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Immigration History Lesson and Where to Go from Here

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Many in our country see immigration amnesty as a natural good for this country. The well-to-do [from both parties] require domestic workers to keep their lawns looking good and to watch their offspring while mom and dad attend their country club meetings. Many Americans, especially those born in the last few decades, do not understand the history of immigration, especially amnesty packages that usually accompany them.

There are many arguments against the immigration amnesty bill. It rewards lawbreakers, it dilutes our nation, it allows unskilled or low skilled workers to take jobs from Americans at lower wages and as a result suppresses wages. Republicans want it because big business likes the cheap labor to pad the profit margin and Democrats want it because they want the cheap domestic labor and the increased voter block (that votes heavily Democratic). Supporters of this bill say that it provides for the security of this nation and it will secure our borders. The amnesty bill that just died its second death is thicker than the Bible and contains so much legal mumbo jumbo that it would be hard to enforce and Americans have no real reason to trust Congress to uphold their end of the deal. Supporters talk a good talk but once they get these ILLEGALS on board and have waved the amnesty wand they will find a number of reasons not to secure the borders. We will be told that it is now unnecessary because we have absorbed the ILLEGALS. Ted Kennedy is the sponsor of this bill and he is pushing hard for it. In defeat he asked what we are to do now. During the debate he told us that the border was a jungle and border patrol agents wasted time catching landscapers rather than terrorists. NOTE: If the border is a jungle and agents are catching landscapers, why not put them to work landscaping the jungle?

Kennedy has been through all this before and each time Americans have been promised that the amnesty would have no impact on us, that it would not take jobs from Americans and even, that there would be no further amnesty. For those who were not around and for those who have not read about it, I present the history of Kennedy immigration amnesty through his quotes:

1965: "The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs."

1986: "This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this."

2007: "Now it is time for action. 2007 is the year we must fix our broken system." NRO

Conservatives know that you get more of what you pay for, therefore it was absolutely incorrect when Kennedy said in 1965 that we would not be flooded with immigrants or that our ethnic mix would not be upset or even that the standards would not be relaxed. We have an entire southwest that is changing into a Hispanic country within a country and the ethnic mix in California is quite pronounced. We have gone from the under 200 thousand a year that were allowed here in 1965 to 12 to 20 million living here illegally, so we were flooded with immigrants. The legal Hispanic population has increased greatly since that time so that Hispanics make up a larger portion of the population than blacks (and only second to European whites). We see that the government failed to secure the borders or enforce the laws which certainly relaxed the standards and, there can be no doubt, that Kennedy's last sentence about taking American jobs was dead wrong.

In 1986 Kennedy told us that we would only be giving citizenship to under 1.5 million people and that there would be no further amnesty bills [like this]. Since 1986 the number of ILLEGALS in this country went from 4 million to 12-20 million and the newest Kennedy fiasco seeks to give them a path to citizenship. Perhaps Kennedy was drunk or hungover when they taught math in school but this number far exceeds the number he touted a mere 21 years ago. Additionally, the newest attempt to legalize immigrants is an amnesty bill and while Teddy might argue that he escaped with the "like this" clause, the fact is the previous amnesty bills came with promises that were not kept.

Those who oppose this new bill are labeled as racists, xenophobes, and (as I was) nativists. The fact of the matter is, this is our country and we have a right to say who gets to come here and under what circumstances they get to do so. Americans, who overwhelmingly do not support this bill, want other measures taken before we deal with those who are here ILLEGALLY. We want a moratorium placed on immigration so that we can get a handle on the people who are here. We want tough penalties and fines for employers who have ILLEGALS on their payrolls and we want the border secure. By cracking down on employers the market for jobs will dry up and ILLEGALS will go elsewhere as evidenced by the crackdown in Panama City Florida. The sheriff has been showing up at construction sites with 5 or 6 cars and watching for people to run. They then pick them up for trespassing or speeding (as they ran through someone's property or sped off) and report them to Immigration. The result is that ILLEGALS are leaving because employers are not hiring them. This can work across the country if we just enforce the law.

