thanks.

    Points on exams for civil service I would assume would be similar to what U of M was doing…but basically, what I gather from the UofM case is that their entire system was hosed up with points given for all kinds of BS….

    if you can make an excuse for one set of points someone else can make an excuse for their set of points. How ’bout…no points, you get there on your own merits? Of course not, that’s not fair!

    To whom?

  • Cindy D

    That is in addition to other preference points given to other groups consisting of almost all whites. Still, no one looked at this as discrimination.

  • Cindy D


    Here’s a 10 minute video on institutionalized racism if you are interested. You can see at least a few of the ideas.

    An example using University of Michigan: A white woman sued the college. She said that because of affirmative action, a few less qualified minority students were accepted and she was not. (So were, I believe it was, an even larger number of less qualified whites.)

    UofMI had a point system for weighing who it would give a preference to. It gave minority students x amount of points as an affirmative action measure. I see this as a way to try to counter the failures they might have experienced in poor urban schools.

    There was a great big hullabaloo about this case. Even George W. Bush weighed in calling the affirmative action points unfair.

    The problem is this. Other preference points were also given. Points that clearly favored white students were not even taken into account. Points were given (similar to the affirmative action points) to rural underprivileged students. As I see it to counter some of the stumbling blocks of poverty or inadequate schools. These rural students were nearly from 100% white areas. No one even saw this as discriminatory.

  • Arch – here’s a reality check for you:- being college educated doesn’t necessarily prove anything – just look at the 43rd US president – whereas you have consistently shown yourself to be a bit on the dim side; you weren’t the first to post on the site this morning by a long chalk; and there are lots of incompetent but employed people.

  • Brunelleschi

    What do you want, a cookie?

    Good one. I wonder how the court case would go…. Maybe god would just plead no contest and “miracle” some money to victims….

  • I watched the inauguration yesterday…I enjoyed the whole thing until I heard that “white will do right” BULLSHIT! That had no place up on that stage. Especially not yesterday. I’m glad it was at the end.

    I think what DM has been saying in the comments is right. Obama is a mutt like most of us here in this country. My mother is first generation born to an immigrant and a natural born citizen. My father’s family has been in this country for much longer. People ask me what nationality I am and I usually say I’m a mutt. I have all kinds of blood running through my veins. Tiger Woods has more claim to say he’s African/American and he doesn’t. But like they say, use what you got to your advantage.

    I’m willing to give the guy a chance. He seems reasonable enough. He’s not setting his cabinet up to be way out in left field. Although, I’m not sure I like the idea of a guy who makes to much money and cheats on his taxes running the IRS.

    WTF is institutional racism anyway?

    Is that having questions on rating exams in the military about race?

    Giving points for race on a civil service exam?

    I’m just wondering…I hear and read the term all the time, but I don’t see it in practice. Maybe someone can ‘splain it to me.

    And I’ve come to the conclusions that if you call it “Faux” News than you’re probably dumber than the people that get their news from the daily show, becuase it indicates that you really get your news from olbermann and maddow and they’re more full of it than a couple of shithouse rats!

    And someone please tell me why the biggest news story of the morning is what Mrs. Pres wore to the freaking balls?!?!

  • Doug Hunter

    I don’t think God will return here…. for fear of mass litigation. Hell, his liability for Katrina alone would keep anyone at bay.

  • Arch Conservative

    Well according to lefties I am college educated so I’m not stupid.

    I was the first to post on this site this morning so I’m not lazy or apathetic.

    And I have a job that I’ve held for the past 6 years so I’m not incompetent.

  • “If as I suspect he continues in the grand Democrat tradition of making excuses for the inexcusably stupid, lazy, incompetent and/or apathetic in our nation” – so, Arch, we should expect the President to make excuses for you real soon…

  • Brunelleschi


    Kook alert!

    I like the ending, but it’s wrong.

    I have my own version, and it comes with a definition of faith..-

    When god/Jesus/magic-man-in-sky returns, He is going to go on Larry King and say- “Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2,000 years! I have been meaning to get back with you humans, but being all-powerful keeps you busy. There is a whole universe out there to manage you know.. Anyhoo-first off, I would like to thank all the believers and supporters. But, I need to set the record straight on a few things. 1) The bible is nonsense. I’m having an all new one prepared and they will be in bookstores today. The ancients just got it all wrong and I have been too busy to get back with you about it. …….”

