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In The Global War On Terror Time Is Telling

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patriot.jpgThe last Islamic terrorist action on American soil was 9-11-2001. Taking the fight to the enemy has and still does prevent casualties on our own shores. It has been said many times since 9-11 that time will tell if Iraq was the right war at the right place at the right time. This has been a “wait and see” scenario for many Americans. It has been two long years since we invaded Iraq and it is time to make an assessment.

Do we have bombed out buildings on the streets of America? Are we afraid of large groups for fear we might be attacked? Are we afraid to fly for fear of terrorists? No, we are no longer afraid. Air travel is pushing ever onward. America is going about its business.

Keep on saying Iraq was a bad plan. Protest the war and believe the price the servicemen and women are paying is in vain. Complain about how the rice pilaf in Gitmo is so cold as to be torturous. Remember your freedom from terror when your wife goes out in a bikini instead of a burkha. Time is telling the tale.

What you see on the television every day has to do with another improvised explosive device and another soldier dead. They are not dying in vain. They are dying to keep terror away from home. They are doing an incredible job. We should be proud of how well they are doing, not calling it an unwinable quagmire. We have been winning since war was declared.

So why do we not hear it on the radio and read it in the newspapers? Why aren’t people making announcements that we are safer than we were two years ago? Quite frankly it’s because a lack of story tends to wind up as no story at all. Would you listen to a news report stating that JFK International Airport still hasn’t been bombed? Probably not. It’s easier to look at the active than the passive. Only time is telling the tale.

Something else that was queued up as potentially the “bankruptcy of America” was the national debt and the economy. Our economy plummeted and national debt skyrocketed after 9-11. We were disparaging a very horrible catastrophe and hit rock bottom. Many people felt that we were going to fall into some sort of pit of oblivion. People thought we were going to lose this great nation.

Here we sit, nearly four years later. The jobless rate is at the best it has been since George W. Bush took office in 2000. Although the stock market has not reached the levels it had during the tech boom this is nowhere close to a bear market. We have slowly pulled our economic selves together over time. The best part is when you grow the economy over time there is no inflation. Have you seen any inflation? Neither have I. (Except at the pumps, but that’s a different matter.) Time has again told the tale.

Our national debt is still high but is no longer growing. It has stabilized and may even begin to fall, as the economy grows. Since we have the added costs of the war on terrorism it should be blatantly obvious that the slowdown has come from increased tax revenues by reducing the overall taxes. I’ve explained it before and no one, particularly the liberals out there, believed me when the law of diminishing returns is explained in a tax example. We are now closer to our tax equilibrium point and therefore able to collect more in total tax revenue. Time is providing the economic proof.

Remember these words the next time a short-sited senator, congressman or other individual claims we’re in an unwinable war. Reflect on our long realized accomplishments the next time someone erupts about our horrible quagmire in Iraq. Know in your heart that we are winning, and have been winning for nearly four years now. Know that time has told the tale, and nothing else.