Once we have a cooling period where we have secured the border (with a fence or a wall as San Diego did), once we have weeded out the ILLEGALS from the job market by cracking down on employers and once we have a handle on what we have in this country (which should reduce through attrition as ILLEGALS find it more difficult to get work) then we can get to work on a truly comprehensive bill that would allow seasonal and guest workers to do some of the work we do not have enough people to accomplish. During that down time we can also clear the nearly 4 million person backlog of those waiting to get here legally.

One very important thing that needs to be done with regard to immigration is for Congress to revisit the 14th Amendment. I have written before discussing the 14th and how it was designed to confer Citizenship upon former slaves and their natural born children. The authors of the Amendment never intended it to confer Citizenship on children born to people who were here ILLEGALLY or to parents who are not citizens of our country. This has been discussed at length and the author's own words clearly spell this out. However, the statement "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" has been misinterpreted and misapplied. It means you must be a subject of the state (and therefore the country) and have an allegiance to the US as in being a citizen or emancipated slave. We can clear this up if Congress passes a law that says one must be born to citizens to be a citizen and then invoke Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution to exempt the law from judicial review. This would allow the stated intent of the 14th to be carried out without activist judges interpreting it to fit their points of view and keep people from having "jackpot" or "anchor" babies to game the system.

America is not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation that came from immigrants but the majority of us came from families of people who, for generations, were born here. We welcome immigrants who come here legally with open arms and expect them to assimilate into our society, just as our founders intended. The melting pot took people from all places and molded them into Americans. This is an absolute must if we are to maintain our identity and our sovereignty as a nation.

Americans do not trust Congress to do what is right. They [Congress] have demonstrated that they can not do what is right and have failed miserably the other two times they had the chance. Now, instead of lumping everything in one bill, we want them to take baby steps. Do the right things that are needed first and then we can figure out how to handle the issue of the people involved.

That, Senator Kennedy, is where we go from here.

As an aside, does anyone see it as wrong that Ted Kennedy was involved in the first amnesty and 42 years later he is still at it? If ever there was a poster child for term limits, Kennedy would be it.

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  • moonraven

    Joe, Forget it. Start learning Spanish before it’s too late for racists like you to assimilate into the dominant culture.

  • Joe

    Yes, we’ll have more illegals this year – they’re not stupid, they see amnesty on the table they’ll be headed this way. That’s what’s wrong with this bill; legalize 4 mil in ’86, 12 mil in ’07, it’ll be 36 mil in ’27. Be it paperwork or a wall we have to draw a very distinct line in the sand.

  • moonraven

    Actuallym clavos, I was the one being sarcastic, but you were too obtuse to notice.

    Too busy beating off Nalle, I suppose….

  • Clavos

    Bullshit, mr.

  • moonraven

    Mexico has no wall on its southern border. Due to the jungle and a fairly large river (not to mention disputes as to where the border between mexico and Guatemala actually is, it is extremely difficult to police in ANY way.

    I can’t believe that Dave just makes this shit up every day….

    Aside to clavos: I am well aware that you THOUGHT you were being sarcastic.

  • because they want a guarded wall with landmines and a moat all along our southern border. nothing else will do.

    The grand irony of which is that Mexico has exactly that on its southern border with guatemala. Has it made Mexico any less of a hellhole?


  • Clavos

    PS, zingzing,

    Thanks for seein’ it…

  • Clavos

    Aahh, mr.

    “For the first time in the history of this site, clavos said something I can agree with.”

    You are so totally fixated on your own POV and so devoid of insight you can’t even recognize sarcasm when you see it.

  • moonraven

    For the first time in the history of this site, clavos said something I can agree with.

    As for zingzing–I think you zigged too many times when you should have zagged. Either that or the front end of the horse is mssing.

    Just for the record, although I belong to the Mohawk Nation, I have white skin and blond hair. Am I culturally anglo–I very much doubt it.