    My definition of faith is when magic godman comes back to set the record straight, true-believers will argue with Him and tell him he’s wrong… 🙂

  • Arch Conservative

    It’s too easy to just blame certain seeming inequities on an unquantifiable concept like institutional racism, when they are really many other factors at work which may be far more significant.

    Damn skippy Dave. Lefties always blame society and never the individual. No one is ever a victim of their own stupidity or poor judgement in life but only a victim of the evil ways of others in society who are only doing better because they are ammoral and corrupt and stepped on the individual in question to get where they are.

    At the moment Europe is displaying extreme cowardice which is causing it to lose it’s identity to radical islam and priming the pump for another holacaust against the Jews and we have millions of dolts in this nation telling us how we should be more like Europe.

    During his speech Barry hinted at the concepts of personal responsibility but given his own past and the recent actions of his party it’s hard to believe that he wasn’t doing anything more than paying lip service to the values of his political opponents to garner widespread support at the outset of his term in office. Barry has four years to lead in whichever style he chooses. If as I suspect he continues in the grand Democrat tradition of making excuses for the inexcusably stupid, lazy, incompetent and/or apathetic in our nation while attempting to grow the federal government more with each new day in an attempt to socially engineer us into some Nancy Pelosi approved shangri-la then I say fuck’em. I have no use for him.

    Seriously if I was god and and I came back for judgement day I think I’d say something like “gee when I started this whole thing I had no idea you’d all turn into such whiney pussies. You know what, fuck it you bitches aren’t even worth my time. You’re all going to hell.” Now get out of my sight it’s Tuesday and that means I have a poker game with Harry Truman and John Wayne.”

  • Arch Conservative

    “great time in history”????…
    —wars…terrorists…economic collapse…government take overs…croked politicians, college graduates with entitlement mentaliaties, morons and fools running our government…

    Democrats gone wild…yes a great time in history

    C’mon H & C………..haven’t you realized it yet that all that is the fault of George Bush.”

    So will it be George Bush’s fault if Barry fails to get the economy going or if we have another terrorist attack on his watch.

    Bush is gone but ti will still be their mantra for the next four years………

    “got a problem?……blame Bush”

  • I’m a big believer in institutionalized racism, Dr. D. I just don’t think it plays as big a role in certain areas as people would like to believe that it does. It’s too easy to just blame certain seeming inequities on an unquantifiable concept like institutional racism, when they are really many other factors at work which may be far more significant.


  • There are many factors, of course, Dave; there always are. The fact remains that many psychological studies have shown people tend to have an automatic prejudice in favor of whiteness – hell, you can even participate in some of them online. To pretend that institutionalized racism is just a myth is basic denial.

  • Dr. D., a lot more comes into it than just institutional racism.

    Chances are that because the black man doesn’t expect to be treated fairly he reacts defensively, making him look guiltier and prompting more suspicion from law enforcement, prosecutors and the jury. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Then, with a slightly lower overall income, more african americans are going to have trouble affording good lawyers and therefore get convicted more than whites do. You’re also overlooking the fact that there are more black convictions at least in part because there is more crime per capita in the black community than in the white community, for a whole bunch of sociological reasons.

    Point being that it’s a lot more than just a certain amount of background racism which puts more blacks than whites in jail.


  • Some good points, Doug. However, the thing about institutionalized racism that neither whites nor blacks often get is that it’s not conscious.

    Take the paradigm of the black man and the white man both arrested for the same crime, and the greater likelihood that the black man will end up in prison for it than the white man will. You could follow the two cases at each stage of the judicial process and you wouldn’t notice any conspicuous unfairness in the way the black man’s case is handled. And yet his odds are different. This is because decisions are made at one or more stages of the case which subtly alter his outcome.

    That at any rate is how I understand the concept – not as a conscious system of malice, but as an unconscious system of prejudice.

  • Doug Hunter

    Yes, a silver lining indeed.

    As to your previous question, I don’t think this failure is institutional as much as cultural. These things aren’t rocket science, they don’t require mystical forces working behind the scenes. The causes of failure are as obvious as the nose on your face: dropping out of school, drug use, criminal activities, single parenthood. Different groups and cultures even within the US have wildly different views on issues like family, education, religion, etc. which lead to different outcomes.

    The key is to keep it in perspective. Mormons in Utah may have low crime rates and lesser incidence of obesity, that doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy by them to make us fat and violent or that we should change who we are to be more like them. It also doesn’t mean that Utah mormons are incapable of crime or that all non-mormoms are fat criminals. This analogy is laughable when youre talking about mormons and such but substitute blacks and whites and you’d have to argue each point.