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  • jay

    Ok first off, are any of yall the president of the United States? No, ok. How many voted? I hope all. This doesn’t seem to be about security or the actual issue. This is dealing with an authority figure that was through the democratic process elected. Just as all the congressman were and the mayor of your city and so on and so forth. So free speech is all good and well but when you start to complain about how your leaders; that you voted for, handle the situation. Don’t write in these stupid blogs. Do something about it, write your senator run for mayor. Hell run for president. But when you bad mouth them, you bad mouth yourself because even if you didn’t vote for them you voted in what this country was founded on,democracy. Everyone over the age of 18 , with proper citizenship,no prior offenses that would prevent them, have the right to vote. Are you saying democracy doesn’t work. Well then get the hell out of my country that I fight for. I don’t want you here.This not aimed at everyone of course. Miss Nancy in a country of freedom it is impossible to be safe. Can’t you understand. That is what makes are country unique. Freedom for you means freedom for the terrorist in our country too. Equal rights. Of course who is a terrorists? Is a terrorists some one who drives five miles over the speed limit and accidentaly looses control and kills an innocent family, Or ooh I like this one, ALcohol , don’t get me wrong I like to drink. But I do so responsibly. Unlike others. More people die from alcohol related incidents each year then there is our gi toll, pretty small compared to the previous, huh. They are cracking down on drinking and driving. I applaud that. But it is not good enough either. It never will be because of the freedom we have. So here comes the point. Well the president and his cabinet and all leaders under him have hard jobs but him and congress have the hardest. They are the leaders of the free world. It is not an easy job with everyone watching to see what your next decision will be. I would have to say if the media which is by law, what I, protect the cause of everthing wrong in this country. The media is filled with so many lies and speculations that somehow turn into rumors turn into facts because they are repeated so much, which have no consistency whatsoever. Or may be true but have should have no impact on the way they lead the country. Hell the media gave away are postion.Ohh and one more thing If you have never attempted to join the military or do not work a government contract there is no room for bashing of any kind of any president.Republican or democrat, or well independent if that ever happens. That is the highest position in the land and should be treated with respect. If one has any comments that would be effective in this process of helping the president make decisions, choose the proper channels. It makes American people look bad when they talk about there leader. You are giving the terrorists fuel for there fire. I hope this clears up everything.

  • Nancy

    Bush talks out of both sides of his mouth, and no one in the major media calls him on it: are they ignorant, blind, cowed, bought off, or just too stupid to notice?

    He says ‘we’re safer today than we were after 9/11’ then turns around and says, ‘we’re the target for terrorists around the world; we’re in danger…’
    So which is it? Are we safe, or still in danger? He also says we have the choice of fighting terrorism in Iraq or here at home. What does he think we’re doing here in the US? This country is tied up in knots from extreme security procedures et al. We’re spending billions on security, safety, and all the ramifications, that we weren’t spending before – and every day come reports that none of these are effective and we’ve been pouring money down ratholes: airport screeners are inept, whether federal or private; shipping security is nonexistant; immigration control is nonexistant; international postal screening is non-existant; the internet is utterly porous; the CIA can’t tell its gluteus maximus from its trochlear notch, and while the FBI might be able to, they ignore it, because they can’t even get their basic computer programs to run after wasting $200 million+ & 4 years by refusing to call in I.T. experts, even from other agencies like the CIA or NSA. We’re already fighting terror at home, I got news for him, just because HE doesn’t have to go thru airport security lines. But he’s clueless, as usual. Also a liar, surrounded by syncophants.

  • Ricko Neva

    What a joke Bush is. The jester has everyone believing he is the freedom fighter. Nothing can stop him now from ruining our country. China waits in the wings to claim her prize. Then Bush will cry.

  • JR

    Are we afraid of large groups for fear we might be attacked? Are we afraid to fly for fear of terrorists? No, we are no longer afraid.

    Sure, but we weren’t afraid on September 10th. So what does that tell us about our security?


  • I will say that time has told us how functional our strategy has been.

    Someone on a different location I posted this noted that attacks between WTC terror strikes were about 8 years apart.

    Time will tell…and I hope to God we’re right about this.


    What IS “another 9-11” anyway? Were the WWII vets talking about “another Pearl Harbor”? I know we STILL talk about “another civil war”. It seems terms like this seem to make us think we’re going to have “another” whatever it is.

    I would suggest that traumatic events such as these dig themselves into one’s subconcious memory to the point where you are convinced that it will happen again. At the risk of offending people I think some people are actually hoping for another 9-11. Not to see Bush fail or anything, but because the first 9-11 became such a part of them as be part of what is normal. Having no attacks would be abnormal to many Americans.
    (I’m not intending to offend or point fingers at anyone. This is only a ponderance for mass psychological purposes.)

  • And when and if another 9-11 happens on US soil – what will you say then?

    An honest question following a well thought out post. Though you do makes many assertions that reasonable people do, in fact, disagree on, regardless of implied motivations.

  • RJ

    At some point, the terrorists will be successful with a strike against America. And, when they are, the Democrats will bash Bush much more fervently than they bash the killers who actually perpetrated the evil deed…