  • zingzing

    wow, moonie. i forgot to starve my african child this morning. thanks for reminding me. gonna go burn my trash now–got me a still-living dolphin and a few dozen cars in need of reducing.

    really, i’m glad that MOST people live and see others as individuals instead of finding themselves totally wrapped up in the color of their skin. makes the earth a better place, but also more complicated. funny how there are good and bad people of every persuasion. it does suck that you can’t judge a person by the color of their skin.

  • Clavos

    “In fact, thanks to YOU, the future will probably not exist for our species.”

    …Which will be a VERY GOOD THING for the universe, and the sooner the better.

  • moonraven

    I hate to break it to you racist morons, but whites are very much the minority on the planet.

    And they will conitnue to be even MORE of a minority–despite their best efforts to starve the non-white population of the earth to death.

    You were not the past, are not the present and will not be the future.

    In fact, thanks to YOU, the future will probably not exist for our species.

  • zingzing

    because they want a guarded wall with landmines and a moat all along our southern border. nothing else will do.

  • We can’t pass any kind of new legalization/guest worker/whatever program because it would actually cause the flow of illegal immigration to increase.

    Wrongo, buckaroo. A real guest worker program would channel the illegals into a legal program which would make it unnecessary for them to enter illegally, therefore we would have fewer illegals coming into the country – not zero, but a hell of a lot fewer.

    Most illegals aren’t looking for citizenship, just jobs and want to eventually go back to Mexico. Why not structure our system to reflect that trend and get the situation under rational control?


  • Arch Conservative

    “What we need to fear the most are the bigots and racists who just keep on breeding.”

    Are you referring to the fine folks at La Raza?

  • sguest


    We can’t pass any kind of new legalization/guest worker/whatever program because it would actually cause the flow of illegal immigration to increase. The problem of stopping additional illegal entries/visa overstays is a separate issue from deciding what to do about people already illegally here.

    And our experience from the 1986 amnesty showed us that a huge amount of fraud will occur in the eligibility declarations that are made. The Senate bill required such a low burden of proof that the requirement to be in the country before 1/1/07 was laughable.

    We KNOW that any kind of legalization program will exacerbate the flow of illegal aliens because they know they can faudulently qualify for any program we create, or they will just wait until the NEXT amnesty, just as the 12-20 million today have done.

  • Thank you, Clavos. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times “white Europeans”, upon hearing I’m Irish, responded with something along the lines of “oh, the niggers of Europe.”

    What we need to fear the most are the bigots and racists who just keep on breeding. (That was meant as sarcasm, for thos unfamiliar with that concept.)

  • Clavos

    “The ILLEGALS coming here (and the legal ones for that matter) are not assimilating and that is not good. Places like LA are and the southwest are beginning to look the slums of the third world nations these folks come from.”

    Did you ever hear of the slums of New York at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries? There are plenty of photos available taken back then, of Little Italy and the Lower East Side, of the Jewish Ghettos, and of all the slums the then immigrants lived in.

    NOBODY assimilates in the first generation. Whole sections of New York in those days spoke European languages for at least a generation.

    Miami has had Latinos for more than a generation, now; the first Cubans came over in 1960-1965. Their children ALL speak English, and often, when spoken to in Spanish, will reply in English, though they speak Spanish. Why? Because THEY ARE AMERICANS, and just as with the generations of immigrants before them, they are assimilating, as will all the second generations of those just arriving.

    FYI, even most of the recently arrived immigrants make efforts to learn English, BECAUSE THEY MUST, to get jobs and function in the economy, and they know it. Someone on another thread pointed out that Spanish language TV stations are saturated with commercials for ESL courses. Naturally, they speak Spanish among themselves.

    You talk just like the assholes who shut my Irish great grandfather out of jobs at the turn of the century.

    The Irish DID get their revenge, though. They still control much of the city governments of both New York and Boston.