  • Clavos

    Doug…I didnt know Inaugurals have balls!!!!

    Only the males…

  • Agreed, Dave.

    One positive(?) future outcome of this day will be that any future black candidate is going to look pretty silly blaming racism if he loses.

  • Arch @ #21:

    The loonie lefties are going to blame everything bad that happens on Bush

    It took Sean Hannity less than 48 hours to find a way to blame the crash-landing of Flight 1549 on the Democrats. ‘S the way it goes…!

  • In a followup to what Ed said in #60. I do think that a reaction like we actually had today is a reasonable second-best to what I’m proposing in the article. But if we have the reaction I propose next time when it’s a woman or a hispanic or another black president, it won’t be nearly as impressive.


  • OK, I’m going to sound like a sappy old fart but here goes. I loved it. I loved the pomp, the circumstance, the re-invigoration of the American consciousness. I admit I’m not an Obama fan but Lord knows I wish him every best wish that he succeeds. I did not see Abe Lincoln today. Neither did I see Jack Kennedy. Barack Obama is the 11th President of my lifetime. I’ve watched every inauguration since Lyndon Johnson in 1969 and I can say what I saw today was Ronald Reagan. Thirty years younger and with a tan. President Obama’s a far departure from Reagan’s policies but he has the charisma and ability to lead this nation forward in a positive way.

    And, as I suspected, John McCain will be there to make his contribution. Make no mistake about it, folks. The fact that Senator John McCain was seated next to Rahm Emmanuel at the Congressional Luncheon sends a clear signal to Republicans on the Hill. In an ever so subtle message to Republicans, John and Cindy McCain have graciously become part of the Obama Revolution. And if you read between the lines, Barack Obama values John McCain’s input. They share more common ground than not.

    The dinner last night for Senator McCain was a grand gesture by Barack Obama. It also sends a signal with the lack of Sarah Palin in attendance. Sarah Palin and the Christo-conservative side of the Republican Party are headed out. The resurgence of the Party of Lincoln is at hand. And the new GOP has Barack Obama to thank for that. John McCain is the most powerful Republican in Washington, DC. Most Republicans on the Hill don’t like it but he has earned that which he achieved this week. It’s time now for other Republicans to come forth and reclaim the party including David Dreier of California. It’s time for Congressman Dreier to come out of the closet and take his place in the new Republican Party.

    Tomorrow everybody gets back to work. There has been a change in government. There is a change in America’s mood. We can sit back and wait for Barack Obama to deliver. We can roll up our sleeves and get to work to make this Administration the one that takes America forward into a new age. I submit that the way to insure Barack Obama’s success is to roll up our sleeves so he CAN deliver.

  • Jordan, I have my suspicions as to who Hope & Change really is, but I don’t think he’s Sweet Jesus. Or even Savory Jesus.

  • I think Dave wrote this from an interesting perspective. When we truly judge people by their character and remember what we have in common (being Americans), it will go a long way towards healing the wounds that seem to exist.

    Judging by the mess we are in right now, we need to do exactly that.

    Great article and interesting comments.

  • Hope and Change?

    “After this friday morning it probably won’t matter anyway”

    Is the Rapture this Friday AM? Wheres the Jehova Witness recruiters when you need them?

  • Hope and Change?

    Jordon…i did several probono marketing and recruitment strategy projects for BB & BS…so whats your point?

  • Hope and Change?

    Jet…whose remarks are you claiming to be racists?

  • Jet

    I’m proud that my grandfather on my father’s side was black. That the thinly veiled and insulting racist remarks he/she/it has made are left standing is appalling.

    That my attempts to answer them have been almost instantly deleted is even more insulting.

    …and I’m gone.

    After this friday morning it probably won’t matter anyway, but this isn’t the way I wanted to leave this community.

    Jet Gardner
    ex Blogcritic’s writer

  • Hope and Change?

    Jordan..what your point?

  • Jordan Richardson

    As someone whos worked with the Big Brothers and Big Sister Programs..

    I might be going out on a limb here but….oh sweet Jesus!

  • Hope and Change?

    “institutionalized black failure”

    As someone whos worked with the Big Brothers and Big Sister Programs..I have seen first hand the collapse of the black social structure where the ratio of boys to Bigs is in excess of 200 to 1 or more…meaning it’s a lost cause..

    Sad but true…hope and change starts in your neighborhood not in DC…

  • Brunelleschi

    #60 DD-

    Good one!

