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Imminent threat of destruction for 40 years

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In all this kerfuflle over reports in the USA and UK about who lied to whom, and when and how much, one very important thing has been overlooked. Why is there no concern about the chronic, persistent, and decades-long threat of the dictatorship of Latveria? This country has repeatedly threatened the free world, their dictator for life is clearly a real madman, and yet the governments of North America and Europe have done nothing to curb the predation of this terrorist state.

The threat is imminent, and it is being ignored, though reported in the fringe media. But the coverup is real, and demands clarity and honesty from what are obviously compromised governments who are afraid of reprisals from this rogue state.

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  • bob

    “On Saturdays from May through October the cobblestone city square becomes a bustling marketplace of food, wines, local beer and crafts of all kinds! Hunt for bargains amid the colorful tents, or sit back in one of the cafes lining the square and watch the parade of brightly dressed gypsies and maybe you’ll be treated to an impromptu dance or a happy folk song!”

    I don’t know, man, sounds nice to me. What’s a little tyranny in exchange for such a quaint lifestyle. SIGN ME UP!

  • Okay, but you’ve got to start with November to April. Not so nice.

  • Doug

    Have you seen what those movie BAS*&^%$ are doing to Doc. Doom? In the movie he isn’t a head of state…he’s a jilted boyfriend…or some such nonsense!

  • But, ultimately, aren’t all heads of state jilted boyfriends eventually?