  • And for the record, I’m one of the very few Native Texans commenting here, albeit mostly Irish by ancestry. Oddly enough, we were considered the people who would dilute America at one time.

    Arguments about white Europeans founding this country don’t hold water. The indigenous populations here were at one tim the majority. The Europeans made no attempt to assimilate. It was much simpler to commit genocide.

    When you grow up in Texas, you have an appreciation for Mexican culture. Those of us who are actually from here assimilated, as did the Mexicans who were already here. We emerged with a culture that is in some ways a bit more of a melting pot than people who really don’t understand that “liberty and justice for all” bit.

  • “dilutes our nation,” huh?

    Reminds me of the ‘precious bodily fluids’ speech in Dr. Strangelove…


  • Clavos

    “and as I recall they were not nice toward the white European types in the states with a few derogatory comments thrown in that might have given a La Raza impression…”

    I recall the exchange as well; and what I recall was you objecting to the word “gringo” as being derogatory, nothing more. As I wrote at the time, gringo is not, and has not been for decades, a pejorative term.

    As a member of La Raza, (by citizenship, if not genetics), I consider your statement that a majority Latino population in this country will perforce result in its becoming “Third World,” a racist statement. So, if you don’t want people to mention racism in this discussion, don’t play the part, BD.

    And just for the record: genetically, I am a Caucasian European (Irish and Swedish).

    I am a Mexican citizen by birth, and a US citizen by parentage, and I’m fiercely proud of BOTH passports.

  • The will of the people is directed by white Europeans because that is who is in charge in DC and that is the majority of the country.

    In Africa, Africans direct the will of the people. In America, a country founded by Europeans, and who are in the majority will hold the majority opinion.

    The question is, who decided that ILLEGALS have any say in the will of the people?

    Why is it a bad thing? If the majority population, which at one time was predominantly European with blacks as the second in population and together we made this country what it is. The ILLEGALS coming here (and the legal ones for that matter) are not assimilating and that is not good. Places like LA are and the southwest are beginning to look the slums of the thrid world nations these folks come from.

    That is why it is bad. Without assimilation then there will be nations within nations and a house divided against itself can not stand.

  • “By the year 2050 white Europeans will be under 50% of the population down from nearly 90% not long ago. When the identity of a nation changes that nation fails to survive. The population is being diluted, and not just in this fashion.”

    My first question would be, why is this necessarily a bad thing? What makes you think the “will of the people” is dictated by white Europeans?

    Answer those questions first, and then we can we have an intelligent discourse.

  • It is not racism to point out the obvious. By the year 2050 white Europeans will be under 50% of the population down from nearly 90% not long ago. When the identity of a nation changes that nation fails to survive. The population is being diluted, and not just in this fashion.

    State desires to give driver’s licenses to ILLEGALS allows them, in many cases, to vote and this dilutes the will of the people.

    The biggest problem with discussing this issue is that anyone who does not agree is labeled a racist which is just the way people without an argument attack an issue. Another way is to call people rednecks or some other supposed derogatory remark (though I don’t mind being a redneck). People use it as if a redneck can not be an intelligent person. These people are actually the bigots. In any event we are all part of the Human Race. But this is America and it will change if we do not get a handle on it. It will change into a third world nation like Mexico.

    People miss the point all the time but it is quite simple. Secure the border first, everything after that will be easier.

    Now, let us all try to have a discussion where no one is the racist or the xenophobe. Name calling does not solve the problem. Like the post fine, don’t like it that is fine too. Blog Critics does not pay me to write and I do quite well in my real job. But if you want to discuss it then discuss it and stop the childish games.

    And Clavos, I seem to remember some of the things written by a few folks here on my last post. They were in Spanish and as I recall they were not nice toward the white European types in the states with a few derogatory comments thrown in that might have given a La Raza impression…

  • Clavos

    Careful BD, your racism is showing:

    “There are many arguments against the immigration amnesty bill. It rewards lawbreakers, it dilutes our nation…” (emphasis added)

    dilutes our nation,” huh?