  • Doug (H) @ #38:

    Institutionalized racism is a term that became popular once actual racism receded to the point where the average person could clearly see this did not explain all the failures in the black community.

    Why are you dismissive of the concept of institutionalized racism yet accept without question the concept of institutionalized black failure?

  • Hope and Change?

    Doug…I didnt know Inaugurals have balls!!!!

  • Hope and Change?

    “great time in history”????…
    —wars…terrorists…economic collapse…government take overs…croked politicians, college graduates with entitlement mentaliaties, morons and fools running our government…

    Democrats gone wild…yes a great time in history

  • Doug Hunter

    The CNN hompage has the headline ‘Obama’s Juggle Inaugural Balls’… Am I the only one who giggles when reading this?

  • Before we change the world, we first need to change our underwear. Times is tough…


  • Jordan Richardson

    Coming up to 12 hours…wheres da hope…wheres da change?

    Probably somewhere with da noise and da funk. Honestly though: are you serious?

  • Hope and Change?

    Reality check….

    Almost 51 million American households own mutual funds in 2007, the Investment Company Institute reported today. That is about 44 percent of all households in the United States and translates into 88.2 million individual

  • Brunelleschi

    H and C-

    MY bank account didn’t drop a dime today.

    It’s not my problem if yours did, or bunch of rich people’s.


    The celebration was NOT an over-reaction. It was a great party for a great time in history.

  • Hope and Change?

    I am so happy that Wall Street help celebrate the ascention of Saint Barry…they rewarded us poor slobs who didnt pay to get on the “hope and change train” with the “Worst Inauguration Day Drop in Dow Industrial History…”

    Dont worry tomorrows newspaper will bury on page 38 and tell us about the coronation and global warming…

    Coming up to 12 hours…wheres da hope…wheres da change?

  • it’s not a matter of course. the entire world can see that.

  • I hope this is just you playing Devil’s Advocate because it would be a little sad if you really didn’t get what today meant to so many people.

    I absolutely get what it means to many people. But I think there’s a huge difference between how individuals react personally and how it should be treated as a national event. I think we’d get way more positive mileage out of treating it as something matter of course than out of overreacting and overemphasizing the wonderfulness of it.


  • bliffle

    Watch out, you guys. Over at the Volokh Conspiracy Orin Kerr points out:

    [Orin Kerr, January 20, 2009 at 8:17pm] Trackbacks

    Just A Reminder,
    for the folks who thought that President Bush had the power to arrest anyone in the United States and detain them as “enemy combatants” without any hearing as part of his Commander-in-Chief power, that this power is now enjoyed by Barack Hussein Obama. That’s right: A liberal with the middle name “Hussein” who palls around with terrorists and is adored in Paris now is the guy with all that Commander-in-Chief power. And if he suddenly decides that you’re a threat to the nation, he can have the military seize you and lock you up indefinitely. Congress can’t get in B. Hussein Obama’s way, and that meddling Supreme Court can’t stop “The One,” either. Or at least that’s your view of things.

    Of course, late conversions into believers of checks and balances are more than welcome.

  • I’m sure that if Obama were unknown and he stumbled into a Klan meeting, they would immediately notice the distinction between his lineage and that of a descendant of slaves.

    In our society Obama is a person of color. There remain a number of racists who don’t give a rat’s ass about anything beyond what they see. In that regard, Obama is no different than a Black American whose ancestors picked cotton on an Alabama plantation back in the day.

    As to Dave’s article, he really doesn’t get it. I wonder how many African Americans looked upon Obama’s inauguration as nothing remarkable?

    As to the ground swell of interest surrounding Obama from the beginning of his campaign, it’s not surprising. This nation has had nothing much to celebrate for a goodly long time. We have long lacked any kind of national hero, anything or anybody with whom to identify.

    While the expectations for Obama exceed his or anyone’s ability to live up to, it does not hurt us to believe, at least for a while.

    Much of the rest of the world has been just as interested and excited about Obama as we have. The Bush years were at their best bland, and at worst a total embarrassment.

    And Doc has it right. Assuming Dave is refering to the “wise man” that was a “King” of sorts, he did NOT say that “Our society judges people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin,” but rather it was his hope that one day, it would. We may be further down that road than we were 45 years ago, but we ain’t there yet.

    It seems to me that Dave would be more comfortable in a commune or socialist society where (ideally, at least) no one would be considered better than anyone else.

    Today was a special day. I loved it. For a time anyhow, the majority of people in the country have been happy. Tomorrow, most return to their lives and their particular realities. For many, reality is something less than happy. The country deserved a day off. I doubt anyone was concerned with any messages being sent.


