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I caution against overweening pride and arrogance from the US, especially the military, but that is nothing compared to the arrogance of the doomed:

    Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz left Italy on Sunday, capping a visit and a papal audience with an appeal to the United States to listen to protests against a war in Iraq.

    “My message to the United States is that it should hear the voice of the international public opinion,” Aziz said at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport. [Fox News]

. My message to you – you lying sack of shit mouthpiece of evil – is hear the writing on the wall.

    Saddam on Saturday reiterated that Iraq was free of weapons of mass destruction and said talk of deposing him was “impertinent.”

    “They talk about changing the Iraqi regime at a time when they also speak about respecting the will of nations and falsely boast about their so-called democracy,” he told papal peace envoy Cardinal Roger Etchegaray on Saturday, official news media said.

Saddam’s mandate comes from his stunning 100% election victory. About 90% of that 100% will spit on his grave when he is gone.

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  • R. Alex

    We’ll start listening to the international opinion not to invade when they start listening to the international opinion that they shouldn’t be trying to build WMD.