  • Always inspirational to see that bigotry and racism is thriving in America. It lends credence to my belief that the greatest threat America faces comes not from without, but from the uneducated rednecks who consider everybody else a threat to their security. The Oklahoma City bombing was a result of that mindset.

  • Clavos

    “God bless the wonderful citizens of America”

    Including those of Mexican ancestry or birth?

  • irenedgn

    I am so proud to be an American this week. My citizenship means something again. The politicians that voted for amnesty are traitors and do not even appreciate the freedoms that our forefathers fought for. Shame on them!!! They need to be ousted from their positions because they have failed to live up to the oaths they had taken and failed to realize that they work for us, not for themselves. Mexico can be proud of Kennedy, McCain, Kyl, Graham, Lott, etc. and the rest of their buddies who can now be exiled along with Bush to Mexico where their loyalty lies. They are the bigots and need to shut up!!! God bless the wonderful citizens of America and now lets work on getting our borders secure!!!

  • I hate to even comment when I halfway agree with MR, but she’s got a point.

    Is defeating this bill better than passing it? As it stands right now we’re not going to get any immigration reform at all, not even this half-assed and retarded version.

    So the illegals will continue to come and continue to work and continue to live here as they have for decades.

    The question I keep asking myself is why the hell they couldn’t just pass a simple guest worker program to handle a couple of million workers a year. At least doing that minimal amount would start the process of getting the illegals temporary visas, tracking them and implementing some sort of minimal control on the situation.


  • moonraven


    There will be another 600,000 immigrants this year.

    Deal with it, xenophobic idiots.

  • Jerry

    Dog –

    You summed it up well. America has spoken!

  • Arch Conservative

    Yes Kennedy is the poster boy for term limits. Unfortunately he keeps getting re-elected due to the fact that if ever there was a poster child for those completely out of step with mainstream American values, Massachusetts would be it.

    With the recent vote against cloture for the shamnesty bill one may have some glimmer of hope that our so called representatives in Washington DC are finally starting to realize that they will no longer be allowed to disregard the will of the American people.

    So many Republicans got tossed out on there asses last Novemebr and I for one think this is a very good thing as maybe now Republicans will start acting more like Ronald Reagan and less like Ted “senator swimmer” Kennedy. Of course most of the Democrats in DC voted for the shamnesty bill but I guess that’s to be expected as they see the ousting of so many republicans last year as a blank check to appease their far left constituency by voting like they did on the shamnesty bill rather than seeing last Novembers election for what it really was, a referendum on the shoddy performance of republicans.

    It’s not enough though that Congress actually did the right thing one day out of the year. Americans across the nation must refuse to be satisfied with this week’s vote on the shamnesty bill. We must press further and insist that now congress actually make a sincere attempt at securing our southern border.

    It was said that so many Americans were calling in to Congress this past week to express their displeasure with the shamnesty bill that it caused the telephone system to crash. Apparently this is the only thing that makes those bastards in Washington listen. So we must continue every day, every one of us, to continue making those calls. is it not worth it to take five minutes out your day every day from now until at least the 2008 election to remind them that they must do something or eventually be held accountable?

    John Mccain is dead to me now as is every other GOP member of the Senate that signed on with the shamnesty bill.

    Judd Greg, my NH state who voted for cloture on this bill is never going to get my vote again. He’s not up for re-election until 2010 and he’s probably betting that NH republicans will forget what he did this week. I will not. In fact, the week of the election in 2010 I will be calling his office to say “hey you remember that shamnesty bill in 2010 where you sided with illegal aliens over legal American citizens? yeah fuck you Greeg I just got back from the polling place where I voted for the GOP challenger/Democrat. Have a nice retirment asshole!”

  • Daryl d

    One of the best articles ever featured on blogcritics. I still cannot believe our elected officials tried to pull this over our heads. Kennedy is an idiot that will hopefully have the fate of other Kennedys soon. John McCain will hopefully have his career ended with his support of criminal illegal aliens.