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“In Good Company” is one of those rare mainstream Hollywood films which refuses to pander, and is all the better for it without falling into “indie” cliches. The real surprise of the movie is Topher Grace (Eric Foreman from “That 70s Show”) giving a performance with depth as a young corporate weasel in training who might be in over his head.

The plot is about an ad sales director at a sports magazine, Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid, hmm, Foreman, what a surprise) who finds out the company has been sold and his new boss is almost half his age – played by Grace, who then starts secretly dating his daughter, played by Scarlett Johansson.

The twist in the movie is that Grace’s character, Carter Duryea realizes almost from the beginning as he is moving up the corporation, he is in over his head, his new wife leaves him, he has no friends, he buys a Porsche and dings it up before even leaving the lot, and more than anything, he really wants what Dan has, a family who loves him and colleagues who respect him.

“In Good Company” isn’t sappy, only occasionally edges into predictability without being tainted by cynicism.

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