  • Obama himself said,more than once, that “this isn’t about race,” and he has been commended by various individuals for “not playing the race card” when he could have. Yet all the furor and mania today and in the months and weeks leading up to this has clearly demonstrated that to many Americans, it IS about race: The first black man elected to the office of President. An historic event, to be sure, and certainly worthy of increased attention because of the historical plight of the African American in this nation.

    BUT: As Martin Luther King himself said “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” He wasn’t referring to “judging” as merely “negative evaluation,” but rather as any evaluation based on their color. He wanted them to be judged on the content of their character.

    There will only be true equality in this nation when skin color is irrelevant in the minds of all, except perhaps in terms of the selection of sunscreen or makeup.

    I voted for Obama. I based my decision to vote for him on my perceptions his intelligence, his poise, and his general viewpoint which seems to me to be more commensurate with the complex world we all live in, today, than does the “business as usual” viewpoint of so many of the “old boys” who came before. And because he seems to be of good character, based of course on my own evaluations which I must needs make from “afar,” assisted by a variety of literature.

    Yet, at the same time, I must confess that when it comes to the role of the president, character comprises more than my (or anyone else’s) armchair assessment; it comprises more than the ability to speak publicy and move a crowd to a state of high emotion; it comprises more than mass-perceptions of a “liberator” come and the gut-level adoration of a cult of personality.

    It means doing THE VERY BEST JOB POSSIBLE (while upholding the dictates of the Constitution), given the resources with which you are provided, and putting the well-being of the American public, in the GLOBAL CONTEXT, ahead of your own ambitions and your own personal beliefs/agendas (something the previous administration failed to do).

    Viewing “character” in this regard, Obama has yet to fully demonstrate his character(or the lack thereof). Brains and poise and eloquence notwithstanding.

    I will save the bulk my cheering for a ways down the road, when something has actually been accomplished, besides being elected and inaugurated. Because that’s where the rubber really meets the road.

    P.S. and BTW: I always identified myself as “from the left,” if you’re wondering which side of the imaginary fence I herald from. Although I don’t consider anything I’ve said here to be particularly “left,” but rather just a discussion based on that which is sensible, and to some extent self-evident.

  • Duke, Farrahkan, Falwell???? Sounds like the Super Bowl of rascist nuts to me… Who is the winner of the Hitler Trophy??? Well, in a world competition, let us not forget stars like Pol Pot, etc….

    ANYWAY!!!!!! Perhaps Obama does have lineage to American slavery…

    How is this possible? Well, what if in his father’s family history, his people were SELLING slaves to the white man???

    piss on it. just get to work, people. We have to get our nation back in working order for all us folks… Obama will try to manage his mess…


  • There isn’t peace in the middle east…………

    and apparently, ignorance has yet to be eradicated. dang.

  • Brunelleschi


    What Farrakhan quote do you have to back that up? Be specific.

    I’m no fan of him either, but he’s no crazier than people like J Falwell was. Religion produces some real nutjobs.

  • Clavos! Right on! Rascists come in all colors.

    Your quote used about ‘messiah’ stuff. You know, that element does come into play picking apart the psychology of all this business.

    Notice how on comment #14 I use the term ‘false idol’? Yeah, I was kinda bending towards addressing that aspect of the issue. It does actually come into play, not a huge amount. But the concept is there as in a form that world leaders have to deal with in an ‘idol’ status.

    Kind of a pain. Obama just gained a management position for the USA.


  • Clavos

    I don’t think that people think that he is the messiah. I don’t know anyone who does, do you? That was just made up by fools.

    Specifically, a fool named Louis Farrakhan, who is not only a fool, but a White-hating racist.

    Remember that name, folks. Farrakhan is one of the most vicious racists in the country, right up there with the likes of David Duke.

  • Jet, #8. Afrian American? My error…

    Afria is a fancy ocean resort on Madagascar…

    LOL, only kidding…

  • Brunelleschi

    #31 Arch-

    No one said that. You are making a strawman argument.

    #39 Doug-

    This would be a good time for Whitey to STFU!

  • btw, Obama can live up to the hype just fine.

    The people and the media have to shed their own self created hype. he people of the USA are believing their own P.R…

    Let the guy live up to the REAL hype that this country is dealing with. It has nothing to do with the hype imposed on him. He knows that…

  • Doug Hunter

    Also, every time I hear the words ‘institutionalized racism’ I want to vomit.

