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IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome

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It seems that the more the lines separating the genders are blurred, the further apart we find that men and women really are. It is almost cliché now to point out that much of medical care has traditionally been geared for men and that, until say 40 years or so ago, women were considered to be little more than men with breasts and no penises in the medical community. Much has changed, fortunately, and women’s health is now regarded a separate issue from Harvard medical studies to the community clinics.

Quite the opposite has been the case in psychiatry, according to Jed Diamond in his new book The Irritable Male Syndrome. That’s IMS, for short. If that seems a little close to PMS to be a coincidence for you, you’re on the right track. His previous book was called Male Menopause.

Diamond makes it clear, though, that he feels completely comfortable claiming these uniquely female phenomena for men. Hormones and life changes have as strong an effect on men as they do women while society and evolution require men to suppress them. He consciously relies on generalities to make his case for IMS. He also claims to be a victim of it himself as well as a therapist with experience in treating other men that suffer from it.

He divides the book into three parts. Part one is devoted to arguing that IMS exists. Diamond heaps on anecdotal as well as some statistical evidence of this syndrome. He also describes how it is a two part problem manifesting itself both in and outside of the sufferer. Both destructive abusers and silently suffering suicide victims can have IMS.

In part two, after satisfying himself that he has convinced the reader that IMS is a unique problem worthy of its own category, he gives the basis for it. He describes how men’s role have been declining for years now as women are claiming more equal footing politically, economically, and even privately in the home. He discusses the eventual removal of men as necessary elements of society, even going as far as discussing the idea that men will someday be made biologically irrelevant by technology. By the way, this is not an idea unique to nor invented by Diamond. These encroaching threats, along with the cultural repression of men’s basic needs to work out their aggressive tendencies and/or just get away from their problems, create the perfect stew pot for IMS. Stir in some sexual frustration and hormonal changes and you have an irritable male.

Part three offers ways to try to deal with the problem. There is nothing particularly ground breaking here. He suggests that taking care of you body, mind and spirit will help and that extreme cases should seek professional help. Diamond acknowledges that many of the suggestions made here might be unfamiliar to a therapists and he educates the reader in ways to educate their doctor.

He closes with some particularly strange passages where he suggests that finding a place, a physical and geographical location, may be the best solution to all of life’s problems.

This book is an easy read. Diamond has a gentle, self-effacing style about him without seeming obsequious. For that reason, I would suggest it to a man that thinks he might have problems. I don’t know if I buy IMS as a “thing” or, if it is, what good can be gained from labeling it which appears to be Diamond’s main purpose in this book. It seems self evident that some men would get clinically depressed in a way different from women and any therapist probably already knows this.

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  • For a 19th Century insight into the effect of male hormonal changes (and one that is innocent of Freud), I cannot think of a better example than Melville’s “Schools and Schoolmasters”. See it here.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah. While I have a smidgen of sympathy for men in this case (being the mother of a son who seems ‘lost’ right now), I can’t get too worked up. When I hear men whining about their plight in the world, I can’t help remembering that…yeah, women have been downtrodden and worse for centuries. The guys have a lot of catching up to do.

  • Dear Mr. Eddings,

    On behlaf of Jed Diamond, I would like to say thank you for posting this article showcasing his book “The Irritable MAle Syndrome”. He has a new website, http://www.theirritablemale.com where readers or interested persons may learn more about IMS, sign up for Jed’s newsletter and find out about other books that Jed has written. Thank you very much, and take a look at the site!

  • One Mad Male

    Why you dirty #*@!!!! What’s the big idea? Can’t you see our (male) problems are ginormus and we must have more medical attention. You girls have it easy….your ‘curse’ only comes avisiting every 28 days.

    Just wait til I get my hands on ya!

  • chip

    Like a “thunderbolt” this syndrome IMS has more-less explained the trouble with the whole world today. It seems certain people that hunt quail may benefit from reading about this syndrome, as well as men who burn Danish flags for being irritable about cartoons. Men are slaves to their hormones. Interesting that women are not thought of as good pilots for aircraft that are used for combat. WE might hesitate, due to our hormones. But as for men it’s o.k. to just shoot whatever comes along, because of hormone fluctuation!!! Not to mention the accidental shooting by male police officers after high-speed chases where their testosterone is more less sky-rocketing. I doubt if there would even be violent wars if it were not for IMS. Men cannot control themselves. Prostitutes would never get information out of female officers in war-time. Whereas, men (even some presidents) go haywire, and loose all control. Men are not in control.