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In Pictures: G8 Summit

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Some pictures from the protests taking place before the commencement of the G8 summit, where eight rich countries will decide on the fate of others.

Source: Times Online

In other G8 news, Bush pours water over Blair’s hope that the United States will adopt any sort of a climate change accord.

President Bush has ruled out any Kyoto-style agreement on climate change at the G8 summit this week and told Tony Blair not to expect any “special favours” from America, insisting that he will go to Gleneagles focused on US interests.

In an interview to be broadcast on ITV this evening, President Bush categorically objected to any agreement which sets targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, the President said that any progress in improving the environment would depend on developing new technologies.

Asked whether he would be willing to sign any agreement similar to the Kyoto treaty that bound countries to reducing their greenhouse emissions and which America signed but refused to ratify, President Bush said:

“If this looks like Kyoto, the answer is no. The Kyoto treaty would have wrecked our economy, if I can be blunt. I don’t think you can expect any American leader to wreck our economy, nor as an ally and a friend of America and a trading partner of America should you want us to wreck our economy.”

Source: Times Online

I agree with this comment of a fellow American.

Sadly it is true that the US doesn’t think of itself on the same terms of the rest of the world. Many Americans see themselves isolated from the rest of the world’s problems, and it does not help that our government promotes that idea. The US government does not do anything unless it has something to gain. Bush has proven himself untrustworthy in his word. The right-wing politicians need to get off their high horse and see that the environment is everybody’s problem and quit looking at the dollar signs. Please note that many Americans don’t feel this way and can’t wait for Bush to be out of office. Robin Castellanos, San Antonio, Texas

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  • >>In other G8 news, Bush pours water over Blair’s hope that the United States will adopt any sort of a climate change accord.<< At least some good news comes from the G8 for a change. Dave

  • Maurice

    The pictures show misinformed people behaving badly. Most of them probably believe in the mythical ‘hole in the ozone’. I have not been a supporter of Bush (didn’t vote for him) but I agree with his assessment that no leader of the US is going to abide by the Kyoto agreement and watch the economy die. Well, maybe Jimmy Carter would but we don’t have to worry about him.

  • I don’t think a lot people really know the fine details of the Kyoto Protocol. And have just a small nugget of information about it. If they did, then they probably wouldn’t be so “detestful” of the US and its rejection of it.