    Institutionalized racism is a term that became popular once actual racism receded to the point where the average person could clearly see this did not explain all the failures in the black community. This lack of actual racism ripped a big hole in the left’s victim-oppressor narrative which was filled nicely with this vague and amorphous concept.

    By definition, it can’t be seen or measured like real racism but still they know in their hearts it’s there and it’s power can hold millions of people down… very godlike I’d say, or perhaps more like the tooth fairy, a fantasy.

  • Arch Conservative

    “Arch, can you account for anything you are saying?”

    Gee I don’t know Doug. Next month instead of sending the bank a check for your mortgage why don’t you send them a picture of you at an Obama campaign event with your dumb smile on your face and see how well that goes over.

  • Jet (#37-38). Oh man, you got it!! I needed a good chuckle,

    thanks man!

  • 90+% of the black popualtion…or 90% of 12% population.

    The point of my comments comes to this…You all fooled yourselves. Obama is the only one who has played the game straight.

    A 100% pure, first generation African American. Isn’t that what the United States of America is all about?

    Obama, hope you read these rants. I understand. Hopefully you can shed this ‘race stigma’ being cloaked upon you. Then you can get to work on these real issues that plague our country right now.

    We are with ya, mon!

  • Jet

    Re: 36-Doug with all due respect, that has to be the dumbest question posted on this website in years!

    Of course he can’t, and stop trying to confuse him with facts.

  • Jet

    Arch, if you need a section 8 government rent subsidy just go to your local county seat office, instead of whining about it.

    If you income compares to your I.Q. you should qualify instantly!


  • Arch, can you account for anything you are saying?

  • Doug Hunter


    What you say is true from your perspective and the vast majority of us on the right… we don’t care about race and think people should be treated equally. The problem is that the left’s narrative is beating yours and ‘reality’ is what the winner makes it. You may know in all your heart that they are the ones stoking racial tension for political gain (90+% black votes proves it’s working)

    If the majority thinks you’re the bad guy and Obama is the savior then it is so regardless of any puny attempts at ‘objectiveness’. The propaganda of the left in regards to race has won, your ‘reality’ has been defeated whether it is ‘true’ or not, it’s time to move on.

  • Arch Conservative

    Hate to break it you you Bruno but big crowds cheering for Obama aren’t going to pay my rent/mortgage or your’s.

    Big parties thrown by the Obama administration aren’t going pay for heating oil for American families this winter…..

  • Jet

    Arch Conservative is a shill hired by the Democratic party to make the GOP look foolish… they’ve gotten their money’s worth and then some.

  • Brunelleschi


    Just keep telling yourself Obama is nothing.

    Nearly 2 million people showed up in really cold weather to celebrate nothing today. The whole world watched.

    Obama is going to go for more imagery like that. Prepare yourself for more huge crowds, more celebration, more good things said about America, and loud cheers. He will do the same abroad too, and the crowds won’t be waving with the middle finger.

    I don’t think that people think that he is the messiah. I don’t know anyone who does, do you? That was just made up by fools.

    People are just excited because they have someone with a brain in charge, instead of the dangerous simpleton that just went home to Texas.

  • Well, I have to agree. Watched the ceremonies here in Canada – Obama sure has a lot of hype to live up to. Being hailed as a superhero and saviour, what incredible pressure to live under!

    I too was frustrated by so much emphasis over skin colour. True – it is a first, but really – aren’t we all humans? We were last time I checked :).

  • “I find myself wondering why this is so exciting.”

    It seems rather obvious. It was evidence that the words the country was founded on are actually practiced. Rightly or wrongly, a number of people thought that was not the case and that the United States they were taught about was merely a fantasy. Today they were shown that mindset was wrong and celebrated the ideas that make the United States great.

    “If everyone is supposed to be treated the same, why is it any kind of special achievement to elect someone of a particular skin color or background?”

    Because everyone is not treated equal.

    “There’s nothing remarkable about inaugurating a dark-skinned man.”

    In regards to the word ‘remarkable’ let me quote Inigo Montoya: “I do not think it means what you think it means.” According to Random House Unabridged Dictionary, ‘remarkable’ means “notably or conspicuously unusual.” Since Obama is the first dark-skinned man as President, I don’t know how you don’t find it remarkable, unless, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, this is some strange usage of the word ‘remarkable’ I wasn’t previously aware of.

    I hope this is just you playing Devil’s Advocate because it would be a little sad if you really didn’t get what today meant to so many people. If the latter, more time spent trying to understand another’s point of view rather than seeking to piss in the punch bowl might have helped.

