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In defense of Senator Kerry

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Hey all, in response to this (a hatchet job on Kerry equating him as an enemy of the state for protesting) going around… I wrote this. Feel free to send it to your Republican friends. It is ok to admit, I have 2 or 3 of them too.

No thanks. I am voting Democrat this year. Good luck on that whole
‘Four More Wars’ thing y’all have going. Instead I am voting for prosperity, diversity, progress, science, and accountability. I completely understand and respect if you all disagree with Kerry’s postwar protest period. However, who in the world is more qualified to protest a war than someone who served in it? Both Clinton and Bush dodged the draft and Kerry served. That makes a difference to me.

As for public service, John Kerry has worked all of his life in public service… beginning with his time in Vietnam. George Bush worked as Governor and that is about it. 40 years of public service and three purple hearts just does not scream ‘liberal commie’ to me. It is ok if you don’t want to vote for Kerry, or don’t think he is qualified. Let’s be honest though, a vote for Bush
is a vote for big business – plain and simple. Now that is ok, because big business is the pillar of democracy. Without big business I wouldn’t have a great house or a new car. Without big business I wouldn’t be sitting in this comfy chair looking at a nice computer. Without big business I’d be digging ditches. I don’t believe that they should be given free reign without accountability though. I have to make this last point. It is from Al Franken… don’t freak out… just read it. Franken said “Republicans love America like it is a three year old who can do no wrong. Democrats love America like it is a teenager. We still love it unconditionally, but hold it responsible for its mistakes.” I’ll admit some stuff right here > John Kerry is ugly. I mean, he is scare your children ugly.

So here is your voter cheat sheet: If you are afraid of gays, minorities, make over 200K a year, hate the environment, are ready to train your new replacement – Haji, and are stoked for ‘four more wars’ then you vote Republican. If you love calling Democrats ‘tax and spend’ while the current adminstration racks up the highest deficet in HISTORY – then vote Republican. If you really believe that Micheal Moore and people like me really hate America and are somehow working to weaken it through our initiatives – the also vote Repubican. The rest of you know what to do – thanks for your patience and time. I am now prepared for your hostilities about to ensue below… perhaps we could start with a Barger piece?

Thanks for listening, and vote! No matter who you vote for… VOTE.

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  • In fact, I’d call this a Freudian slip… except I fear that may go over the head of most Bush supporters.

  • We can’t make this shit up, y’all… your boy is an f’n moron. How about this little gem from today:

    “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,” Bush said.

    “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”


  • boomcrashbaby

    Yes RJ, we each get 1,000 dollars and a Home Depot coupon for every Bushism we can make up.

  • RJ

    “Is Our Children Learning? : The Case Against George W. Bush”

    Little Mr. Begala’s first lie was the title of his book.

    In the speech Mr. Bush gave, the proper quote would be: “Is…Are children learning?”

    In other words, he corrected himself before he created another Bushism.

    Democrats lie quite a bit in order to get rich in our evil capitalist society, don’t they?

  • Voxxy

    There is a major problem with the premise of your argument: John Kerry was a Vietnam draft dodger.

    Kerry joined the Navy to avoid the draft. By his own account, he asked for a deferment to study in France and was turned down. Facing being drafted into the Army and actually being in the war and mud of Viet Nam, he joined the Navy.

    Not that I am criticizing him for that. In fact, if my draft lottery number had been lower, that was my plan as well. Why serve with the grunts as a draftee when you can serve on board ship, taking your bed, your bathroom and your food with you?

    My problem with it is that Kerry is being portrayed by the Dems as one who heeded the call by enlisting when it was, in fact, a way to avoid the consequences of the draft.

    You also ignore the fact that Bush joined an Air National Guard unit that had men serving in Vietnam when he joined and that he asked to be put in a program that would have sent him to active duty only to learn that the plane he had trained in was obsolete.

    The war dog just won’t hunt.