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Impossible Recording Machine Echo The Moon

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Setting out to set down an emotive theme on their sophmore effort, Impossible Recording Machine’s Matt Walker and Jim Dinou have created a soundscape of exploration through the finer points of electronic music. Alternatively exploring melodic pop, ambient sounds and dabbling in trance-like techno, they’ve incorporated ethereal vocals over their uniquely light and pleasing signature sound. They’ve managed to incorporate several sound layers without falling into the sameness trap that mires quite a few of the out-of-mainstream melodic pop bands out there today and managed to show off their songwriting skill on Echo The Moon.

Songs like “Deceleration” show off their delicate side without sounding overly wimpy while the opening track, “Fearless” show off their edgier, heavier sound. The excellent title track highlights the offering by showing the true range of their songwriting and instrumental skills with a tendency to go from mellow to mad and back again.

The quality of the sound recording more than compensates for the really irritating vertical and backwards print of the linear notes. They are absolutely unreadable and for a tracklisting, one is better off going to gracenote or the band’s website. The music is fantastic but stay out of booklet for fear of confusing your mind so much you won’t be able to read a book for a week.

You can get the CD and all of IRM’s releases direct from the band at ImpossibleRecordingMachine.com or their record label at Positron! Records.

Rating: 9 of 10

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