  • Arch Conservative

    Obama is not a great man. He is a great story due to the novelty of the color of his skin and the office he now holds.

    Other than that there’s nothing special about him and he will prove it during the next four years but the people that have bought into this messiah crap will never admit it.

  • Arch Conservative

    My reality is exponentially less twisted than the average Obama’s cultist’s.

  • Brunelleschi

    You whiney righties have media all wrong.

    Media are only competing to sell news people want to see. If more people tune into something else, they will cover something else.

    They want to see Obama. They want something different. Obama is a great man and great story. He is keeping storytellers busy, so relax.

    Even Faux News, which hates Obama, can’t stop covering him because they want the ratings.

    This was one of America’s greatest moments, and people are still whining. Amazing.

    I’m going back to Wal Mart to get another US flag, (Made in China).

  • Arch, thank Jah I don’t live in your twisted reality…

  • Arch Conservative

    OK it’s been six hours now………

    There’s still a hole in the ozone…….

    There are still people without jobs…….

    There isn’t peace in the middle east…………

    I haven’t received a check in the mail to pay off my student loans………

    Still no cure for cancer and AIDS……….

    America…………you just bought a lemon……..

    Seriously though Nalle…….. This is how the next four years are going to go……

    The media is going to continue to toss Obama’s salad……..

    The loonie lefties are going to blame everything bad that happens on Bush

    And people like you and I are going to hope through all of it that the GOP can get it’s act together and put up someone who is not a complete abomination like spongejohn McCrazypants.

  • Hope and Change, #8….

    You talking to me? Or yourself? Everyone made the election about race. I guess everyone is a racsist.

    Talking about it is NOT racism. Burying it in your mind locked under your preconceived ideals is what is dangerous.

    Debate my points. Or can you? This whole election came off about race, but it really isn’t.

    People made ‘raced based’ votes. People did not vote for the race they thought they were. Joke is on you all. The black and white racists of the USA. People of all color found unity in racism.

    All I can say is that we picked the right person who is above the nation in racial politics.

    Who is the racist? Not me.


  • Dave, #21. Exactly! The skin color may only come into play as a music created and reflecting a culture. Music is one of those things that bypass our ‘logical thought process’ and goes straight to the sensory part of our minds. Art and comedy do the same thing. Some jokes can make the KKK member and H Rap Brown laugh equally. And both tapping their foot to ‘Buffalo Soldiers’ or something…

    America!!! You all have fooled yourselves!! IT AINT’T ABOUT RACE…


  • Dave @ #15:

    Although I see your point…

    The Declaration of Independence was, in hindsight, also inevitable. It is nonetheless remarkable.

  • I know I’ve bought my share of Reggae albums. I never thought the issue of the artists skin color was one I needed to even think about.


  • “we are inaugurating a person, not a skin color”. You betcha! That is the deal. See it as it is.

    don’t let the nation’s skin color delusons be an anchor to drag around for what Obama is trying to accomplish for our country.

    He is a dude with a foriegn parent. Just let him work. See the reality of his race and culture. After all, doesn’t his lineage make him a true American? Who else would you want up there right now?

    btw, my knowledge is based on being born in the South End of Chicago, international success with music artists from Jamaica, Ivory Coast, South Africa, etc., a parent involved in high level international exchange with many African nations (Boeing stuff). My opinion is NOT opinion that requires no accountability or understanding.

    try this one. In my years of artist management in the reggae and African pop world, I have found that, for the most part, such music is 80% white supported in this country. Why? It is too black for the mainstream black American.

    What!!??? But true…

    It is a new hope…

    see straight, get it right…

  • Actually (shockingly!) I find myself agreeing with Dave on this one. The overwhelming gradiose hype and the faux emotional upswelling that the media and the popular cuture are feeding reminds a great deal of the torrid, overtly emotional cryfest that was eviced when Princess Diana died.

    It has that same kind of “manufactured” hysteria feel to it, although honestly this is an event for far great historical and social significance the Lady Di…

    I feel sorry for Obama beccause there is no way in hell he will ever be able to live up to the hype and the heightened expectations that people have been sold on. The come-down may be an especially painful one.

  • Anyway, thank Jah that he is our president. The right PERSON for us all at the right time.

    OK, I was pushing for Hillary during the primarys. You know, a woman with experience. But in the long run, she is pretty burned out. We have fresh, smart energy at the top now.

