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In The Interest of Justice

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In the Interest of Justice Great Opening and Closing Arguments of the Last 100 years, by Joel J. Seidemann, takes readers into cases made famous by both the people involved as well as the details. Focus on the attorney’s eloquence shows everyone who cracks open this book into aspects no camera was ever able to show without bias.
Seidemann wisely lets his readers into the heads of lawyers on either side of the aisle, letting them form a precise picture of why the defendants should be found guilty or not. What makes this book so compelling is that Seidemann is a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, which lets him make certain editorial comments describing why a case stuck in people’s minds.
Some of these cases are famous, such as the trial of O.J. Simpson. Racial tensions heated up what should have been a fairly straightforward case. However, it was also complicated by the defendant being perhaps too well known as an actor and athlete. The Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Building touched us from not only the sheer number of casualties, but several of those being children who died. President Clinton also makes an appearance in this book, impeached not because he had sex, but because he lied about it to a grand jury.
Whatever side you may find yourself on, you also see what the media did not talk about during their broadcasts, which went on for far too long in certain trials.

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