    Take the twisted trip of being ‘black’ off the guy. Just let the man work!!!!!! He has had to live with this false trip all his life, being shoved into a catagory that is not really him. He is a dude that had one foriegn parent, that is it!!!!

    He is NOT the ‘American Black’ media and others want you to think he is. He is the right American for the job to do it for us all. Give the guy a chance as an American, not some false idol that probably got him elected.

    irie mon,

  • Jet

    Dave wrote:
    “But the point for those who didn’t get it”

    I’ll respond with this quote…

    “A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”
    Douglas Adams

  • Cindy D

    Great book you picked Dave. It looks so interesting I decided to buy it.

  • I had a rough time with this article, so I kept it short. But the point for those who didn’t get it, now that I’ve had time to think about it, is that this inauguration is NOT remarkable, but inevitable and that whatever specialness there is to Obama should be looked for in what he does not in what he looks like.


  • Hope and Change?

    Can you imagine if the right reverend said…

    “when gays will embrace what is right”….

    “when women will embrace what is right”….

    “when impotent feeble blogers will embrace what is right”….

    Hey the days is almost over wheres the hope and change?

  • Hope and Change?

    Did anyone hear or read the benediction Benediction at Obama ‘s inauguration, by Rev. Joseph Lowery:

    ‘Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around… when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen’…

    “when white will embrace what is right”….say what???? This is a racist and offensive remark…in prayer no less…insinuating that white people are not “embracing whats right”….I find this offensive considering a majority of “white folks” are the ones who voted for Obama…

  • Jet

    Afrian American?

  • Hope and Change?

    People who spend their lives complaining about racism are real racists…..

  • WOW! You know, the country is showing what a bunch of racists we actually are. Figure it out.

    Barack, a good man. I can only imagine what it has been like in his head growing up as a pure bred, true, first generation ‘African American’. Yet getting hit with all the ‘black american’ b.s.. Barack has ZERO lineage to slavery in this country.

    Skin has nothing to do with it. Lineage to slavery is the only hook to qualify for ‘being black’ in this country.

    Everyhing else is just weirdly contrived crap being passed off as racism. Go to Africa and look around. See any niggers? Talk to the old timers, they say about the USA blacks “we sold you off years ago”. True, learn reality.

    That is real, get a grip all you thinking you are so anti-racist. You are actually a powerful link in the racism chain.

    It ain’t what you think,

  • Hope and Change?

    “classic black American”….I think they auctioned one off last week at the Barrett-Jackson Auto auction……there was alot of excitment….it went for a really high bid…when the owner got it home he was dissapointed when he found out that it was nothing more than an old democrat “rust bucket of ideas” with a new paint job….

  • Dave, I have to use this article to lay it out straight. Media, USA citizens, etc, are pretty much a bunch of bozos on this one. Get this:

    Barack Obama IS NOT a Black American!!!!

    He is a first genereation pure bred Afrian American!!! His father is a free African who married a white USA American woman.

    Culturally, he is not a classic black American. He has no lineage to slavery America, several generations ago. He is direct descendant free African.

    So all the media and long detached USA African are sucking up to this gravy train with some delusion that he is a black American.

    Catagorically he is not. What is the percentage of USA population where one parent is native to one of the 50 nations over on the African continent and the other USA white bred? Very small percentage. He is very far from the coattails of what the media, whites and blacks are trying to perceive him as.

    The USA population we are dealing with does not realize that Zimbabwe and Kenya are as different to each other as Sweden and Japan are. Most people’s view of Africa has about as much foriegn knowledge as Sarah Palin.

    He is just a dude where one of his parents are foriegn.

    Obama could be a great President in the knick of time. HE IS NOT A BLACK AMERICAN!!!! Get it thru your heads people. Or be guilty of being racists of the worst kind…


  • Dave, you’re looking at this from the back side of the mirror…

    “Our society judges people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin — or so a wise man once told me.”

    Except that that’s not exactly what he said, is it, Dave?

    The positive thing to be taken away from this inauguration is that it demonstrated to the world that America is finally practicing what its founding documents preach. Since it’s been demonstrated that a black person can attain the highest office in the land*, it’s to be hoped that never again – although institutionalized racism does still exist – can oppression be laid at the door of ‘the Man’ in this country.

    * And I think anyone assessing it honestly can say that Obama attained it through his own efforts and talents, not thanks to any sort of ‘affirmative action’.

  • Brunelleschi

    Whitey will never get it!

  • Cindy D


    I’m not sure I get this. we’re supposed to pretend that since the U.S. says it believes in equality, it was actually practicing it?